Bundling bakami jar detail

A bundling bakami jar is the result of successfully catching a bundling bakami, requiring 90 Hunter. Catching a bundling bakami grants 525 Hunter experience.

Bundling bakami jars can be sold to Sensei Seaworth's Spirited Away shop on Tuai Leit for 11 chimes each, or looted for a variety of rewards.

Store locations

Spirited Away
Merchant Sensei Seaworth
Island Tuai Leit
Price sold at 110
Prices bought at
Base value 11
First upgrade 12
Second upgrade 13
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Item Quantity Rarity GE price
BambooBamboo5–10 (noted)CommonNot sold
DriftwoodDriftwood3–7 (noted)CommonNot sold
Bundle of bambooBundle of bamboo1–2CommonNot sold
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