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|location = Brimhaven
|location = Brimhaven
|north = [[Crandor]]
|north = [[Crandor]]
|west = [[Wizard's Guild]]
|west = [[Port Khazard]]
|south = [[Tai Bwo Wannai]]
|south = [[Tai Bwo Wannai]]
|east = [[Karamja Volcano]]
|east = [[Karamja Volcano]]

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Brimhaven entrance

The entrance gate to Brimhaven.

Template:Relativelocation Brimhaven is a pirate town located in north-western Karamja and is only accessible to members. There are several ways to get to Brimhaven, the quickest being the Teleport to House spell, assuming the player's house is in Brimhaven. More ways include the Charter Ships, the Amulet of Glory teleport to Musa Point, or via the ship from East Ardougne (requires 30 coins).



Brimhaven docks

The docks of Brimhaven.

Brimhaven south
File:Brimhaven bar.png
  • Brimhaven has a ship ride that will take the player to Ardougne for the low price of 30gp. This ship is located in the northern part of Brimhaven. Wearing a Ring of Charos(a) will allow you to travel to and from Brimhaven for free.
  • The Charter ships also dock in the Brimhaven Harbor. They provide rides to several other locations, for a fee.
  • If you have completed the Shilo Village quest, then Hajedy will take you for a ride in his cart to Shilo Village for the fee of 10-200 coins.
  • The Teleport to House spell can be used if player-owned house is in Brimhaven. If the Love Story quest has been completed, players can use a Brimhaven Tablet (made from a chipped Teleport to House tablet) to teleport to the Brimhaven house portal, even if their house is located elsewhere.
  • If the Holy Grail and A Fairy Tale Part II quests are completed, there is a fairy ring -- code BJR—that leads to the Fisher Realm. Use the Magic whistle to exit the Fisher Realm and end up on the northwestern peninsula near the gold mine and Brimhaven. (There are two respawn points for the whistle at the northwest corner of the Fisher Realm, near the ring.)




See Also

  • Docky- A sailor who sailed people from Port Khazard to Brimhaven for 30 coins in RuneScape Classic.


  1. ^ Unlocks the Shilo Village cart system.
  2. ^ A possibility for finding Solus, with the eye-patch.
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