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Build-A-Fayre is a Treasure Hunter promotion and may not currently be active.
Release date 18 April 2017 (Update)
End date 24 April 2017 (Update)
Reward Mystical staff, small mystery boxes
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by N/A
Succeeded by Spring Fayre

Build-A-Fayre was a six day community event and Treasure Hunter promotion that was released on 18 April 2017 and hosted by Menowin. It ended on 24 April 2017. During this event players built the helter skelter for the Spring Fayre that succeeded it.

Players received 100 fayre basic tools every day of the event. Players could also obtain fayre golden tools from Treasure Hunter, or buy basic tools with Loyalty Points from Menowin.

Treasure Hunter prizes

Fayre golden tools
Fayre golden tools
Fayre golden tools

Skills featured

Skill Experience[xp 1] Skill Experience[xp 1]
18 April Magic Magic 118.8 Farming Farming 94.5
19 April Woodcutting Woodcutting 93.8 Divination Divination 76.4
20 April Strength Strength 118.8 Agility Agility 65.2
21 April Cooking Cooking 126.7 Construction Construction 80
22 April Herblore Herblore 74.1 Smithing Smithing 87.9
23 April Crafting Crafting 89.5 Runecrafting Runecrafting 94.5
  1. ^ a b The experience listed here is the amount of experience granted for each action at level 99 in the respective skill.


Build-A-Fayre progress interface

The progress of the event

Rewards could be unlocked when both personal and community progress reach certain thresholds. Each set of tools used increased the personal progress by 0.2%, requiring a total of 500 to be used for full progress.

Reaching the full personal progress rewarded an additional small mystery box in addition to the regular reward listed below.

Progress Reward Unlocked with community progress
10% Mystical staff (65) The mystical staff can be claimed at the end of the event from the reward chest. Yes check
20% Small mystery box (Build-A-Fayre) Small mystery box Yes check
30% The staff is upgraded to level 70. Yes check
40% Small mystery box (Build-A-Fayre) Small mystery box Yes check
50% The staff is unlocked as a cosmetic override. Yes check
60% Small mystery box (Build-A-Fayre) Small mystery box Yes check
70% Unlimited fire, water, and earth runes are unlocked on the staff. Yes check
80% Small mystery box (Build-A-Fayre) Small mystery box Yes check
90% The staff is upgraded to level 75. Yes check
100% Small mystery box (Build-A-Fayre) Small mystery box Yes check

Buying more tools

Additional tools could be bought with Loyalty Points from Menowin. They were offered in two packages:

Amount of tools Loyalty Points
30 5,000
100 12,000

A maximum of ten of each of the sets could be bought.