Brothers in Arms is an achievement that requires the player to deal the killing blow to each of the Barrows brothers with their own weapon (including golden Barrows equipment and lucky Barrows equipment).

Face Name Weapon
Ahrim the Blighted chathead
Ahrim the Blighted Ahrim's staff or Ahrim's wand and book of magic
Akrisae the Doomed chathead
Akrisae the Doomed Akrisae's war mace
Dharok head
Dharok the Wretched Dharok's greataxe
Guthan head
Guthan the Infested Guthan's warspear
Karil head
Karil the Tainted Karil's crossbow or Karil's pistol crossbow and off-hand pistol crossbow
Linza the Disgraced chathead
Linza the Disgraced Linza's hammer
Torag head
Torag the Corrupted Torag's hammer
Verac head
Verac the Defiled Verac's flail


  • The achievement name is both a reference to the idiom "brothers-in-arms", meaning a group of soldiers or warriors who fight on the same side, and a play on the word "arms", short for "armaments", which is a synonym for military weapons, a reference to using each warrior's weapon against them.
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