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| {{plinkp|Boat materials}} 14,000 || [[Flag Resting]]
| {{plinkp|Boat materials}} 14,000 || [[Flag Resting]]
| {{plinkp|Boat materials}} 17,000 || [[Mordaut Jr.]]
| {{plinkp|Boat materials}} 17,000 || {{plink|Mordaut Jr.}}
| {{plinkp|Boat materials}} 20,000 || {{plink|Stormbreaker}} title
| {{plinkp|Boat materials}} 20,000 || {{plink|Stormbreaker}} title

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Breaking the Storm
Breaking the Storm
Release date 24 June 2019 (Update)
End date 7 July 2019 (Update)
Reward Cosmetic overrides
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Avoiding Dental Catastrophe
Succeeded by N/A
Breaking the Storm button
Breaking the Storm was a time-limited event that was active from 24 June 2019 to 7 July 2019, preceding the release of Anachronia. Mr. Mordaut needed assistance building a boat, The Stormbreaker, capable of reaching the island. Players could help Mr. Mordaut by gathering boat materials and returning them to him. Additionally, players could train various skills at the event area as the boat's construction progressed.

Boat materials could be obtained from skilling (500 boat materials per day could be earned at an expedited rate while performing event training), combat, daily challenges, and event currency packages. Additionally, players could receive 500 boat materials by helping Mr. Mordaut complete a short archaeology task.

During the event, players were greeted with the following login announcement: Mr. Mordaut needs help building a ship that can breach the stormwall surrounding Fossil Island. Travel to the Varrock dig site to lend a hand.

Event noticeboards and the event interface could be used to freely teleport to the event area.


The event featured 4 different phases with only the first phase initially unlocked, and the remaining 3 phases unlocking throughout the course of the event. The phases were based around the progress of the boat's construction, and determined which skills could be trained in the event area. As subsequent phases were unlocked, the skills from the previous phases could continue to be trained.

Phase Skill(s) Date
Phase 1 Construction Construction (reinforcing hull & attaching rivets)
Farming Farming (tending enchanted trees)
Woodcutting Woodcutting (chopping enchanted trees)
24 June - 7 July
Phase 2 Smithing Smithing (forging rivets) 27 June - 7 July
Phase 3 Magic Magic (empowering wards)
Invention Invention (tinkering with engine)
29 June - 7 July
Phase 4 Divination Divination (channeling energy)
Crafting Crafting (sewing sails)
4 July - 7 July

Special taskEdit

Crest fragment locations

A map showing the locations of the crest fragments.

When spoken to, Mr. Mordaut would inform the player about a special task, which involved infusing the hull with wards to help the boat on its journey to the island. He mentioned crest fragments, pieces of an ancient crest, that could help with the warding. Mr. Mordaut suggested talking to Eva about a device, Eva's alerter, that could help find the crest fragments.

Players could talk to Eva to receive her alerter and information about using it to locate the crest fragments. It was not possible to find the crest fragments or complete the task without Eva's alerter. The device had two unique options, 'Track distance' and 'Track count', that could be used to help with the task. The 'Track distance' option would tell the player how far away and in what direction the nearest crest fragment was, while the 'Track count' option simply informed the player how many crest fragments remained.

The crest fragment locations were the same for every player. A mound of dirt would appear when using the 'Track distance' option while close to a crest fragment. The player had to use the dig option on the mound of dirt for it to reveal a crest fragment, and then excavate that in order to receive the crest fragment items themselves.

After finding all 5 crest fragments, they could be combined to make the Stormbreaker crest. The Stormbreaker crest could then be given to Mr. Mordaut to receive a tome of knowledge and 500 boat materials. Mr. Mordaut also took Eva's alerter from the player as it was no longer of use.

The tome of knowledge could be read to receive Magic experience based on the player's Magic level.


The rewards were progressively unlocked by returning boat materials to Mr. Mordaut. Players could also convert boat materials into mystery boxes and big mystery boxes for 500 boat materials and 1,000 boat materials, respectively.

Boat materials Reward
Boat materials 1,250 Varrock Agent Boots Varrock Agent Boots
Boat materials 2,750 Big event mystery box Big event mystery box
Boat materials 4,000 Varrock Agent Invisible Gloves Varrock Agent Invisible Gloves[n 1]
Boat materials 6,000 Varrock Agent Faulds Varrock Agent Faulds
Boat materials 8,000 Varrock Agent Tunic Varrock Agent Tunic
Boat materials 10,000 Varrock Agent Cowl Varrock Agent Cowl
Boat materials 12,000 Big event mystery box Big event mystery box
Boat materials 14,000 Flag Resting
Boat materials 17,000 Mordaut Jr. Mordaut Jr.
Boat materials 20,000 Stormbreaker Stormbreaker title
  1. ^ Originally named 'Varrock Agent Gloves', changed in the 1 July 2019 update to ease player confusion


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