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Broad arrowheads detail

Broad arrowheads are used to make broad arrows, needed in Slayer to kill turoth and kurasks. Provided the ability has been purchased with 300 Slayer points, broad arrowheads can be combined with headless arrows at level 52 Fletching, giving 225 experience per set of 15 arrows.

Broad arrowheads can be purchased from any Slayer Master and Jacquelyn Manslaughter for 50 coins each. 3,000 broad arrowheads are shared between Turael/Spria and Jacquelyn Manslaughter, and 3,000 shared between all the other Slayer Masters. An additional 3,000 can be purchased from Bandit Duty Free, located in the Bandit Camp. The medium Wilderness task "Notatrivialtask" is completed when the shop is opened for the first time. With the exception of the Bandit Camp shop, stores will only sell arrowheads to players who have completed Smoking Kills.

Broad arrowheads are an excellent method for training Fletching, especially for players in Ironman Mode. Players can buy up to 9,000 broad arrowheads per day, equal to 135,000 experience per day at a cost of only 450,000 coins. This offers a much faster experience per hour method than the commonly used method of gathering maple logs from Miscellania. In order for this method to be viable, Ironmen must still collect maple logs to use for arrow shafts and buy feathers from shops.

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?
Bandit Duty FreeBandit Camp (Wilderness)50Coins 25Coins 3000No
Slayer EquipmentVaries50Coins 25Coins 3000Yes
Slayer Equipment (Taverley)Taverley50Coins 25Coins 3000No

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity


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