Burning embers detail

Burning embers are the reward currency of the Birth by Fire seasonal event, which followed the Celebration of Fire Treasure Hunter promotion. They can be gathered when gaining experience, killing monsters and by turning in completed daily challenges. Training in a clan citadel can earn burning embers. They can then be turned in to the Fallen Nihil in the Lumbridge crater to progress the bar for parts of the Fallen Nihil Outfit and other rewards (based on cumulative embers returned to the Fallen Nihil):

Total embers Reward
1,000 Fallen Nihil Headpiece
2,000 Fallen Nihil Chestpiece
3,000 Fallen Nihil Leg-guards
4,000 1 Event mystery box
5,000 Fallen Nihil Greaves
6,000 2 event mystery boxes
7,000 Fallen Nihil Gauntlets
8,500 2 event mystery boxes
10,000 Fallen Nihil Wings

Burning embers can also be converted directly into mystery boxes (without progressing the event) at a cost of 250 per small box or 500 per big box. This does not progress the event for the cosmetics.

Burning embers can be stored in the currency pouch.

Any remaining burning embers were converted into 10 coins each on 27 November 2016.

Obtaining burning embers

Approximately 30–50 embers are awarded roughly every 5 minutes when gaining experience, with Firemaking actions granting 50% more (approximately 45–75) and Cooking actions granting 20% more (approximately 36–60 embers). Embers can only be obtained after having been logged into a world for 5 minutes. Turning in a daily challenge gives 74–90 burning embers, with extended challenges doubling the amount. Through these methods, up to 1,000 embers can be earned per day, but this can be extended to 2,000 using either an event daily limit extender (1-day) or event daily limit extender (5-day).

Alternatively, embers can be bought for RuneCoins:

Embers RuneCoins Embers per RuneCoin Price in terms of bonds
500 45 11.1 5,482,400
2,500 240 10.4 29,239,467
5,000 385 13 46,904,978

When a player receives burning embers, they are notified with the following message: You find X burning embers and place them in your inventory.. This is immediately followed by: You have gathered Y/1000 burning embers for today.. The X and Y are replaced with the appropriate values. If the embers are stored in the currency pouch, the former message is You find X burning embers. They are added to your currency pouch.

Ironman players can obtain burning embers just like regular players, but they cannot convert them into mystery boxes or open any mystery boxes.

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