Brambickle chathead

Brambickle is a gnomish explorer on Trollweiss Mountain. He can be a hard order in Gnome Restaurant. Completing Troll Romance is not required to get to Brambickle. He can be tedious to deliver to, which usually results in his orders rarely being completed.

To find Brambickle, teleport to Trollheim and walk down the west side of the hill. Walk north (not into the troll stronghold) and take the first path to the north. Be careful not to walk round to the rock throwing trolls. When you reach the troll family, enter the cave just north west in the snow. This is the ice troll cave and you will be attacked by ice trolls. Follow the cave round to the north and then west until you find a crevasse in the north-west most part of the cave. Enter the crevasse and look for Brambickle on the plateau.

Gnome Restaurant

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