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Brugsen Bursen created the Grand Exchange. Players must first talk to him or the Grand Exchange tutor before they are able to use the Grand Exchange. He is located by the entrance, and easily visible due to his bright clothes and megaphone. He gives a more detailed introduction of the Grand Exchange than the Grand Exchange tutor.

Brugsen worked at his parents' general store when he was younger. There, he learned much about supply and demand. When he got older, he organised a group that made different deals with money. It soon grew very popular, and eventually Brugsen decided to spread his idea all around RuneScape. He then made a deal with the bankers to help him run the Exchange, then built it next to Varrock Palace. Brugsen can be found near the entrance of the Grand Exchange.

He still nowadays stands at the front of the Exchange, although players can now talk to the Grand Exchange Tutor to go through the tutorial. He has a similar appearance to Balthazar Beauregard who runs the Circus Distraction and Diversion, excluding the fact that he is not a Demon.

If a player tries to set up a dwarf multicannon inside the grand exchange he will yell at you, saying "My grand exchange is for peaceful trading. Go play with your cannon somewhere else!"


  • From approximately May of 2005 to October of 2007, the NPC code of the assistant in the Lumbridge General Store contained the main name, "Brugsen." This bit of information incites that the general store he grew up in was the Lumbridge General Store, a central hotspot for the trading of basic commodities for most Free-to-Play Players before the Grand Exchange. Speaking with him however reveals that he grew up in Varrock general store.
  • His surname Bursen might be a reference to the Swedish word for stock exchange.
  • He has a gravestone in the New Varrock graveyard which reads "Brugsen Bursen. Always destined for the G.E. That's gastro-enteritis, if you were wondering."
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