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Broken Home is a requirement-free novice quest involving a haunted mansion in Silvarea owned by Ingram. Although it was originally released as part of the 2014 Hallowe'en event, the quest has remained in-game after the end of the event. Unlike most quests, Broken Home is completely re-playable, with additional rewards for doing so.

Official description

North of the digsite, a wealthy merchant lives in an old mansion on top of the hill. The house had always had a reputation for being haunted, but now something even stranger has happened. All the doors and windows are sealed with magical energy and terrible noises can be heard from within.


Start pointQuest map icon
Broken Home icon
Talk to the distressed servant Maria, outside the mansion north east of Varrock, just south of the Silvarea limestone quarry.
Member requirementF2P icon Free to play
Official difficultyNovice Novice
Official lengthMedium to Long
RequirementsSkill requirements are not boostable unless marked with a [B] for boostable.


Bonus: having all non-elite skills at level 90+ will allow access to all Temporal chests in subsequent playthroughs. Individual chests scale up in levels of 10 beginning with level 10.
Items requiredItems from the tool belt are not listed unless they do not work or are not automatically added.
  • None
Enemies to defeat
  • None

The distressed servant

Maria location

Maria's location

Maria chathead

Start the quest by talking to Maria, just outside of the huge mansion to the west of Paterdomus, and close to the start of the Rag and Bone Man and Missing, Presumed Death quests. She will tell you that a ghost is haunting her master's house and has killed most of the servants. She tells you that Ingram, the owner of the house, has found something while exploring the levels below the basement and that he is still inside the mansion. She will ask you to enter the house to save him and the other servants.

  • To enter the house, you must have no follower following you, no items equipped or in your inventory. There is a bank deposit box next to Maria.
  • Things inside the mansion can damage you, and players do not regenerate life points over time. Make sure to have full health before entering.
  • While inside the mansion, you cannot rest to regain run energy at a faster rate. The effects of the salt-water spring in Oo'glog do work inside the mansion.
  • If you die, you respawn at your last save point.

Inside the house

Broken Home map

A full map of the house, showing the locations of all the locked doors and keys. Click to enlarge

While inside the house, your world map will be replaced with the layout of the house with the location of the house's doors. Some doors will be bolted and can be unbolted from the other side. Always keep an eye out for grey smoke puffing out from underneath and around the bottom edges of doors, to avoid getting hit by a ghost named Ormod. If there is smoke, first peek through the door and then click enter room. You don't have to wait for it to show him leaving — he won't be there when you walk through the door.

There are various safe rooms in the house, which are save points for the quest. If you subsequently die or logout, your progress will be restored to your last save point. Safe rooms also contain chests that can be searched once for mystery meat, which when eaten will restore your health completely. Save the meat until you are very low on health. Other chests are also found throughout the house; these are sealed with a "temporal magic seal" the first time you play the quest, but can be opened and searched for tiers 1 through 9 XP lamp on replays, if you meet their skill-milestone requirements (10+ to 90+). The chest locations are also listed in a separate section below.

Grand Hall

Servant is eaten

A servant is eaten by a painting.

Upon entering the house, you will see a ghostly waif (ghost girl) walk through a door. Every door in the house is locked except for the first door on the west side downstairs, the one that the ghost entered. Enter the door and you will reach a safe room. Search the chest for meat and enter the door to the north. Walk into the west door to see a monster eat a servant and disappear back into the painting it came out of. Pick up the clock hands and the raven key, go back to the safe room and use the clock hands on the grandfather clock. You will receive an eye gem. Go back north into the corridor and unbolt the east door to go back to the entrance hall of the house. Go east and unlock the eastern, raven door.

Raven door

A cutscene occurs where you see an emaciated spirit (ghost boy) walking through a wall. Go through the southern door and search the desk. You will find a note from Ingram, explaining that the ghost is Ormod's son and other facts about the ghosts. Go east into the library, where you will find a stack of books to begin a sorting puzzle.


Pile of Books

You must stack the books in a specific order. This order is random and different for every player, but after every combination, hints are given on which books are incorrect. Start by stacking the books in any order, and click the "Check" button. The hints will tell you which two bottom-most books are incorrect. The hints refer to the bottom book as the "first book" and the top book as the "seventh book", not vice versa. The easiest way to complete the puzzle is to keep swapping books in the first position until the hint no longer says that the first book is incorrect, then move on to next one. After completing the puzzle, the books will fall and you'll find 2 eye gems. The tier-1 XP chest is in this room.

