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A Box of Valentine chocolates could be obtained by purchasing a chocolate with 50 Valentine love notes. Along with the box, you also received a random chocolate which could be added to the box. After adding two chocolates of each type, you received [Name] the Scrumptious and [Name] the Forlorn titles, along with five small XP lamps that gave experience to your five lowest skills (determined by experience). After adding a chocolate in the box, you could not take them out.

Once completed, it could not be done again; attempting to do so gave the message: "You have already completed this Valentine's challenge."

The Box of Valentine chocolates could also be obtained by using the 'box' option on individual chocolates that could also be obtained from summer loot piñatas during the 2015 Summer Beach Party as well as from the Christmas loot piñatas during the 2017 Christmas event.

There are six different chocolates, which each heal 250 life points and give temporary boosts to a different skill:

Box of Valentine chocolates interface

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Summer loot piñataN/A1Common
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