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Boss pets are pets that resemble miniature boss monsters. There are two broad types of boss pets – those unlocked by specific drop by the boss in question, and those unlocked by other means.


The mechanics for the drop chance of the unlock item of boss pets released on 5 January 2015 is as follows:[1]

  • Each boss has a base drop chance of the item, represented as $ \frac{1}{x} $. For example, General Graardor's decaying tooth has a base drop chance of 1/5000.
    • Bosses with a hard mode have a drop chance that is 5 times higher when killed in that mode. For example, the decaying tooth is 1/1000 in hard mode. Bosses with a challenge mode - e.g. bosses in The Heart - have a doubled drop chance in that mode.
  • Each boss has an associated threshold, which is a number $ y $. For example, General Graardor's threshold is 1000. This number relates to the total kills of the boss recorded in the player's Beasts tab in the Adventures interface.
    • With the exception of Tess, the thresholds are all 1/5 of the drop chance's denominator multiplied by the number of pets. For example, the Dagannoth Kings have a drop chance of X/2500. One-fifth of 2500 is 500, but there are 3 pets, so the threshold is 3×500, or 1500.
    • This threshold modifier does not apply to Vindicta or the Twin Furies.
  • For every $ y $ recorded kills the player has of the boss, the numerator of the drop chance increases by 1.
    • This is rounded down, so having 1999 recorded General Graardor kills is treated the same as 1000 recorded General Graardor kills.
    • For bosses with a hard mode, the two kill counts are added together when checking the number of times the threshold has been met. Normal mode and hard mode kills are weighted equally; i.e. 1 hard mode kill has the same effect on increasing the drop chance as 1 normal mode kill does.
    • The numerator is capped at 10, so the drop chance will no longer increase once the threshold has been passed 9 times.
    • For example, a player with 2464 General Graardor kills and 603 hard mode General Graardor kills has 3067 total kills, so their decaying tooth drop chance numerator is increased by 3, giving a drop chance of 4/5000 (1/1250) in normal mode and 4/1000 (1/250) in hard mode.

In a purely mathematical format your chance $ f $ of receiving a pet on any particular kill is

$ f = \frac{1 + \min( \lfloor \frac{ K + K_H }{D \times P \div 5} \rfloor, 9)}{D} $


  • $ K $ is your normal mode kill count and $ K_H $ is your hard mode kill count
  • $ D $ is the denominator of the base drop rate
  • $ P $ is the number of pets available from the boss

Pets unlocked by drops

The majority of these pets were added in the boss pets update on 5 January 2015. They are all unlocked by obtaining a specific item drop from the relevant boss. A server-wide broadcast occurs when a player receives a drop. When the player uses the item, the message "As you touch the artefact, a familiar face appears... Congratulations! You have unlocked the pet: <pet unlocked>.", consuming the item and unlocking the pet.

Pets can be obtained while LootShare is active; however, they are not distributed via LootShare. Boss pets are always given to the player who would have obtained the drop if LootShare was not active.

Each of these pets can be examined (by any player) to display the number of kills their owner has against the corresponding boss. They can also be used to override Summoning familiars from the boss pets section of the pets interface. If used this way, the overridden familiar will show the relevant killcount upon being examined.

