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Nex, the Zarosian general

A boss is a powerful, usually unique monster that is fought to accomplish an objective, be it the advancement or completion of a quest or minigame, or as part of a team player versus monster event. Many quests feature boss fights at their climaxes; such bosses are often the main antagonists of the quests or quest series or are somehow related to the main antagonist(s).

Some monsters that are commonly referred to as bosses are very powerful monsters that are commonly fought by teams of players in search of highly valuable drops. Many bosses have extremely high combat levels, and all of the strongest monsters in the game are bosses. Bosses are typically immune to combination of either stun, poison or reflect damage. Even fewer bosses are "immune" to debuff spells, meaning that it dissipates almost immediately as soon as it is applied on them.

Dwarf multicannons often cannot be set up in the areas of many bosses. Others may have different restrictions; for example, only black equipment may be used to fight the tormented wraith, and Prayer cannot be used during the fights with the final bosses of Recipe for Disaster.

PvM bosses[]

Independent high-level bosses[]

These are the most powerful bosses that do not share a lair or dungeon with other bosses. These are amongst the most powerful creatures in RuneScape and, with the exception of the Queen Black Dragon, Araxxor and Araxxi, and Telos, are mostly killed with a team.

Name Level Description Attack Style Slayer category
Vorago Vorago 10,000 Vorago is currently the highest level monster in RuneScape, with a combat level of 10,000. He uses multiple attacks at his disposal, with his attack rotations changing weekly to provide a mixed fight for players. Vorago drops the Seismic wand, Seismic singularity, dual-wielded level 90 Magic weapons, and Tectonic energy, which is used to make Tectonic armour with level 91+ Runecrafting - the best power magic armour currently in-game. Magic


Solak Solak 7,000 Solak is an anima being that was tasked by Guthix to protect The Lost Grove from those who would try to use its power. Seren sent four elite elves to aid him in his task, though Eredthor became corrupted and was subsequently defeated by his fellow elves and Solak himself. The elf corrupted Solak's mind, forcing him to seal off the grove, though it eventually reappeared in the Sixth Age. The elf's mental manifestation, having full control of Solak, uses many attacks at his disposal. Players fight alongside Merethiel, Eredthor's sister, to remove his hold over Solak. Rewards include the Blightbound crossbow and its off-hand variant, dual-wielded level 92 Ranged weapons. Melee


Ahrim the Blighted (Shadow) Barrows - Rise of the Six 650 x 6 Barrows - Rise of the Six is an upgraded version of the original Barrows minigame. Players fight the six Barrows brothers simultaneously, with three brothers on two sides separated by a shadow portal in the middle of a single room. They have been empowered by Sliske's experiments in the Shadow Realm. The brothers are massively enhanced and in terms of difficulty, on par with Vorago. If all brothers are killed, the chest can be looted. Possible loots include level 90 shields and Malevolent energy, which is used to make Malevolent armour with level 91+ smithing - the second-best power melee armour currently in-game, next to Masterwork armor. Magic

Melee Ranged

Araxxor Araxxor and Araxxi 2500 and 3000 Araxxor (2500) is a large araxyte spider found in the Araxyte Hive, along with its mate Araxxi. Players can "customise" the fight by taking different paths, which change every few days. They have a large variety of mechanics. Araxxi drops components of the Noxious weaponry, level 90 two-handed weapons. Magic

Melee Ranged

Kalphite King (Melee) Kalphite King 2500 The Kalphite King is the 4th highest level monster to be on Gielinor, tied to Araxxor, with a combat level of 2500. Found in the Exiled Kalphite Hive south-east of the Bandit Camp Lodestone in the desert. It is known for dropping Drygore weaponry, level 90 main and off-hand melee weapons in three styles: maces, rapiers and longswords. Magic

Melee Ranged

WildyWyrm WildyWyrm 1337 The WildyWyrm may occasionally spawn in place of a regular lava strykewyrm. They can wander across the whole Wilderness and share the same attack mechanics as regular lava strykewyrms. It shares their unique drops, the wyrm heart, wyrm spike and wyrm scalp with their cousins but with a better drop rate. Melee

