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A bucket of milk is an item used primarily in Cooking. It is also used to feed tooth creatures and kittens. If fed to a hellcat, it will turn back into a normal cat.

A bucket of milk is a vital ingredient in making cakes (and, by extension, chocolate cakes). It is also needed to make chocolate saturdays in gnome cooking.

Players can turn a bucket of milk into chocolatey milk by adding chocolate dust. They can add the milk to nettle tea. Depending on their Cooking level, members can use a dairy churn to turn a bucket of milk into a pot of cream, a pat of butter, or a cheese wheel.

Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Baby implingN/A1Common
Imp51Very rare

Store locations

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Seller Location Cost Currency Base stock Members?

Obtaining buckets of milk

Players can use a bucket on a dairy cow to gain a bucket of milk, or simply click on the dairy cow when they have at least one empty bucket in their inventory. Members can gain a bucket of milk from any type of larder in the kitchen of their player-owned houses. A bucket of milk spawns in a hut in the eastern part of Rellekka.

Buckets of milk are often used by new players as a way to make money. Purchasing the bucket from a store for 12 coins and selling the bucket of milk for 611 coins results in a fairly large profit.

Players can utilise the ring of kinship along with an explorer's ring 3/4 to collect milk quickly. Withdraw 27 buckets from the bank and use the explorer's ring to teleport to the cabbage patch south of Falador. Cross over the fence and fill your buckets with milk. Use the ring of kinship to bank quickly and to get more buckets. Also, milk sellers stock 200 buckets of milk which can also be collected with the same method. Bank the buckets of milk quickly using the bank chest north of the ring of kinship teleport.


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The 24 June 2010 update added milk sellers and their store.

Due to the updates on 27 May 2009, a glitch caused the filling of a bucket with milk to be classified as a members only action. To compensate for this, players could (for one week only) speak to Gillie Groats the milkmaid to receive free buckets of milk.