Browsing through the books in a bookcase.

Oak bookcase built

A bookcase.

Bookcases are built in a player-owned house using the Construction skill. Bookcases can be built in the Parlour, Quest Hall, or Study of the house. Bookcases can also be found in various houses in RuneScape.

There are 3 types of bookcases which can be built in the bookcase hotspot:

Bookcase Image Level Materials Experience
Wooden bookcaseWooden bookcase icon44 Planks, 4 nails115
Oak bookcaseOak bookcase icon293 Oak planks180
Mahogany bookcaseMahogany bookcase icon403 Mahogany planks420

All of the bookcases will contain the same books. Bookcases have the ability to save bank space, because they automatically contain most books from previously completed quests and other miscellaneous books found in RuneScape. Players do not need to fetch these books from the bank to store them in their bookcase(s).

Even if you obtain a book, a quest might have to be completed in order to find the book in your bookcase. For example, The great divide requires the completion of Mourning's End Part I to be stored.

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