Bundle of bamboo detail

A bundle of bamboo is made by combining 5 bamboo or 2 golden bamboo, giving 100 Fletching experience. This requires level 96 Fletching. A bundle of bamboo can be sold to Bamboo Market 101 on Waiko for 10 chimes or to Big Bada Bamboo on Tuai Leit for 11 chimes, and bought from the shops for 100 chimes. Players may be assisted in bundling bamboo.

Bamboo bundles are an ingredient used in preparing both uncooked arc gumbo and uncooked shark soup.

Store locations

Bamboo Market 101
Merchant Zhuka
Island Waiko
Price sold at 100
Prices bought at
Base value 10
First upgrade 11
Second upgrade 12
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Big Bada Bamboo
Merchant Alder
Island Tuai Leit
Price sold at 100
Prices bought at
Base value 11
First upgrade 12
Second upgrade 13
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Drop sources

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Bundling bakamiN/A1–2Common
Bundling bakami jarN/A1–2Common
Bundling orokamiN/A1–2Common
Bundling orokami jarN/A1–2Common


  • There was a bug wherein players could make a bundle of bamboo by simply having logs and shoots of bamboo in their inventory. When attempting to make bundles of bamboo via the bamboo shoots, the game would produce a bundle of bamboo, but rather than taking away the bamboo used to create it, it would take away the logs. This was quickly fixed after it was discovered. Players who abused the bug were temporarily banned and had their chimes removed.
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