Script error The Border Guard was a non-attackable non-player character who charges a player 10 coins to cross the border between Al Kharid and Lumbridge. They wield weapons similar to a steel halberd, and are the only free-to-play NPCs to wield halberds other than the fortress guards at the Black Knights' Fortress. Now they only appear between many other gates or walls, and no longer charge any money. (Since the Al Kharid Graphical update.)

Border guards (Gunnarsgrunn)

The guards located outside Gunnarsgrunn (Barbarian Village).

Other areas

On 17 September 2009, two border guards of each were added to the Draynor, Falador and the Gunnarsgrunn area. They let you pass for free, and you cannot communicate with them. Any players with a total level of 59 or under will receive the following confirmation message on whether to pass through this gate or not, unless the account is 3 days or older: "You are now leaving the starting area. Outside the starting area, things can get more dangerous and you won't be able to access the tutorials."


  • The Kharidian border guards resemble Al Kharid warriors.
  • In one of the Postbags from the Hedge, Postie Pete apparently discovered that the two Border Guards were stealing the money. When he further inquired about this, the Border Guards distracted him and were "replaced" with two other guards that look exactly the same.
  • Previously, if you talked to them in the now discontinued Learning the Ropes tutorial, they would talk about how the residents of Lumbridge are inconsiderate in keeping a dragon as a pet.
  • When RuneScape HD was released, the Al Kharid Border Guards received a new look, their old one being a combination of orange and purple.
  • The Al Kharid guards will all turn and look at a player if the player goes near them.
  • The Boarder Guards around Gunnarsgrunn, Draynor Mannor, Draynor and the Edgeville area were all removed at the start of the Second World Event. Boarder Guards in the Al Kharid area had previously been removed during the Al Kharid graphical update. Four pairs remain however, located in and around Varrock.
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