Magic Ranged

Lava strykewyrms
Queen Black Dragon Queen Black Dragon 900 The Queen Black Dragon is the strongest dragon found on Gielinor, with a combat level of 900. The QBD is a monster which can only be soloed by members, often for its rare Dragon kiteshield drop, Dragonbone Upgrade Kit, and pieces of the Royal crossbow, the strongest 2-handed crossbow in-game. She is fought in four stages; at the end of each the player must activate an artefact. Once the fourth artefact is activated the fight is over and the player may enter the rewards room and open the chest. The Queen Black Dragon cannot be killed per se; the fight ends by putting her back to sleep. Melee

Ranged Dragonfire

Black Dragons
Corporeal Beast Corporeal Beast 785 The Corporeal Beast is an extremely powerful monster that may be fought after completion of Summer's End. With a combat level of 785, it is not meant to be taken lightly. Although it is extremely dangerous to fight, players often team up to defeat the Corporeal Beast, as it is the only monster that drops sigils for spirit shields. Melee


The Magister The Magister 899 Oreb the Magister is Nomad's former master who has now found his way to the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Requiring level 115 Slayer to defeat, the Magister drops scraps of scripture which can be combined into blessings which are used to upgrade the Khopesh of the Kharidian and its off-hand into the Khopesh of Tumeken and Elidinis, which are tier 92 dual-wielded melee weapons. Melee Magic Ranged Soul Devourers (Slayer helmet does not work)

God Wars Dungeon[]

For each warring deity in the God Wars Dungeon, there is a very powerful leader commonly referred to as a "general". Each general also has three bodyguards, one of which uses each style of combat: Melee, Magic, and Ranged (with the exception of Nex, whose bodyguards only use magic). In addition to the 60 Strength or 60 Agility required to enter the God Wars Dungeon, each general's encampment has further requirements to enter.

With the exception of Nex (and her hard mode variant), the generals drop tier 70 armour and tier 75 weaponry - each of these generals also has a unique hilt to make their version of the Godsword, which has various effects.

Name Level Entry Requirement Description Attack Style Slayer category
Nex (Angel of Death) Nex: Angel of Death 7000 70 Ranged

70 Agility
70 Strength
70 Constitution

Infused with ancient power from her own creation, Nex: Angel of Death is the upgraded boss encounter with Nex. Players will find they must co-operate as a team to bring her down. Players who bring her down are immensely rewarded, and have a chance of obtaining valuable rewards such as the Wand of the praesul and the imperium core, dual wielded tier 92 magic weaponry, the Praesul codex, which unlocks level 99 curses, and four different cosmetic chests. Magic


Nex Nex 1001 70 Agility

70 Strength 70 Ranged 70 Constitution

Nex is the leader of the Zarosian army trapped within the God Wars Dungeon by the forces of Saradomin, Zamorak, Bandos and Armadyl. She has a number of immensely powerful attacks in her arsenal, some of which can hit up to 6848 damage. Rather than following the trend of other God Wars Dungeon bosses and having three bodyguards, Nex is assisted by four mages, each of which represents one of the elements of the Ancient Magicks. Reaching her requires assembling a key to bypass the frozen door, the four pieces of which may be dropped within the monsters of the Saradominist, Zamorakian, Bandosian and Armadylean encampments. Thus, Nex effectively has all of the requirements of the other God Wars Dungeon bosses to reach. Nex drops many unique items: Torva armour, Pernix armour, and Virtus armour, which are three full sets of power armour, and the Virtus wand, Virtus book, and zaryte bow. Her minions and bodyguards drop ancient ceremonial robes. Magic

Melee Ranged

K'ril Tsutsaroth K'ril Tsutsaroth 650 70 Constitution K'ril Tsutsaroth is the level 650 demonic general of Zamorak. His melee attacks can poison players although it is not as strong as it was prior to EoC. He can occasionally use a special ability dealing massive damage to his target and draining their prayer points by half. His bodyguards are the demons Tstanon Karlak, Zakl'n Gritch and Balfrug Kreeyath. He drops the Zamorak hilt, and he and his bodyguards also drop the robes of subjugation, Zamorakian spear, and steam battlestaff. Magic


Greater Demons
General Graardor General Graardor 624 70 Strength General Graardor is one of the last known living ourgs. He is the level 624 general of Bandos and is the most popular God Wars Dungeon general to kill, despite his devastating Melee and Ranged attacks. His bodyguards are Sergeant Strongstack, Sergeant Grimspike and Sergeant Steelwill. General Graardor drops the Bandos hilt and guaranteed ourg bones, and he and his bodyguards drop Bandos armour. Melee


