Release date 24 June 2013 (Update)
Kingdom Asgarnia
Members Yes
Main music Vorago
Levels 12
Strongest monster Vorago (level 10,000)
Dwarf multicannon allowed Disallowed
Quests taking place here No
Inhabitants Rock creatures
Borehole map
Borehole entrance

The entrance to the borehole

Borehole entrance location

The Borehole is a cave located north of Falador. It is where Vorago can be fought.

After jumping across the three floating rock gaps and running a short distance, a waterfall can be seen along with Vorago. To enter the graveyard, right click the entrance to the cave.


  • The dungeon was released before Vorago, as a teaser. Players could enter the dungeon, and it would shake 3 ticks after going in. After 10–15 ticks the player would be thrown out by a mysterious force.
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