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Brana Talvoy is the husband of Launa Talvoy and the father of Tolna Talvoy. In the year 144 of the Fifth Age, his son ran away from home, fed up of the meagre earnings of farming life.[1] He and his wife searched for their son for 25 years, eventually coming upon a rift.[2][3] Brana went down in the hope of finding Tolna, but when he didn't reappear after several days Launa sent an adventurer down to rescue them both.[4]

Brana managed to defeat the trials of the rift and found his son, now a twisted monster. He tried to reason with his son, reassuring him that he only wanted what was best,[3] but the monster rejected this claim and tried to kill Brana. The adventurer intervened, saving Brana and defeating Tolna's monstrous form, which caused him to revert back to human. The three of them returned to the surface and reconciled their differences.[5] Brana then returned home with Launa.




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