Commander Zilyana Commander Zilyana 596 70 Agility Commander Zilyana is the level 596 Icyene general of Saradomin, attacking rapidly and accurately with both Melee and Magic. Her bodyguards are Starlight, Growler and Bree. She drops the Saradomin hilt, and she and her bodyguards drop the Saradomin sword, Armadyl crossbow, and amulets of Saradomin. Magic


Kree'arra Kree'arra 580 70 Ranged Kree'arra the Aviansie is the level 580 general of Armadyl. Being a guardian and leader of the aviansie, he cannot be attacked with melee weapons, though he uses all three combat styles himself. His bodyguards are Flight Kilisa, Flockleader Geerin and Wingman Skree. Kree'arra himself drops the Armadyl hilt, and he and his bodyguards drop Armadyl armour. Magic

Melee Ranged


Heart of Gielinor[]

Heart of Gielinor, the sequel to God Wars Dungeon, is set in the Sixth Age. Like God Wars Dungeon, it also features four warring factions, each with a unique and powerful boss. The warring factions are the armies of Sliske, Zamorak, Zaros, and Seren — the four entities from Freneskae. Similarly to the God Wars Dungeon, each faction requires a specific skill requirement to enter which requires level 80 in their respective skill.

With the exception of Telos, all the generals drop Dormant anima armour, which can be powered with a god crest (obtained from killing the bosses) to create tier 80 power armour, which can be upgraded into tier 85 by using essences, which are also dropped by the bosses. They also drop unique tier 85 weaponry, which has the power of a tier 80 weapon but the accuracy of a tier 90 weapon.

Name Level Entry Requirement Description Attack Style
Telos, the Warden Telos, the Warden 2000 80 Magic
80 Ranged
80 Attack
80 Prayer
Telos is an anima knight, created by the anima in the Heart of Gielinor to defend it from those it deems dangerous to the Heart itself. During the fight, Telos has four different phases where both the player descends deeper into the Heart as the fight progresses. Telos uses both melee and magic, in addition to having unique abilities in each phase. Telos drops tier 92 dormant god weaponry, which is powered by three orbs that he also drops. They are the best 2-handed weapons in-game outside of Dungeoneering. In addition to this, he also drops a codex that unlocks the Reprisal ability.



Gregorovic Gregorovic 1000 80 Prayer Gregorovic is the general of Sliske's army. Once a human, desperately trying to fight death, he eventually sold his soul to Sliske in return for eternal life. Gregorovic uses a combination of Ranged and Melee attacks. His attacks are extremely poisonous, which makes using countermeasures a requirement. He has the ability to summon spirits which will increase the potency of his attacks; during the fight, he will also spawn two weak clones of himself. Gregorovic drops the Crest of Sliske, which can be combined with Anima Core equipment, the Shadow glaive level 85 thrown weaponry, as well as several useful items. Ranged


Nymora, the Vengeful Avaryss, the Unceasing Twin Furies 1000 x 2 80 Ranged The Twin FuriesNymora, the Vengeful and Avaryss, the Unceasing are the Zamorakian generals in the Heart of Gielinor. They are Avernic demons who have been in Zamorakian service since the Gielinorian God Wars. The player simultaneously fights both Nymora and Amaryss, thus needing to expect damage from two sides. The furies, however, share their health pool. Nymora mainly uses Ranged attacks, while Avaryss focuses on Melee. They also use several special attacks involving their environment. They drop Blade of Avaryss and Blade of Nymora, level 85 swords, and the Crest of Zamorak, as well as many general useful items.



Vindicta Vindicta 1000 80 Attack Vindicta is the level 1000 Zarosian general in the Heart of Gielinor. She is a Dragon Rider, daughter of Morvannon and Hannibus, who grew up in the Grotworm Lair and is now seeking to avenge the murder of Morvannon. She is accompanied in the fight by her mount, Gorvek. Vindicta's auto-attacks hit very hard, her mount Gorvek will also use dragonfire in the fight. Vindicta drops the Dragon Rider lance, the Crest of Zaros and various general items. Melee
Helwyr Helwyr 1000 80 Magic Helwyr is the Seren general in the Heart of Gielinor and a member of the Cywir Clan of the elves. He has taken on the form of a large predator he slew while on Tarddiad. During the battle, Helwyr only uses Melee attacks, so it is advised to keep a distance. He will also summon mushrooms in his arena, which puff out a stunning and damaging gas, as well as use typeless damage bleeds. Helwyr drops the Wand of the Cywir elders, as well as the Crest of Seren. Melee

