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The bunyip is a level 81 combat Summoning familiar which requires a Summoning level of 68. It is summoned using a Bunyip pouch with 68 Summoning. It is typically summoned during combat for its player-healing ability. It is also useful when pickpocketing.

Bunyip pouch


A bunyip is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 110 spirit shards, a Green charm and a raw shark in the player's inventory, and 68 Summoning. This familiar is commonly used for Slayer tasks since it reduces the need for food.

Swallow whole scroll


The Swallow whole scroll enables the use of the Swallow whole special ability for a Bunyip. Using a Bunyip pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates ten Swallow whole scrolls.

Swallow Whole

Swallow Whole

A player activating the scroll.

Swallow Whole is the special move of the Bunyip activated by using a Swallow Whole scroll. It allows players to eat an uncooked fish (and gain the correct number of life points corresponding to the fish eaten) if they have the cooking level to cook the fish. For example, using the scroll on a raw shark heals 2000 life points (Considering the fact that the player has 80+ Constitution). Each use of a scroll requires three special move points.

Players killing Waterfiends used to find this scroll useful as they drop Raw Lobsters, Swordfish, and Sharks occasionally, but they are now dropped as noted items instead and cannot be used by Bunyip. Someone killing either Aquanites, Dagannoths, or Mogres can find a Bunyip very useful as well, because they mainly drop raw fish. Note that using the scroll does NOT count as eating. A fast clicker can use Swallow Whole on a fish without skipping an attack in combat. This also means that Adrenaline is not lost when "eating" a raw fish.

Lower level players may find this scroll useful while training fishing in the Living Rock Caverns, due to the aggressive nature of the creatures there.

Also note, if the player has the exact level needed to cook a fish, it may be helpful just to bring only the raw version of it so that none are wasted by burning. Thus, using the Swallow whole may save money on that part. You do not get Cooking xp for using the Swallow Whole scroll. The Cooking level cannot be assisted.


Bunyip healing effect

A player being healed by the Bunyip's passive effect.

The Bunyip passively heals 2% of a player's maximum life points every 15 seconds. Over its 44 minutes duration, the Bunyip will have healed 352% of a player's maximum life points. Note that the healing ability still works even if a player does not have any remaining Summoning points. The healing effect makes the Bunyip useful as it can restore many life points over its duration of 44 minutes. On a player with 8000 maximum life points, this is roughly equivalent to 23 lobsters or 14 sharks, assuming one is getting the full health from each fish. Raw fish drops can provide additional healing, see "Swallow whole" above for detail.

Currently, the price of a Bunyip pouch is 2,266 coins. If a single bunyip is used to heal 25000 Life Points, the cost of replenishing 10 Life Points is about 0.91 coins using current Grand Exchange prices.

Sometimes food cannot be replaced solely with a bunyip. If opponents deal damage faster than the bunyip can heal, food may still be required.

Special ability

Players can use raw fish on a bunyip to get a random number of water runes. This must be done by hand, and each fish must be used individually on the bunyip making the task rather time consuming. The maximum amount it can give is equal to the healing amount of the cooked version of the fish divided by one hundred. For example, feeding the bunyip raw shrimp creates 1-3 water runes, while feeding it raw sharks makes 1-20. Therefore, it is recommended feeding it fish that don't heal much or don't sell well, as you get water runes which can be sold or used. It can also make power-fishing a bit more profitable. Also you cannot use this feature with the leaping trout, leaping salmon or leaping sturgeon. Power fishing trout and salmon while having a Bunyip out can produce enough profit to cover the cost of the feathers used and perhaps a little bit more at the cost of drastically stunting your time spent fishing.

In a small test performed, 13 trout and 13 salmon were used on a bunyip that produced 107 water runes. At 28 gp each rune, this was 2996gp worth of water runes compared to the 968gp worth of fish. It is not recommended to use this passive, for the time required to feed the fish to the bunyip it is better spent doing something else that is more profitable. In summary, this method would cost time, and as a result reduce your fishing xp gained by about 50% per hour at the benefit of gaining 3000gp per load of fish as opposed to simply dropping them.


The Bunyip uses melee to attack and can hit up to 85. It gives attack experience when it inflicts damage, and it is immune to poison. However, it has a very few life points and only fights to defend itself. The player must also have auto-retaliate on.



  • The Bunyip speaks with what appears to be an Australian accent likely because the Bunyip is a creature from Australian folklore. A bunyip, in Australian Aboriginal mythology, was a monster that inhabited swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds and waterholes. It was said that at night, their cries could be heard as they devoured any unfortunate animal that came near their abode. Bunyips are described as slimy and smelly creatures.
  • The "Always ruining nice fish" line may be a reference to Gollum from The Hobbit.
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