Hall Of Armour

Broken Home statue puzzle

Pushing the statues.

After solving the book puzzle, walk back to the study and head north to the corridor. Go through the eastern door into another corridor and go north. You'll end up in a corridor that has three doors, a staircase, and the tier-2 XP chest. Enter the middle door to reach the Hall Of Armour, where you must move the statues to reach the table at the end of the room. The aim is to push all the statues to the sides so that they don't get in the way. If you make a mistake, you can right-click a statue to reset the puzzle.

  1. Push the guard west (only one guard can be moved).
  2. Walk south two spaces and push the guard to the east.
  3. Walk south again and push the guard west.
  4. Walk south two spaces and push the guard east.
  5. Push the guard south.
  6. Walk north and then west two spaces and push the guard south.
  7. Push the guard east and retrieve another eye gem from the table.

Leave the room, and ascend the stairs at the end of the corridor, as the last set of doors will be locked. When you get to the top of the stairs, enter the eastern door that is just next to the staircase you climbed. You'll see the ghostly waif and emaciated spirit run through the door at the end of this corridor. Take the door to the east into another corridor. Enter the western door at the southern end of the corridor and search Ingram's research notes on the floor, on the south side. These notes will talk of Ormod's madness and his attempts to cure it. When you are done reading, you will receive the spider key and first part of the three scroll fragments of Ormod's spell. Leave the room, head north and through the west door, west again and through the west door, back to the corridor with the staircase. Open the southern door, unbolting it, and go through to reach the gallery above the Grand Hall.

Spider door

Discovering the faceless servant

Searching the faceless servant for an eye gem.

At this point, you can go back to the first safe room in the Grand Hall to save your progress. If you do, come back up to the gallery and go through the spider door to the west and head through the south door beside you. You'll find a dead servant lying in bed - search him and pry loose another eye gem. Go through the west door to find a room with a sink. Draw back the curtain (the south border of the room) to reveal a faceless servant trembling behind it. Try talking to her and then search her for a statue key.

Statue door

Return back to the corridor. Enter the northern door on the west side, then enter the door at the end of this corridor. The emaciated spirit is in the middle of this corridor, and will disappear when you get close to him. Enter the statue door in the middle of the corridor to find another eye gem and a statue. At this point you should have 6 eye gems. Investigate the statue twice to insert two eye gems into its eye sockets, unlocking the western door. You'll find another statue here; investigate it twice again to use two eye gems to open the southern door to find another statue. After investigating the third statue twice you can head to the room in the east to find a scythe key on the floor and another statue. Once again, the statue needs eye gems to open a door, but you won't have any left at the moment. There's an outline of a door here, but you can't open it yet.

Scythe door

Retrace your steps out of the statue rooms, into the corridor, then west, through the southern door, and east back into the gallery above the Grand Hall. Open the door to the east, using the Scythe key.

Behind the scythe door you'll find a corridor with 4 more doors. Try to open the south western door; although this door is locked, you will have a conversation with Ingram, who will warn you not to enter the basement. Open the south-eastern door to find a shrine and a chest in the second safe room. Investigate the shrine for a grand piano key and a skull key, and search the chest for another piece of mystery meat.

Upon leaving the safe room you'll hear a scream - peek through the door to the west to see that something is blocking it (another dead servant). You'll have to go around: open the north eastern door, unbolting it, into the corridor with the room where you found Ingram's research notes (first door). Go through the far door up the corridor to the north west, then through the west door, to the corridor with the staircase. As the southern door will now be bolted from the other side, go down the stairs.

Broken Home windows shatter

The windows shatter, letting the purple energy inside.

Enter the furthest east door, and run through the southern door quickly, or shortly the corridor will start shaking and the windows will shatter, allowing purple energy to deal damage to you. Continue through the western door back to the Grand Hall, which is now also purple and will deal damage to you. Quickly run to either of the doors on the west (the door to the south will let you save, while the door to the north is slightly quicker as long as you unbolted it earlier). If you entered the door to the south, go through the north door into the corridor.

Skull door

Go through the door to the north, unlocking it with the skull key. Enter the door to the southeast to access Ormod's study. Search Ormod's scribblings on the floor in front of you to find the second scroll fragment, then return to the corridor.

Optional: Enter the eastern door on the northern end of the corridor to access a room with the ghostly waif. You can talk to and mimic her through the glass, but this offers no benefit.

