Box trapping is a Hunter technique requiring 27 Hunter. Similar to bird snaring, it involves laying a box trap on the ground and waiting for prey to come. After a certain period of time, the box trap will collapse, requiring the player to pick it back up or lay it again. Experience is only gained after the player retrieves the trapped animal.

Box traps can be baited or smoked, both of which increases the rates of success for catching chinchompas (although most players report the rate is not significant). Normal chinchompas like spicy chopped tomatoes, while red chinchompas prefer spicy minced meat.

A new update in 2014 introduced skillchompas to RuneScape. These creatures differ in that they are used in skilling, as opposed to combat. They can be caught by using a box trap.

Level Creature Location Experience Reward
27 Hunter Ferret Ferret Woodland 115 Ferret
27 Hunter, 10 Summoning Gecko (red) Gecko Karamja 100 Gecko
27 Hunter, 80 Summoning Raccoon hunter Raccoon Gunnarsgrunn 100 Raccoon
27 Hunter Cobalt skillchompa Cobalt skillchompa Tree Gnome Stronghold Hunter area 80.7 Cobalt skillchompa
27 Hunter, 95 Summoning Monkey (brown and beige) Monkey Shilo Village 100 Monkey
46 Hunter Viridian skillchompa Viridian skillchompa Port Phasmatys Hunter area 119 Viridian skillchompa
48 Hunter, 10 Summoning Platypus Platypus Beach south of Oo'glog N/A Platypus
53 Hunter Chinchompa Chinchompa Woodland 198 Chinchompa
56 Hunter Penguin (item) Penguin Snow 150 Penguin/Kgp agent
63 Hunter Red chinchompa Carnivorous chinchompa Jungle 265 Red chinchompa
66 Hunter Pawya icon Pawya Isafdar 400 Raw pawya meat
68 Hunter Azure skillchompa Azure skillchompa Rellekka Hunter area 178 Azure skillchompa
77 Hunter Grenwall icon Grenwall Isafdar 1100 Grenwall spikes
89 Hunter Crimson skillchompa Crimson skillchompa Desert Quarry Hunter area 382 Crimson skillchompa
97 Hunter Crystal skillchompa Crystal skillchompa Tyras Camp 476 Crystal skillchompa

The bait for Ferrets is raw meat. The bait disappears after a successful trap. When using four box traps, a Hunter has just enough time to set all the traps.

The trapped ferrets appear in your inventory. They can be used while Rabbit Snaring. Left clicking the ferret in the inventory will release the trapped animal. Trapped chinchompas are stackable and can be used as a multi-target Ranged weapon. The skillchompas can be used in skilling, for example in mining and woodcutting.

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