Not to be confused with Constructor's outfit.
Beckon Enhanced

The enhanced Beckon emote.

The Builder's costume is worn by builders. It is acquired during the Tower of Life quest, and consists of a Hard hat, Builder's shirt, Builder's trousers and Builder's boots. When any piece of the costume is worn, the Beckon emote will be enhanced, should the player use it.

The builder's costume does not give an experience boost to Construction, unlike the Constructor's outfit, which does.

While needed during the quest, it is not required when the quest is completed.

The builder's costume can be stored in an armour case in the Costume Room of a player-owned house. After the quest, you can get the costume pieces by searching the crates on the ground floor of the Tower of Life or by doing the tasks necessary for each piece again (answering clue scrolls for the helmet, searching plants for the trousers, giving The Guns a beer, and pickpocketing No fingers for the boots).

Builder's costume equipped

A player wearing a full builders outfit.

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