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The bull roarer is a quest item used during and after the Legends' Quest. It is obtained by giving a complete map of Kharazi Jungle to a forester just outside the Kharazi Jungle. The bull roarer is used to summon a local tribesman named Gujuo from the dense jungle at various points during the quest for advice on how to proceed at each point. When used, players swing it around their heads, making a whirring sound.

Sometimes, swinging it near an oomlie bird or a jungle savage makes them angry for disturbing the jungle's peace, whereupon they attack the player. Also, swinging it not far enough into the jungle makes nothing happen, with a message in the chat box saying, "You feel a bit silly at first, but soon it makes an interesting sound." If used in an area other than the Kharazi Jungle, nothing will happen.

If lost, the bull roarer can be bought from any of the foresters in exchange for a cooked oomlie wrap. The drop trick works on the foresters during the quest to get multiple bull roarers by using Radimus notes on forester.

The bull roarer in action.

Once the Legends' Quest is complete players may still use it to summon Gujuo to turn golden bowls into blessed gold bowls, used to make holy water to fight demons. However, some players choose to keep it simply as a fun item, as it looks like the holiday item, yo-yo.


  • The sound of the bull roarer could be heard by all players within a 10 square radius, causing some players to use it to annoy other players and to get attention, typically at places like the Grand Exchange. This was changed on 1 February 2010, so only the player using it heard the sound.
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