Boss pet Boss Unlock item Base drop chance
denominator (hard/challenge mode/Telos)[1][2]
Barry Barry Araxxor Araxyte egg Araxyte egg[notes 1] 500 200
Mallory Mallory Araxxi
Chick&#039;arra Chick'arra Kree'arra Giant feather Giant feather 5,000 (1,000) 1,000
Commander Miniana Commander Miniana Commander Zilyana Auburn lock Auburn lock 5,000 (1,000) 1,000
General Awwdor General Awwdor General Graardor Decaying tooth Decaying tooth 5,000 (1,000) 1,000
K&#039;ril Tinyroth K'ril Tinyroth K'ril Tsutsaroth Severed hoof Severed hoof 5,000 (1,000) 1,000
Nexterminator Nexterminator Nex Blood-soaked feather Blood-soaked feather 2,000 400
Molly (pet) icon Molly Giant Mole Rotten fang Rotten fang 2,500 (500) 500
Shrimpy Shrimpy Har-Aken Volcanic shard Volcanic shard 200 40
King Black Dragonling King Black Dragonling King Black Dragon King black dragon scale King black dragon scale[notes 2] 2,500 500
Queen Black Dragonling Queen Black Dragonling Queen Black Dragon Queen black dragon scale Queen black dragon scale[notes 2] 2,500 500
Kalphite Grublet Kalphite Grublet Kalphite Queen Kalphite egg Kalphite egg[notes 3] 2,500 500
Kalphite Grubling Kalphite Grubling Kalphite King Kalphite claw Kalphite claw 2,000 400
Corporeal Puppy Corporeal Puppy Corporeal Beast Corporeal bone Corporeal bone 2,500 500
Ellie Ellie Chaos Elemental Ribs of chaos Ribs of chaos 2,500 500
Legio Primulus Legio Primulus Legio Primus Corrupted Ascension signet I Corrupted Ascension signet I 1,000 1,200
Legio Secundulus Legio Secundulus Legio Secundus Corrupted Ascension signet II Corrupted Ascension signet II 1,000 1,200
Legio Tertiolus Legio Tertiolus Legio Tertius Corrupted Ascension signet III Corrupted Ascension signet III 1,000 1,200
Legio Quartulus Legio Quartulus Legio Quartus Corrupted Ascension signet IV Corrupted Ascension signet IV 1,000 1,200
Legio Quintulus Legio Quintulus Legio Quintus Corrupted Ascension signet V Corrupted Ascension signet V 1,000 1,200
Legio Sextulus Legio Sextulus Legio Sextus Corrupted Ascension signet VI Corrupted Ascension signet VI 1,000 1,200
Lil&#039; Tuzzy Lil' Tuzzy Beastmaster Durzag N/A 512 N/A
Rex hatchling Rex hatchling Dagannoth Rex Shrivelled dagannoth claw Shrivelled dagannoth claw 2,500 1,500
Prime hatchling Prime hatchling Dagannoth Prime Dagannoth egg Dagannoth egg 2,500 1,500
Supreme hatchling Supreme hatchling Dagannoth Supreme Dagannoth scale Dagannoth scale 2,500 1,500
Vitalis (pet) icon Vitalis Vorago Ancient summoning stone Ancient summoning stone 5,000 (2,500)[1][notes 4] 1,000
Bombi Bombi Ancient artefact Ancient artefact 100[notes 5][notes 6] N/A[notes 7]
Greg Greg Gregorovic Faceless mask Faceless mask 2,000 (1,000)[notes 8] 400
Lilwyr Lilwyr Helwyr Twisted antler Twisted antler 2,000 (1,000)[notes 8] 400
Ava (pet) icon Ava Twin Furies Avaryss&#039; braid Avaryss' braid 2,000 (1,000)[notes 8][notes 9] 400
Nylessa Nylessa Nymora&#039;s braid Nymora's braid 2,000 (1,000)[notes 8][notes 9] 400
Vindiddy Vindiddy Vindicta Imbued blade slice Imbued blade slice 2,000 (1,000)[notes 8][notes 9] 400
Rawrvek Rawrvek Glimmering scale Glimmering scale[notes 2] 2,000 (1,000)[notes 8][notes 9] 400
Tess Tess Telos, the Warden Telos&#039; tendril Telos' tendril 1,400 (700)[3] [notes 10] 300
Reeves Reeves Nex: Angel of Death Blood tentacle Blood tentacle 3,000 600
Diddyzag Diddyzag Beastmaster Durzag Durzag&#039;s helmet Durzag's helmet 300 60
Yakaminu Yakaminu Yakamaru Yakamaru&#039;s helmet Yakamaru's helmet 300 60
The Minister The Minister The Magister Soul fragment (The Magister) Soul fragment 1,000 200
Solly Solly Solak Imbued bark shard. Imbued bark shard. 1,200 240
Kuroryu Kuroryu Seiryu the Azure Serpent Chipped black stone crystal Chipped black stone crystal 300 (solo), 1,500 (group) 60 (solo), 300 (group)
  1. ^ This drop can only be obtained after all six araxyte pet skins have been obtained. The first egg used unlocks Barry; the second, Mallory.
  2. ^ a b c 99 Summoning is required to summon the pet, but it is not required to receive the drop.
  3. ^ Unlocks both forms of the Kalphite Queen.
  4. ^ This is the "per drop" chance, where Vorago gives 5 drops per kill. As such, the "per kill" drop chance (the chance that at least one is dropped in Vorago's 5 drops) is a between 1/1000 and 1/1001 (or between 1/500 and 1/501 in hard mode). If 5 players each obtain one of the drop slots, their individual chances are 1/5000 (1/2500 in hard mode). See below for source.
  5. ^ Obtainable only after the player has used the maul of omens on Vorago in hard mode on all rotations.
  6. ^ This is the "per drop" chance, where Vorago gives 5 drops per kill. As such, the "per kill" drop chance (the chance that at least one is dropped in Vorago's 5 drops) is between 1/20 and 1/21. If 5 eligible players each obtain one of the drop slots, their individual chances are 1/100.
  7. ^ This drop does not use the kill threshold system to improve drop chance.
  8. ^ a b c d e f Drop chance is not affected by the drop increase reward from reputation.
  9. ^ a b c d One roll for each pet per kill of the boss.
  10. ^ 1,400 in encounters of 99% or lower enrage, 700 in encounters of 100%+ enrage.