Getting the eye gem from the skeleton

The skeleton with an eye gem.

Go through the northernmost door. This leads to another corridor with two more doors. Go through the door to the west to find the grand piano. Play it, using the Grand piano key, to unlock a hidden panel on the southern wall. You must be quick in the next room, because it is filled with the damaging purple energy. Search the scorched skeleton in the far south-eastern corner and close the dialogue quickly via the space bar to obtain another eye gem as the purple energy will interrupt you. Leave the way you came in.

Leave the piano room back into the corridor and go through the south eastern door. This corridor has a door and a staircase. The door goes into the other side of the same room with the ghostly waif (who has switched sides of the glass panel). Go down the staircase into the basement.


Flying knife room

Evading the knives in the flying knife room.

You will now be in the basement. There are five doors: two on the west wall, two on the north wall and one on the east. There is also another set of stairs going down even deeper. If you want the XP chest, take the south western door which leads to a corridor. The south-eastern door in this corridor contains the tier-3 XP chest. Go back the way you came, to the north. Take the northern door on the west wall - there is a dead butler. Search him to obtain a cleaver key, and exit again. The western door on the north wall is another safe room, so head there to save your progress and open the chest to find some more mystery meat. Exit again, and use the key to open the eastern door on the north wall. You will find yourself in a room with flying knives and broken glass. Turn off run - don't run on the glass or else you will take fairly high damage. Dodge the knives and enter the south eastern door to a large room with a cauldron.

Turn your run back on in this room. There are five doors: three on the north wall, one on the east and one on the south. The southern one is covered in dried ectoplasm, which you need to get rid of. Enter the mid-northern door where you can search a chest of drawers to get a large pipette, exit and then enter the north eastern door. Use the pipette on the pig to obtain a large pipette of pig bile and exit the room. As you move through the eastern part of the room, the chair will rotate and track on you. Occasionally, you'll see a flash of Ormod sitting in it. Enter the eastern room and search the furnace to find human ashes. Exit and use the ashes and filled pipette on the cauldron, then use the pipette on the cauldron again to extract a pipette of the alkaline concoction, and finally use the alkaline concoction on the southern door with dried ectoplasm to make the ectoplasm vanish. Enter through this door and the door will bolt behind you, preventing you from going back to the cauldron room.

Obtaining the doll key

Taking the doll key from the servant's mouth.

This corridor has three doors: two on the east wall and one on the west. Enter the western room to find a servant frozen in place and screaming endlessly; tear the doll key from her mouth, which will kill her. Exit the room, back to the corridor. If you want the tier-4 XP chest, it's in the south eastern room under some planks on the southern wall. In the corridor, enter the final, north eastern room. Search the key hooks next to the ladder to get the snake key to open the door to the Grand Hall at the top of the ladder. The Grand Hall is still full of the purple energy so you will take damage — heal if you need to and make sure run is enabled! Climb up the ladder and go up the stairs and through the western door.

The hairbrush

Head through the far western door in this corridor using the doll key, and ascend the stairs here to find the emaciated spirit in the Nursery Tower. Talk to him, and he will say that he wants his hairbrush back, saying he "misses her." Pick up the tusks key, descend the stairs and return to the corridor, then enter the north door beside you. Enter the far door, then proceed to the far east door, unlocking it with the Tusks key. Inside the Tusks room, investigate the bust to reveal a trapdoor underneath the southern stuffed bear. Head down, and you'll find a small room with a dead thief. Search the thief to find another eye gem. You should now have two eye gems which can be used at the last statue in the statue room to open a hidden door.

Lenian introduces himself

Lenian introduces himself.

Climb back up the ladder, head back through the northern door and enter the middle door in the corridor. Run west, then south, then east through the statue rooms to the last one and investigate the final statue twice to insert the eye gems and unlock the hidden door. Behind this room you will find another safe room containing the shrine of the son. Investigate it and you will obtain the mother's hairbrush.

Lenian is consumed

Lenian is consumed by the ghostly waif.

To get back to the Nursery Tower, return through the statue rooms to the corridor. Go back to the west, south, then west and up the stairs. Talk to the emaciated spirit. He will tell you that his name is Lenian - Ormod's son - and that he believes his father is haunting the mansion because he blames himself for Lenian's death. He suggests that he would go if he forgave him, but suddenly the ghostly waif will appear and consume Lenian's spirit and turn into a monster. You will now find yourself at the bottom of the tower with the stairs destroyed and a noose key in your inventory. This point counts as a save point should you die later. Be prepared to run before you proceed through the door to the east of you.