Monastery of Ascension[]

The Legiones are extremely powerful members of the Order of Ascension. They may only be fought with 95 Slayer after their respective Keystone is obtained, which are dropped by other members of the order, and they themselves are capable of dropping them. While they are usually fought alone, two players can kill them together (through social slayer) and they are level 304, each having a special ability that makes them different from the rest, although they are all capable of throwing electricity on the floor, similar to Commander Zilyana in hard mode. They are capable of dropping signets for the Ascension crossbow and the Off-hand Ascension crossbow, level 90 dual-wielded crossbows.

Name Special ability
Legio Primus Legio Primus Lightning strikes become increasingly powerful.
Legio Secundus Legio Secundus Uses lightning strikes more often.
Legio Tertius Legio Tertius Summons fellow Ascended to aid him.
Legio Quartus Legio Quartus Teleports the player next to or near him.
Legio Quintus Legio Quintus Creates the Line of Ascension, which deals heavy damage when walked over or on.
Legio Sextus Legio Sextus Uses lightning exclusively, which lasts for seven seconds rather than three.

Independent mid/low-level bosses[]

Name Level Description Attack Style Slayer category
Exiled Kalphite Queen Exiled Kalphite Queen 356 The Exiled Kalphite Queen is the ruler of the exiled kalphites, found at the bottom of the Exiled Kalphite Hive in the Kharidian Desert. She is essentially a harder version of the Kalphite Queen, released as a side boss to the Kalphite King. Magic

Melee Ranged

Kalphite Queen Kalphite Queen 333 The Kalphite Queen is the ruler of the kalphites; she can be found at the bottom of the Kalphite Hive in the Kharidian Desert. Unlike many other bosses, she has two forms, both of which are level 333, and she uses protection prayers to block different attack styles. Her attacks are extremely accurate and very deadly for players who are unprepared for them. She drops the dragon chainbody and dragon two-handed sword; she also drops her head, which can be mounted in a player-owned house. Magic

Melee Ranged

Chaos Elemental Chaos Elemental 305 The Chaos Elemental is a level 305 creature of pure chaos that resides in deep Wilderness, near the Rogues' Castle. In addition to attacking with all three combat styles, it can teleport players around it and unequip their items. It drops the dragon two-handed sword, and various pieces of Ancient Warriors' Equipment. Magic

Melee Ranged

King Black Dragon King Black Dragon 276 The King Black Dragon is an enormous, three-headed dragon who uses various different dragonfire-based attacks which can freeze and poison the player. He also uses a melee attack. He drops various drops, including the Draconic visage, Dragon-rider boots and the Dragon Rider Gauntlets. Magic

Melee Dragonfire

Black Dragons
Giant Mole Giant Mole 230 The Giant Mole is, true to its name, an enormous mole, level 230, that lives in its lair under Falador Park. During combat the Giant Mole attacks with melee and burrows around its rather large lair, gaining different special abilities in each area. It drops various items, such as Mole claws and Mole skins which can be traded to Wyson for bird's nests. It also drops clingy moles and numbing roots. Melee N/A
Tormented wraith
Tormented Wraith 42 The tormented wraith is the level 60 spirit of a being who was tortured and killed by the Black Knights. It roams the Dark Warriors' Fortress in the Spirit Realm, eternally seeking revenge on the Black Knights who tortured it. Because of its extreme animosity towards the Black Knights, only black weapons may be used to fight it. The tormented wraith is one of the two monsters (the other being the Corporeal Beast) to drop holy elixirs, which are used to create blessed spirit shields. Magic Ghosts
Dragith nurn
Dragith Nurn 26 The undead Dragith Nurn can be found in the Lumbridge Catacombs, where he imprisoned himself prior to his death to avoid his undead creations from overrunning Lumbridge. He has risen from his grave due to an enchantment he cast upon himself, however, and his tomb is once again accessible due to the efforts of three Zamorakian cultists. Dragith can only be fought after The Blood Pact. He drops the fifth and final part of the Mask of Dragith Nurn. Magic
Ragged Abomination
Abomination N/a The Abomination from the last battle of Hero's Welcome can be fought again by using the "refight" option on the Bane ore rockfall. It brings quite a challenge, shattering the environment in its rage to deal area-of-effect lasting fire and rockfalls. Melee N/a

Dagannoth Kings[]

Three level 303 Dagannoth Kings lair deep under Waterbirth Island. Altogether the Kings drop several unique items, such as Seercull, dragon hatchets, berserker rings and mud battlestaves. They also drop a variety of Fremennik-related arms and armour, such as archer helms and skeletal armour. They all count as Dagannoths for a slayer task.

