For the item held in the pocket slot, see god book.
Book of the Gods detail

The Book of the Gods is a book given by an Emissary for joining a particular faction. It contains all nine books related to the nine factions in God Emissaries. As tasks are completed, more chapters are added to the book. There are four chapters in the book for each faction. 

This book provides a helpful insight into parts of the histories of some of the gods, The Godless and Sliske, as well as their intentions for returning to Gielinor. Readers may use this book as a tool to help them decide which entity to pledge their allegiance to. 

The book can be stored in a player-owned house bookcase. Upon destruction, players can obtain a new one from their player-owned house bookcase or their emissary.



  • The book is currently the longest in the game, with over 6,000 words.
  • The book uses the same inventory model as an Ancient book.
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