"Ectoplasm" redirects here. For the currency used in the 2012 Hallowe'en event, see Ectoplasm (2012 Hallowe'en event).
For the slime used for the 2015 Hallowe'en ectofuntus, see Bucket of ectoplasm.
Bucket of slime detail

The bucket of slime is a bucket filled with ectoplasm from the Pool of Slime, found on the lowest floor of the basement of the Ectofuntus. It can be used alongside bonemeal or demonic ashes to worship at the Ectofuntus. Doing so earns four times the normal experience value of the remains.

The ectoplasm has magical properties which turn people into ghosts and allows Necrovarus to control those turned into ghosts.

Obtaining buckets of slime

Slime Pit Teleport

Teleport straight to the pool of slime with Morytania legs.

Buckets of slime can be obtained with relative ease. For the quickest collection possible, it is advised to wear the Morytania legs 2 or better for their pool of slime teleport, and a near-bank teleport such as the TokKul-Zo or attuned crystal teleport seed. Weight-reducing clothing is also advised.

To obtain the slime, use the Morytania legs' teleport or the ectophial. If using the ectophial, use the trapdoor directly west of the ectofuntus then head down to the pool. There is a shortcut between the upper and middle floors of the basement which requires level 58 Agility to use. Once at the pool, click on it to collect the slime, teleport to a bank, then repeat.


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  • Despite the item being called a bucket of "slime", the examine text calls it "ectoplasm".
  • With the release of the Charter ships, the sailors would sell players buckets of slime. However, this was removed after many players took advantage of this and bought tens of thousands of them for use at the Ectofuntus.
  • It used to be a tradeable item.
  • The ghosts that inhabit Port Phasmatys are made of ectoplasm, similar to mythical spirits.
  • Previously, empty buckets were required to obtain buckets of slime. Buckets are now automatically generated when gathering slime, and are destroyed when the slime is used.
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