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Brother Maledict is a priest who worships Saradomin in Witchaven, and plays a role in the quests The Slug Menace and Salt in the Wound. Like all generic villagers in Witchaven, he falls under the mind-controlling properties of the sea slugs during The Slug Menace.


During The Slug Menace quest he is given a welcome to the 'family' by a unknown character, possibly Mayor Eustace Hobb and becomes possessed by the sea slugs. He disappears after the quest along with Col. Jake O'Niall and the mayor.

During Salt in the Wound, he makes an appearance and is seen at the final chamber and is manipulated by Kennith to open the gate up. He is free from Sea Slug mind control, along with most of the Witchaven citizenry after Mother Mallum is killed and can be found in the Witchaven church.


  • Maledicts are evil sayings or doomsayings, which is ironic since Brother Maledict worships Saradomin.
  • Maledict is derived from the Latin word "maledictus", meaning "cursed".
  • Possibly due to a glitch, it is possible to ask him whether he had seen a giant penguin before starting Hunt for Red Raktuber.
  • After Salt in the Wound, he walks as if he is drunk.
  • The scarf around his neck gets a gold trim when he is possessed.
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Brother Maledict becomes possessed by a Sea slug.
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