Move quickly. The monstrous form of the waif will begin following you. This monster will instantly kill you if it catches you. Although it moves somewhat slowly, after passing through a door you need to move quickly, or it will spawn on top of you. Head east out of the doll door, run east through the far door into the Grand Hall. The monster won't appear here, but move quickly because of the damaging energy. Head to the eastern door on the northern wall. Go through the door to the east, then quickly open the noose door immediately south of you (you only need to click on the door once). It will take time for the game to unlock and walk through the door; you're safe from the monster as soon as you get to the door. Open the cupboard in this room and take the ladder within down to the basement. Occasionally, a slow connection or a bug will cause the monster to spawn on top of you every time you exit a room into a vulnerable area. To prevent being immediately killed, using the Anticipation ability will reduce the damage to 90% of your maximum health.

The asylum

Broken Home statue puzzle solution

The solution to the statue puzzle.

You will find yourself in a long corridor. Run west down the corridor, then peek through the peephole in the northern wall to see symbols on a wall. Then continue to the end of the corridor and go through the door. Enter the northern door to find yourself back at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the basement. Save your progress in the western door on the northern wall. Proceed to descend the stairs. Attempt to enter the next door, and you will automatically input the code seen from the peephole and enter the door.

Go down another flight of stairs and you will reach a door that is locked with pressure plates. Move the three southernmost statues, and stand on the middle pressure plate. All of the plates will be purple and the door will open. The option on the statues is 'move' not 'push'; if you make a mistake and you need to pull a statue back, click on it.

Descend the stairs. The tier-5 XP chest is in the centre of this small corridor. Descend another 2 flights of stairs to reach a pit with some climbing gear nearby. Click on the rope to climb down into the pit. You'll reach a safe room with the tier-6 XP chest to the south and a mystery meat chest to the north. Go through the only door in the room and you will enter a reception room. If you search the mouldering tome near the entrance, you will discover an ancient visitor's log that has your name on it. Search the large reception desk to find Nabor's notes on insanity and the chains key.

The Asylum

The deepest part of the spooky complex.

Head through the northern door and pass through a room and a corridor, and you'll emerge from a south western door into a large room with a number of cells and a pit. The tier-7 XP chest is across the room on the left side. Open the eastern door with the chains key and pass through it. Pass through two more corridors until you reach another large room similar to the previous one. The tier-8 XP chest can be reached via walking on a plank over a chasm into the north east of the room. Walk on another plank over a chasm to the south of the room to find yourself in a large, destroyed cell with the dagger key inside. On low detail, the dagger key is quite difficult to see as it blends in with the tiles.

Banishing the ghosts

The monster chases you

The monster chasing you through the halls of the mansion.

You now have to head all the way back to the ground floor. Go back to the reception desk (west, west, north, west, south), and west back into the safe room (which will save your progress). Climb back up the rope located on the west wall of this safe room. Ascend three staircases, through the pressure plate door, up the stairs, through the symbols door, and climb the stairs. In the room with five doors, you can save in the western door on the north wall. There are now two options to go to Ingram's room, as this is the room that is marked with a dagger. The first option is more dangerous since you need to cross many corridors in which the monster spawns and you need to cross the Grand Hall which is still filled with the purple energy. The second option is safer, as the Grand Hall is not crossed (so the servant blocking a door to Ingram's room doesn't need to be moved) and a fewer amount of corridors is crossed in which the monster spawns.

  • Option 1: ascend the stairs into the corridor on the ground floor with one staircase and two doors. The monster will begin to chase you again once you leave this room. Enter the northern door, then the southwestern door, the southern door, and the southwestern door, into the first safe room with the grandfather clock. Go east into the Grand Hall and quickly up the stairs and head to the eastern door. Move the servant and then go through. Quickly enter the dagger door to the south, as the monster will spawn on top of you.
  • Option 2: instead of going up the stairs, go to the south-western door in the room. Walk to the south and go through the secret door you opened when you came through from the other side. Run all the way to the ladder, past the peephole, that leads to the cupboard and go up. The monster doesn't spawn in this room, but it will in the corridor. Leave the room through the northern door, and go quickly through the eastern door, and through the southern door in the next room. You are now in the corridor with the door leading to Ingram's room, but you can save the game by quickly entering the chapel through the southeastern door as the monster spawns on top of you when you stand in front of that door. Leave the chapel again (the monster despawned but will spawn again when you enter the corridor) and run toward the southwestern door and open it with the dagger key.

