Brother Bordiss chathead

Brother Bordiss is a dwarf involved in Perils of Ice Mountain, who opposes Drorkar (who had stolen his building plans for an environmentally friendly power source to push forth his own power source to further the riches of a dwarf company). He worships Saradomin, unlike most other dwarves (who follow the teachings of Guthix). He is located in the Edgeville Monastery by Edgeville, near the flower garden. After Perils of Ice Mountain, he can be found where Drorkar used to be, running his environmentally-friendly power station. He will offer to attach Spirit sigils to a Blessed spirit shield for 1,500,000 coins.

While at the Edgeville Monastery, he has taken a vow of silence, as any attempt to talk with him will be explained by Brother Althric. However he will break his vow during Perils of Ice Mountain.

Interestingly enough, his design of an environmentally friendly power station seems to still be more in-line with Guthixian principles, suggesting that it carries virtues from both religions.


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