Bottle of wine detail
A Bottle of wine can be thieved or bought from the Draynor Village wine stall or thieved from the Taverley wine stall. It is a fairly uncommon loot when Thieving from the stall. It heals 1500 life points when drunk.

Players have to wait a few minutes before they could sell stolen wine back to the stall. A Vial of stench (a) can also be used to sell the bottles right away.

Some players also use the stolen bottles of wine (and jugs of wine) as means of healing when pickpocketing Master Farmers or stealing from the various stalls in the market. Because bottles of wine heal a good amount of life points, this method allows for an easy-to-use, practically unlimited supply of food. This becomes obsolete when banks were given the ability to rapidly heal players in it.

When consumed, a player will receive an empty wine bottle, which is untradeable and can only be sold to Fortunato for 2 coins. Simply drop it to discard it, or use it on Fortunato to sell it.

Some players training Ranged may take bottles of wine as food as it doesn't affect their training rate and offers a cheap alternative to many other food items.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Fortunato's Fine WineDraynor Village500Coins 250Coins 10No


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  • Bottles of wine are unaffected by the rotting ability of ghasts.
  • As of 8 March 2011, you can no longer trade bottles of wine through the Grand Exchange.
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