You will now be in Ingram's room — the monster won't spawn here — and you will notice that Ingram has been killed by the ghost. At the foot of the bed, search Ingram's rantings, which explain that he disturbed the ghostly girl monster while exploring the catacombs under the house, and you will obtain the final fragment of the Break curse scroll, which you can now combine with Nabor's notes by clicking any of the 3 parts. You can enter the east door of Ingram's room, which is also safe from the monster, to find the tier-9 XP chest.

Exit north from Ingram's room and quickly run to the other side of the corridor, turn and use the scroll on the monster. It should stop moving. Talk to the monster, and it will explain that he is Senecianus Aloysius Pamphilius, a demonic resident of Senntisten, and that he was driven insane by guilt after eating a young girl called Rowena, and then admitted into the asylum under the house. In his insanity, he believed himself to be Rowena wanting to play with people, but was confused when all his playmates disappeared as soon as he caught up with them.

Banishing Ormod

Senecianus takes the form of Lenian and banishes Ormod from the house.

He will thank you for curing his insanity, and you will explain that you needed Lenian to get rid of the murderous ghost haunting the house. He will say that he can get rid of Ormod in one of two ways: he can either eat him, or take Lenian's form and grant him the forgiveness he seeks. Make your choice, and then run through the demon and through the door to the west.

  • If you chose Option 2 to get to Ingram's room, the dead servant will still be blocking this door. You will need to again follow the steps from before to avoid it. Go through the north eastern door, through the far door up the corridor to the north west, through the west door, then through the southern door back to the gallery above the main hall. Go down the stairs to the main hall.

On the bottom floor of the main hall, you will meet Senecianus in the form of Lenian. Talk to "Lenian", and he will then either forgive Ormod - allowing him to pass into the afterlife - or devour him. Exit the mansion and talk to Maria outside for your reward. Quest complete!


Broken Home reward
Early bird bonus

The early bird bonus consisted of the following rewards and was rewarded to players who completed the quest within two weeks of its release:

Replay bonuses

Temporal chest

After completion, the quest can be replayed for the following rewards:

Experience lamps can be found in the temporal chests that you couldn't previously open in the house. Each requires all of the player's skills (except Elite skills like Invention) to be at a minimum level, which is 10 times the tier of the lamp (so that the tier 1 lamp requires all skills to be level 10 each, tier 2 requires level 20s, and so on). The lamps can be used on any skill, including elite skills, although using them on elite skills yields only half the normal experience. Make sure that you actually search the chest after opening it.

The experience lamps give a total of 271,000 experience. The following locations are based on the in-game map:

  • Tier 1 (1,000 experience): Ground floor, Library, along the east wall.
  • Tier 2 (2,000 experience): Ground floor, in the corridor north of the Hall of Armour, next to the staircase.
  • Tier 3 (4,000 experience): Basement, in the room southwest of the Servant's Quarters.
  • Tier 4 (8,000 experience): Basement, Wine Cellar, under a table on the south side of the room.
  • Tier 5 (16,000 experience): Below the Basement, after the puzzle with the four statues (past the Noose door), down the first flight of stairs.
  • Tier 6 (32,000 experience): Below the Basement, in the room that the player arrives in after using the mountaineering gear to descend the pit.
  • Tier 7 (48,000 experience): Below the Basement. Follow the path after the room with the Receptionist's desk (north or east door). In the first room with cells, the chest is in the northwestern cell.
  • Tier 8 (64,000 experience): Below the Basement. Follow the path after the room with the Receptionist's desk (north or east door). In the second room with cells (where the Dagger key is), the chest is in the northeastern cell.
  • Tier 9 (96,000 experience): First floor, in the bathroom of the Family Chamber (Ingram's room).

Take note that these experience lamps may only be retrieved once. They will not reset for next week.

Weekly replay

Although it is not listed as a Distraction and Diversion, it can be replayed weekly. Once a week, Maria will give the player a large experience lamp for completing the quest again. A huge experience lamp is received weekly instead if the player has completed the three challenges at least once each (see next section). The activity resets at 00:00 UTC Wednesday, the same time as various other D&Ds.