Name Description Attack Style
Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth Supreme is the Ranged Dagannoth King, and therefore is weak to stabbing attacks. It is the only King to drop Spined armour and Archers' rings. Balmung is effective against him. Ranged
Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth Prime is the Magic Dagannoth King, and therefore is weak to arrows. It is the only King to drop Skeletal armour and Seers' rings. Magic
Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Rex Dagannoth Rex is the Melee Dagannoth King, and therefore is weak to fire. It is the only King to drop Rock-shell armour, Warrior rings and Berserker rings. Melee

Raids bosses[]

Raids are sequences of boss fights. Currently, the only raid is Liberation of Mazcab.

Liberation of Mazcab[]

Name Level Description Attack Style
Beastmaster Durzag Beastmaster Durzag 2000 Beastmaster Durzag is the first boss of Liberation of Mazcab. Before fighting Durzag himself, the team will face airut, chargers, and his pet beast, Cormes. During the fight, Beastmaster Durzag calls two pets - Krar and Tuz, along with many Chargers to assist him throughout the fight. Beastmaster Durzag can be looted once every 48 hours for a chance of Primeval, Tempest and Teralith equipment. Magic

Melee Ranged

Yakamaru Yakamaru 10,000 Yakamaru is the second boss of Liberation of Mazcab. It is fought on a beach in Mazcab with several pools of water and can only be fought after Beastmaster Durzag has been defeated. Throughout the fight, Yakamaru will jump into several pools, granting it new abilities while it stays in them. In the penultimate stage of the fight, he creates multiple mirages of itself which must all be defeated before finishing it off. Yakamaru can spawn Jellyfish to aid it throughout the fight. Like Beastmaster Durzag, Yakamaru can be looted once every 48 hours for a chance of Primeval, Tempest and Teralith equipment. Magic

Melee Ranged

Minigame bosses[]

Bosses that are fought during a minigame.

Name Level Minigame Description Attack style
Har'Aken Har-Aken 800 Fight Kiln Har-Aken is the final boss of the Fight Kiln minigame, having a combat level of 800. It is the strongest of all lava creatures (TzHaar and TokHaar). It is an extremely large creature consisting of a single head and multiple tentacles, which either use Ranged or Magic. Har-Aken's head is submerged in the lava, but will occasionally surface above, and players should use this opportunity to severely wound or kill it before it dives back into the lava. Players who defeat Har-Aken can be given a TokHaar cape of their choice or an uncut onyx for their efforts. Magic


TzTok-Jad TzTok-Jad 702 TzHaar Fight Cave TzTok-Jad is the final boss of the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame. It is level 702 and is extremely dangerous as all of its attacks, which hit from every side of the combat triangle, can each deal up to 9000+ damage. Additionally, TzTok-Jad summons Yt-HurKot to rapidly heal it once it reaches half health. The reward for defeating TzTok-Jad is 16,064 tokkul and the much-coveted fire cape. Kuradal the Slayer master will sometimes assign the entirety of the TzHaar Fight Cave minigame as a Slayer assignment; under these circumstances, another reward for defeating TzTok-Jad is 25,000 Slayer experience. Magic

Melee Ranged

Penance King Penance King None Barbarian Assault The Penance King is the boss of the hard mode version of Barbarian Assault. Like the Queen, he cannot be damaged by conventional weapons. The team must gather materials to create the only weapons that can - flamethrowers - and read an incantation from their scrolls in the correct order to make him vulnerable to the flamethrowers. Melee
Penance Queen2 Penance Queen None Barbarian Assault The Penance Queen is the boss of the Barbarian Assault minigame; she is fought during the tenth and final wave. She uses rapid melee and Ranged attacks and can only be damaged with omega eggs fired from the egg launcher. Defeating her earns players 80 honour points in their chosen roles, and 5 points in the other roles. Melee


