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This article is about the Hunter tool. For Divination item which gives Hunter experience, see Divine box trap.

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Box traps are items used in the Hunter skill. Similar to bird snaring, box trapping involves laying the box, waiting for animals to be trapped. Box trapping can be started at level 27 Hunter.

After a player sets up a box trap, they will automatically walk one square west to stand next to the trap. However, one may counter this by moving an item in the inventory while setting up the trap. If done correctly, the player will not walk west after setting up the trap. There is also another method to counter this. A player may click at the right time the grid they wish to stand on. This time seems to be right after the box "springs" open, or right before.

In order to obtain a box trap, you can buy them from Aleck (for 38 coins) located in the Hunter shop in Yanille, west of the Pet Shop.

Up to 5 box traps may be taken from Nyriki's crate or the Ruined boat for free.

Laying traps

A player box trapping.

  • After a certain amount of time, a box trap will collapse, requiring the player to pick it back up, or lay it again.
    • The box trap that you laid has collapsed.
  • Sometimes, the box trap may be triggered, but the animal is not trapped.
    • This trap has been triggered by something.
  • If the trap is successful, the box trap becomes a Shaking box.
    • It looks like there is something caught inside.
  • Experience is only gained after the player retrieves the trapped animal, NOT after it gets trapped in the box.
  • It takes an average of 1.63 seconds to lay a box trap.

In addition, if a player leaves a shaking box alone for a while, it will collapse. The captured creature will be lost if this happens.

  • If a player has an extra box trap with them, when they click to pick up the trap rapidly click on your extra trap and it will be set up faster.
  • When setting multiple traps, since the animation takes a while and the character moves, right-clicking will avoid a lot of hunter-clicking annoyances. For example, while re-setting traps, right-click on the next one you want to fix and keep the cursor on "Dismantle Box Trap" or "Check Shaking Box" - then when the animation finishes and your character moves you can simply click on the choice. This avoids having to find the trap with the cursor, and avoids clicking on other things that might be on top of the trap—your familiar , a butterfly , or your prey, or other unwanted actions.
  • Also right-clicking on a fallen trap yields the choice "Lay Box Trap" which has the character set the trap right on the space it was.
  • Note that just because the animal walks under the trap, doesn't mean it has been caught. It must go through the animation of entering the trap first.

Multiple traps

Multiple box traps in a row.

Box-trapping can be done with multiple traps, the highest being 5 box traps at level 80 Hunter, or 6 with the Volcanic trapper outfit.

Level Box traps
20 2
40 3
60 4
80 5

It is recommended that players bring multiple box traps with them (perhaps 10-15) while hunting. This is because it is easily possible that they may neglect a trap they set up and another player may steal their box trap.

Baiting or Smoking

Box traps can be baited or smoked, both of which increases the rates of success for catching animals. The bait disappears after each successful trap. Many hunters find this to be too much effort or inconvenience, for the small increase in capture rate.

Smoking a trap requires level 39 Hunter. To smoke a trap, you use a Lit torch with the already set up trap.


Certain trapped animals appear in the inventory. Left-clicking the animal will release the trapped animal. Trapped chinchompas are stackable, and can be used as a multi-target ranged weapon.

With the release of the Summoning skill, more animals were made available for box-trapping. Note that only the baby versions of the animals can be caught using box traps.

Image Creature Hunter level Summoning level Preferred bait Bait required? Location Experience Reward
Ferret.png Ferret 27 - Raw meat No Woodland 115.2 Ferret
Baby gecko (orange).png Gecko 27 10 - N/A Karamja 100 Gecko
Raccoon (grey).png Raccoon 27 80 - N/A Gunnarsgrunn 100 Raccoon
Baby monkey (brown and beige).png Baby monkey 27 95 Bananas Yes Shilo Village 100 Monkey
Cobalt skillchompa.png Cobalt skillchompa 27 - Spicy tomatoes No Tree gnome stronghold 80.7 Cobalt skillchompa
Viridian skillchompa.png Viridian skillchompa 46 - Spicy tomatoes No South of Port Phasmatys 119 Viridian skillchompa
Platypus (brown).png Platypus 48 10 Smouldering lavender Yes (must be equipped) Jungle - Platypus
Chinchompa.png Chinchompa 53 - Spicy tomatoes No Woodland 198 Chinchompa
Red chinchompa.png Carnivorous Chinchompa 63 - Spicy minced meat No Jungle 265 Red Chinchompa
Pawya icon.png Pawya 66 - Papaya fruit Yes Isafdar 400 Raw pawya meat
Azure skillchompa.png Azure skillchompa 68 - Spicy tomatoes No Snowy hunter area 178 Azure skillchompa
Grenwall icon.png Grenwall 77 - Raw pawya meat Yes (unless Medium Tirannwn Tasks have been completed) Isafdar 1100 Grenwall spikes
Crimson skillchompa.png Crimson skillchompa 89 - Spicy tomatoes No Desert 382 Crimson skillchompa
Crystal skillchompa.png Crystal skillchompa 97 - Spicy tomatoes No Tyras Camp 476 Crystal skillchompa

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