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Build A Beach (event) was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
This article is about the time-limited event. For the previous Treasure Hunter promotion of the same name, see Build A Beach.
Build A Beach
Build A Beach
Release date 17 July 2017 (Update)
End date 31 July (Update)
Reward Cosmetic overrides
Head developer Unknown edit
Preceded by Aiding the Exile
Succeeded by Gielinorian Giving II
Build A Beach button

Build A Beach was a time limited event, released on 17 July 2017. In this event the player gathered beach sand for Reyna found in the Lumbridge Crater.

Each time the player logged in during the event, they were greeted with one of the following announcements:

  • Head over to Lumbridge crater now in order to assist Reyna and setup the beach.
  • Reyna requires your help - head to the Lumbridge crater now!

Event noticeboards and the Events interface could be used to teleport directly to Reyna.

Piles of Sand

Players could obtain up to 500 beach sand a day by taking buckets of beach sand from the pile of sand next to Reyna and delivering it to the sand pile in the direction that Reyna says.

  • Reyna would like sand delivered to the [direction] pile of the crater.


  • Sandnado - Lose all Buckets of beach sand
  • Quicksand - Lose 10 Buckets of beach sand

It seemed inevitable that a player would occasionally get stuck in quicksand. Keeping moving seemed to be the best way of getting stuck as few times as possible; staying in one place for too long would result in quicksand and losing buckets. Surge could be used to close distance and to help avoid sandnados, but would not work when the player was caught in quicksand.

Players standing next to a pile of sand were not affected by a Sandnado.

This beach sand was automatically handed in for progress towards the cosmetic rewards, and did not show up in a player's inventory or currency pouch. It couldn't be redeemed for mystery boxes.

Dune fractures

Closing dune fractures allowed players to earn Mining or Runecrafting experience. Rewards, including teleport animations, were available for completing this activity.


There was a 20% bonus increase to the amount of Beach sand obtained when training Mining and Construction.


The player received a reward for each of the following milestones. The player could either hand in coins or convert 375 sand into an event mystery box or 750 sand into a big event mystery box. Converted sand did not count towards the milestones.

Sand Reward
Beach sand 1,000 Sand cape Beach Sand Cape [1]
Beach sand 2,500 Beach Sand Outfit sabatons Beach Sand Outfit sabatons
Beach sand 5,000 Beach Sand Outfit gauntlets Beach Sand Outfit gauntlets
Beach sand 7,500 Beach Sand Outfit legguards Beach Sand Outfit legguards
Beach sand 10,000 Beach Sand Outfit chestplate Beach Sand Outfit chestplate
Beach sand 12,500 Beach Sand Outfit helmet Beach Sand Outfit helmet
Beach sand 15,000 Ring of sand Ring of sand
  1. ^ Players who obtained the sand cape from the 2015 Summer Raffle were credited with 1,000 progress towards the event.


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