Pets unlocked through other methods

Boss pet Boss Unlock method
TzRek-Jad TzRek-Jad TzTok-Jad Buy from the Soul Wars store for 100 Zeal points and a fire cape, or Stanley Limelight Traders for 1200 thaler and a fire cape. This also requires 99 Slayer and 99 Summoning.
Mega ducklings Mega ducklings Mega Duck Bring Mega Duck to the coast of Mobilising Armies; unlock chance of 1 in 20[4]
Ahrim bobblehead Ahrim the Bobbled Ahrim the Blighted Craft using 250 malevolent energy and Barrows - Ahrim's set
Dharok bobblehead Dharok the Bobbled Dharok the Wretched Craft using 250 malevolent energy and Barrows - Dharok's set
Guthan bobblehead Guthan the Bobbled Guthan the Infested Craft using 250 malevolent energy and Barrows - Guthan's set
Karil bobblehead Karil the Bobbled Karil the Tainted Craft using 250 malevolent energy and Barrows - Karil's set
Torag bobblehead Torag the Bobbled Torag the Corrupted Craft using 250 malevolent energy and Barrows - Torag's set
Verac bobblehead Verac the Bobbled Verac the Defiled Craft using 250 malevolent energy and Barrows - Verac's set

Boss pet totals

Pet 29 Jan 2015[5] 18 Sep 2015[6] 15 Mar 2016[7] 4 May 2016[8] 16 Aug 2016[9] 25 Apr 2017[10]
Mallory 114 1294 N/A N/A 3752 5800
Barry 241 1881 N/A N/A 4749 7171
Ellie 230 2095 N/A N/A 4207 5440
Commander Miniana 405 2454 N/A N/A 5285 6759
Corporeal Puppy 225 2041 N/A N/A 5304 7292
Prime hatchling 296 2392 N/A N/A 4228 5465
Rex hatchling 374 2592 N/A N/A 4694 6132
Supreme hatchling 327 2382 N/A N/A 4168 5352
General Awwdor 1011 5637 N/A N/A 12700 15730
Molly 95 1173 N/A N/A 2485 3315
Shrimpy 199 1688 N/A N/A 3225 3520
Kalphite Grubling 246 1739 N/A N/A 3199 3639
Kalphite Grublet 64 836 N/A N/A 1719 2223
King Black Dragonling 250 3581 N/A N/A 7800 10346
Chick'arra 679 4160 N/A N/A 8890 12399
K'ril Tinyroth 652 4851 N/A N/A 11208 15237
Legio Primulus 187 1187 N/A N/A 2248 2790
Legio Secundulus 201 1192 N/A N/A 2246 2832
Legio Tertiolus 171 1175 N/A N/A 2186 2746
Legio Quartulus 191 1202 N/A N/A 2287 2820
Legio Quintulus 205 1178 N/A N/A 2185 2732
Legio Sextulus 177 1171 N/A N/A 2215 2776
Mega ducklings 6269 15574 N/A N/A 19909 23000
Nexterminator 214 1627 N/A N/A 3865 5588
Queen Black Dragonling 515 3877 N/A N/A 7983 10499
Vitalis 182[11] N/A 489 N/A 591 720
Bombi N/A N/A 640 N/A 941 1304
Krar Jnr N/A N/A 1127 N/A 1953 N/A
Lil' Tuzzy N/A N/A 871 N/A 1266 N/A
Ava N/A N/A N/A 1206 3066 5788
Nylessa N/A N/A N/A 1239 2974 5746
Lilwyr N/A N/A N/A 475 1363 3351
Greg N/A N/A N/A 432 1078 2707
Vindiddy N/A N/A N/A 1151 4025 10611
Rawrvek N/A N/A N/A 1104 3673 9716
Tess N/A N/A N/A N/A 483 1950
Reeves N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 362
Diddyzag N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 2039
Yakaminu N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1308
Ahrim the Bobbled N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1009
Dharok the Bobbled N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1058
Guthan the Bobbled N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 776
Karil the Bobbled N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1393
Torag the Bobbled N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 802
Verac the Bobbled N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 859
TzRek-Jad N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 4009


  • The Queen Black Dragonling and Dagannoth hatchlings were originally not planned to be released with the other pets, due to the Queen Black Dragon being "too big" and the Dagannoth Kings having old animations. Due to player feedback, they were included with the other pets.
  • The original concept was to allow players to obtain the pets by either getting the item as a drop, or by gambling reaper points for a random pet. The latter was scrapped later on.
  • For a short while after the update, you would get a notification in your chatbox saying "Your favourite bosses can now be obtained as pets, so what are you waiting for? Get out and catch them all!" This is a reference to the Pokémon franchise.
  • In the first batch, all examine texts were plays on their larger counterparts' examines.


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