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* [[Brimhaven Dungeon]] (3)
* [[Brimhaven Dungeon]] (3)
* [[Chaos Tunnels]]
* [[Chaos Tunnels]]
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== Strengths and Weaknesses ==
== Strengths and Weaknesses ==

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Bronze dragons are a type of Metal dragon found in Brimhaven Dungeon and the Chaos tunnels. While they are the weakest of the metallic dragons they are still powerful monsters, and an anti-dragon shield or an anti-fire potion is essential when fighting them. Their graphics were updated on 08-May-2007.

Note: Bronze Dragons do not drop the Draconic visage


Strengths and Weaknesses

Bronze dragons, like all dragons, have very high Defence, although they are weaker against Magic attacks they are weakest against range.

Fighting Strategies

The following sections outline information on how to fight Bronze Dragons.

Fire-Breath Attack (Both methods)

As with all dragons, a dragonfire shield, an anti-dragon shield or an anti-fire potion is essential when fighting them. Without one, the player can be hit extremely hard by their breath.

They have the ability shared with Elvarg, the King Black Dragon, and other metal dragons to use their fire from a distance as a Ranged-like attack, so safe spotting will not help against these beasts, in combatting the breath attack.

There are three possibilities:

  1. Use a Dragonfire Shield (Best Method)
  2. Use a Anti-dragon shield & anti-fire potion (Useful)
  3. Use an Anti-Dragonfire Shield or Anti-Fire Potion and take minor damage

Melee Attack

They also have a fairly high damaging melee attack. Again there are a number of options.

  1. Use a range/magic attack and stand more than one square away from them, as they will never move towards you to melee. *Refer to picture about where to stand*
  2. Use a melee attack and use prayer potions
  3. Use a melee attack and use food. (Worst)
  4. For people who have completed regicide, a Dragon Halberd and stand one square away. However, this method is not recommended. An anti-dragon shield cannot be worn, and the ranged dragonfire attack may hit through an Anti-fire potion on occasion.
  5. Wear Guthan's armour and melee them, use a one-handed weapon. After each fight, or every few (based on how much damage you take), kill the Wild dogs in the adjacent room.
    1. Do not use Guthan's spear against the dragon; the fire breath will kill you.
    2. Do not kill the wild dogs in the room with the dragons. As soon as you kill the dog, it will use fire breath on you (you won't have your shield equipped) and do massive damage.
    3. Do not switch to the spear until you are at least half way through the adjacent room. A nearby dragon (or if you run from a dragon) could use fire breath on you long-range.

Other Problems

In the Brimhaven Dungeon, moreover, Wild dogs and a Black demon are located in the rooms with the Bronze dragons, so the player may be attacked by them while waiting to fight a dragon. If safe-spotting where you're not in reach of the breath, wild dogs may attack you.

This can be partially circumvented (particularly if you are in the mid level range and are assigned them as a slayer task) by using the Chaos Tunnels, and fighting the Bronze Dragons which spawn there. There are three Bronze Dragon spawns, two of them sharing a room with Earth Warriors, and one sharing a room with Fire Elementals.

Because the Chaos Tunnels are Multi-Combat, it is recommended (as the Earth Warriors will attack the player as Wild Dogs do, and the two Bronze Dragons will team up on the player in the meantime) that one should only take advantage of the dragon near the fire elementals, as they will not be aggressive towards the player, allowing them to kill the dragon uninterrupted. It should be noted that this spot lacks major safe-spots, however, it is mainly suited to melee combat. It should be approached with caution as well, as many powerful monsters exist between the nearest entrances to the tunnels and BOTH Bronze Dragon spawns, with the more useful one even further secluded.

Visitors to the Chaos Tunnels should also be aware of misfiring portals, which can be both a hindrance and a blessing, as they may teleport the player to dangerous areas housed with aggressive monsters, and generally make the trip longer, or force a player to teleport out would the trip trap them behind rooms of monsters the player is not prepared to deal with, but at the same time might also bring the player closer to their goal. It is recommended that a map of the Tunnels be kept on hand for those attempting to explore it, preferably with the contents of rooms clearly labeled.

Recommended Armour

Either wear highly melee-defensive armour such as Dragon or Barrows. If using a prayer potion strategy, wear armour that gives prayer bonuses such as Initiate or Proselyte.


Bronze Dragons have drops similar to that of Black dragons but do not drop black dragonhide or the draconic visage.

100% drops

Other drops




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