Broad-tipped bolts detail

Broad-tipped bolts are bolts used for a crossbow. They are intended to be used against turoth and kurask, and are the bolt equivalent of broad arrows. Players can buy 250 of them by exchanging 35 Slayer points or buy up to 3,000 unfinished broad bolts at a time directly from any Slayer master.

Combat Stats
50 Ranged, 55 Slayer50
Ranged RangedAmmo slotDefenceArmour0
ConstitutionLife points0
Damage480-Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
StyleBoltsStyle bonuses


Broad-tipped bolts 5 Broad-tipped bolts ×10
Fletching-Make-X GE icon
30 XP--
Fletching Fletching level55
Quests Learn how to make it from a slayer master
P2P icon Members onlyYes
Unfinished broad bolts 5Unfinished broad bolts10N/A-


They can be made using the Fletching skill of at least level 55 by adding feathers to unfinished broad bolts after purchasing the ability to fletch them for 300 Slayer points. (Unfinished broad bolts can be purchased from Slayer Masters with coins.) They are also available from monster drops and can be purchased on the Grand Exchange.

Broad-tipped bolts are fletched 10 at a time and give 3 Fletching experience per bolt, or 30 experience per set of 10 bolts made.


Broad-tipped bolts are only usable by players with a Slayer level of at least 55 and a Ranged level of at least 50. They may be fired by any crossbow, with the exception of Karil's crossbow and its pistol and off-hand pistol variants, which can only fire bolt racks.


Many people use broad-tipped bolts for training and general ranging because they are as strong as runite bolts but significantly cheaper.


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  • Upon their release no Slayer level was required to use them; this was an oversight and has since been fixed.
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