Not to be confused with Oomad Arrow.
Brother Omad chathead

Brother Omad is a sleepy monk who lives in the Ardougne Monastery, south of East Ardougne. The son of Brother Androe, a fellow monk at the Monastery, has been crying and keeping the monks up, due to his blanket being stolen.[1] He begs a passing adventurer to retrieve the blanket. When the blanket is returned, he gets some rest then starts planning the child's first birthday party, and asks the adventurer to find Brother Cedric, who was fetching the wine for the party. Once it is retrieved, they begin celebrating, with balloons falling and the monks and adventurer dancing. Afterwards, he can be talked to to reactivate the party scene, switching between the current and former dance emotes.


  1. ^ Brother Omad, "Monk's Friend", RuneScape. "It's Brother Androe's son, with his constant 'Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaaah!' Androe said it's natural, but it's so annoying!"
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