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Bran chathead

Bran is a crystal raven that may be found on Tarddiad by players who have unlocked the Ravensworn title or with a certain combination of items[source needed]. He appears in a flash of lightning when players step between the pillars to the south-east of the area, south of the bridge south of Angof. He may then be spotted, causing him to say "Mae hyn yn unig y dechrau.", which roughly translates to "This is just the beginning." in Welsh, and then disappear.

Spotting him causes the message A chill runs down your spine and you wonder what this could mean. to appear.



  • Bran is a Welsh name meaning "raven".
  • Bran is a reference to Mod Raven, who developed The Light Within.
  • It is possible to spawn Bran multiple times, as long as players do not speak to him. This is a bug.[1]


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