After completing the quest, three challenges can be completed while replaying the quest. These must be done in order, although it is possible to do all at once. It is not possible to complete the third challenge without completing the first and second in the same or on a previous playthrough. Completing all three challenges is a requirement for the master quest cape and for trimming the completionist cape.

  1. Huge prismatic lamp - Complete a replay without dying (try to always peek foggy doors and move very quickly in purple rooms)
  2. Rowena (ghost pet) - Complete a replay without dying using one or less healing item (save your one piece for when your health drops to 500 or when it drops to 200 in purple room)
  3. The asylum surgeon's ring - Complete a replay in under 37 minutes and complete both other challenges (the quick guide can help with this - try to memorise what direction your next door will be to stay ahead)

Once all three challenges have been completed, the weekly replay reward is upgraded to a huge experience lamp. Challenge rewards are separate from the weekly rewards, and the quest can be replayed as many times in a week as necessary to succeed at the challenges.


  • Maria, You Gotta See Her (RuneScore 25) - Complete all three additional challenges from Maria in the Broken Home quest.
  • Challenge Maria (RuneScore 35) - Complete all additional challenges from Maria and unlock all chests in the Gulvas mansion.



Broken Home head banner


  • After the purple energy comes out, paintings in the home change to a darker version.
  • The numbers on the three walls in the room with the dead thief add up to 306 - each wall totalling 102.
  • In the Behind the Scenes video for Broken Home, it was mentioned that a lot of inspiration had been taken from survival horror franchises. This can be seen by the layout of the mansion, which is somewhat similar to the Spencer Mansion from the first Resident Evil game, as well as having similar mechanics from the series, such as keys with emblems on them, only seeing one room at a time, the custom map which details each floor's layout, and the monster that follows the player through long corridors and instantly kills the player if caught (similar to Morpheus D. Duvall's final form). While there are other mechanics from popular survival horror games, the quest seems to take most of its inspiration from the classic Resident Evil games.
  • "Broken Home" is a term for a family in which the parents are divorced or separated.
  • Mod Jack confirmed prior to release that this quest would have an Early Bird Bonus.[1]
  • Upon completion of the quest the adventurer's log states: I entered the haunted mansion and dealt with the ghost of Ormod Gulvas, breaking the curse on Senecianus in the process.
  • The unusual dragon head mounted on the wall in the trophy room belongs to a Celestial dragon.
  • All of the bathrooms in the mansion feature only a sink and/or a bathtub despite having room for more furnishings. This is most likely poking fun at the fact that there are no toilets in the game even though the room layout allows for them.
  • There is a wine barrel in the room with the flying knives, which, when inspected, contains "a vintage of '07 of the Fifth Age". This prompts a comment by the character that it was a good year, but not as good as '06 or '10. This is most likely a reference to the players wanting the 2006 and 2010 versions of RuneScape, instead of Old School RuneScape, which is based on the 2007 version.
  • Players do not need a ghostspeak amulet or cramulet when speaking with Lenian, even though it is ordinarily required to have one equipped in order to speak with ghosts.
  • The room beneath the master bedroom cannot be accessed. Peeking through its double doors reveals it to be decorated with ghostly pictures. One is recognisable as Lenian.
  • The player's name is the only one crossed off the "visitor log" in the asylum.
  • Also in the "visitor log", "Simon Dowl" can be found in the list of names. This is a reference to Simon Cowell, an English reality TV celebrity, music and television producer, and talent scout. This can also be an anagram for Mod Wilson.
  • There is currently a glitch that causes players to disconnect to the login screen when they open certain doors. To work around this glitch, do not select to go through the door in the peeking interface; instead, go back and then go through the door manually.
  • If any Broken Home related items were somehow dropped, it's not possible to pick them back up.
  • The chair that follows you around in the basement kitchen will occasionally show Ormod sitting in it, staring at you.
  • The hanging cages are identical to those in the Black Knights' Fortress and share the same examine text.
  • A lore book titled "Ormod's Last Will and Testament" was cut from the quest due to the translation budget. It would have been found in the tomb room with two sarcophagi in the basement and mentioned Briaca, the sister of Ormod. Shortly after the quest's release, Mod Jack posted a transcript of the missing book in the Lore forum.[2] This lore book was eventually added on 19 October 2015 via patch notes.
  • During the book puzzle, one can right click the books and check their titles. While nonsensical, they are actually anagrams for books in George R. R. Martin's series A Song of Ice and Fire.


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