Avatar of CreationAvatar of Destruction Avatar of Creation and Avatar of Destruction 65 Soul Wars In the Soul Wars minigame are two colossal avatars, the Avatar of Creation and Avatar of Destruction. Both are level 65. Each avatar is on one team's side, and the ultimate objective of Soul Wars is for each team to defeat its opposing team's avatar. Each avatar has a certain Slayer level required to fight it; the level can be lowered by team members using soul fragments on soul obelisk, or raised by players burying bones on their grave. Chances to raise avatar's level by burying bones is 50% Melee
Barrows Brothers 1920x1200 Barrows brothers 150 x8 Barrows The seven Barrows brothers can be thought of as bosses, as each is quite powerful and they are fought separately during the Barrows minigame. The brothers are all level 150 except for Akrisae, who is level 115. Their combat styles are Ahrim the Blighted (magic), Dharok the Wretched (melee), Guthan the Infested (melee), Karil the Tainted (ranged), Torag the Corrupted (melee), Verac the Defiled (melee), Akrisae the Doomed (magic), and Linza the Disgraced (melee). The Ritual of the Mahjarrat is required in order to fight Akrisae. Kindred Spirits is required in order to fight Linza. Each is an undead spirit and wears a certain set of equipment that gives a certain set effect; this equipment, known as Barrows equipment, can be obtained from the activity, and is highly popular as the sets are among the most powerful combat equipment in the game. Magic

Melee Ranged

Distraction and Diversion bosses[]

Those bosses have restrictions on when they can be fought, or how many times they can be fought at any given time.

Name Level D&D Description Restriction(s) Attack style
Agoroth Agoroth None Agoroth Agoroth is a large Crassian, who emerges from the Empress after you have defeated four of his tentacles. ‍His attacks include a water jet that knocks you back to the back of the boat where the boss fight is situated, where upon his large tentacles hit you for a large amount of damage and melee attack where he snaps you with his claws. After his health depletes halfway, every other attack from the player will be blocked, and Agoroth will spray acid from above, dealing damage, and the only way to avoid this is to either run away from shaded spots, as acid will land there, or walk up the ladders in the rear of the ship. You can also run up the ladders at the rear of the ship and it will shield you from any of his attacks melee or ranged. Twice a week (P2P);
Once a week (F2P)
Cliff Cliff Scaled Troll Invasion Cliff is a mighty troll encountered during the final wave of the Troll Invasion Distraction and Diversion. He attacks with all three combat styles, hits very hard, and can teleport players around. He may be fought once a month for an experience reward, or unlimited times for fun. Once a month Magic

Melee Ranged

Demon boss Demon boss 200 Demon Flash Mobs Demon bosses are encountered as part of the Demon Flash Mobs Distraction and Diversion. They serve as the main boss of the activity, although only one appears within each mob. It is protected by six imp heralds, four lesser demons and two black demons; the latter two it will devour to recover lost health. Its name and, to some degree, its appearance is random, but the prefix and suffix of its name will affect its abilities. It is killed for Demonic title scrolls and Demon slayer equipment. Appears in random locations Magic

Melee Ranged

Bork Bork 107 Bork Bork is a level 107 ork who resides in the Chaos Tunnels, and is loyal to the Dagon'hai faction of Zamorakians. Bork is fought at the conclusion of the miniquest Chaos Tunnels: The Hunt for Surok, and can be killed once per day thereafter. He gives 5,000 Slayer experience the first time he is killed, and 1500, 3000, 4000, or 8000 experience every time he is defeated afterwards. In addition to his powerful melee attacks, Bork can summon several Ork legions to assist him, which use melee and Ranged. Additionally, Surok Magis (or an anonymous but functionally equivalent Dagon'hai Elite mage after the miniquest) will attack any players who challenge Bork with very powerful Magic attacks. Bork is can be slain daily for his Slayer experience and his guaranteed drop of various charms and gems. Once per day Melee
Nomad Nomad 1001 Memory of Nomad A memory of Nomad can be fought in the Underworld after completing Nomad's Elegy. It is essentially a more powerful version of the Nomad boss fight from the quest. Rewards include different soul capes depending on how fast the Memory is defeated. Once per week Typeless Melee
Skeletal Horror Skeletal horror 91, 86, 84, 81 Skeletal horror The skeletal horror is a level 91 amalgamation of bones gathered from various monsters across RuneScape at the behest of the Odd Old Man. It may be fought once per week, giving 10,000 Slayer experience and 7,000 Prayer experience the first time it is defeated, and up to 12,500 Slayer experience and 10,000 Prayer experience each time thereafter. The skeletal horror uses melee and Magic attacks, and as the battle progresses, its limbs fall off. Its two drops can be an clue scroll (elite) and a Crystal triskelion fragment. Once a week Magic


Phoenix (monster) The Phoenix 84 Phoenix Lair The Phoenix is a level 84 avian of fire that may be fought, once per day, after completion of the In Pyre Need quest. She uses powerful Magic attacks in combat, and once defeated, she must be set aflame on the pyre in her lair; she will rise from the ashes as a hatchling, and will have fully regrown by the next day. The first time she is defeated, she gives 5,000 Slayer experience, 7,500 Firemaking experience, and 3,000 Fletching experience; for each kill thereafter the Slayer experience is reduced to 500, but the other experience rewards do not change. Additionally, she will reward players with 5 phoenix quills each time she is defeated. Once per day Magic
Champions' Challenge bosses Varies Champions' Challenge The Champions' Challenge Distraction and Diversion features killing champions of 12 different races, who have been summoned to the Champions' Guild using Champions' scrolls. They vary in size and combat level. Must have a Champions' scroll Varies

Quest bosses[]

Balance Elemental

The Balance Elemental, guardian of the Stone of Jas

A large number of quests involve and/or conclude with a battle against a powerful monster, which often is or is related to the quest's main antagonist. Except where otherwise noted, these bosses cannot be fought once their respective quests have been completed. However, many of them could be fought after in the Dominion Tower, after some other requirements have been met.

A sub-boss is a powerful or semi-powerful monster fought as a prelude to the actual boss fight.


The Culinaromancer, the evil culinary sorcerer and main antagonist of Recipe for Disaster.


Nomad, the scourge of souls, and the final boss of Nomad's Requiem and Nomad's Elegy.

Spirit Beast

The Spirit Beast, terror of the Spirit Realm.

Quests with multiple bosses[]

Some quests have several boss monsters that must be defeated, usually one after the other.


Eruni, embodiment of the corruption of Apmeken.

Sliske (Sliske's Endgame)

Sliske the Serpent-tongued, the Majarrat puppetmaster and agent of the Elder Gods.

Dominion Tower[]

Main article: Dominion Tower

On 1 November 2011, Jagex released the Dominion Tower, a minigame that allows players to fight bosses from quests they have completed. Players can fight up to 60 unique boss monsters from previous quests, including Nomad, the Pest Queen, Zenevivia, the Balance Elemental, and many others.

Dungeoneering bosses[]

Main article: Dungeoneering/Bosses
Gluttonous behemoth

The gluttonous behemoth, a boss found during Dungeoneering.

At the end of each floor of Daemonheim is a powerful boss monster that must be defeated in order to complete the dungeon. The levels and strengths of these bosses vary according to a combination of factors, including the dungeon's size and complexity rating, but they will otherwise always have the same qualities. Kal'Ger the Warmonger is the strongest in Daemonheim.


Main article: Telos, the Warden

On 27 June 2016, Jagex added a new mechanic to the game called Enrage, alongside the boss Telos, the Warden. Enrage is a difficulty system that increases in percentage after killing a boss. Currently, two bosses utilise this mechanic, Telos and Araxxor (and Araxxi).

As the boss' enrage increases, they will deal more damage against the player(s).

Telos' enrage system works when the player continues killing Telos without claiming their rewards. The game will give a random stack of enrage to Telos. As Telos' enrage increases, he will utilise new mechanics when battled at that enrage level or higher, and its old mechanics will be changed to adjust to whatever enrage it is on. Its enrage is reset when the player claims rewards from the Trove of Telos. Telos' enrage caps at 4000%.

Araxxor and Araxxi's enrage system was the first type of enrage to be introduced, though its mechanics are different from Telos'. The only thing that enrage increases is simply the damage that they can inflict on you. Araxxor/Araxxi's enrage caps at 300%. Unlike Telos' enrage mechanics, Araxxor/Araxxi's enrage resets upon using an Araxyte pheromone, or waiting until the daily reset time.


  • On 12 September 2016, several bosses gained the ability to attack players, even if their main target was under them. This was to stop players from "walking" high-level bosses and making the fight significantly easier.