Burning of Avarrocka
Avarrocka burnt
Fourth Age artwork depicting Avarrocka following the battle.
Avarrocka - Goblin Conflicts
Approximately Year 720 of the Fourth Age
Avarrocka, northern modern-day Misthalin
Near complete defeat of Avarrocka, establishment of peace between Avarrocka and the eastern Thorobshuun-Garagorshuun tribes of the Goblin Village
Avarrocka Goblins
Elders of Avarrocka Unknown Goblin Chieftain
Entirety of city's residents Entirety of the Goblin Village
Extremely high, more than half of the city's residents. High, but not as large percentage-wise as Avarrocka's.

The Burning of Avarrocka is an unofficial name given to a large armed conflict that occurred in roughly 720 of the Fourth Age. The battle was initiated by the goblin tribes that were found west of Avarrocka, apparently to obtain supplies and eliminate human presence in the region.

Despite the intense violence of the battle, the two sides agreed to peace almost immediately afterwards. The implications of this peace agreement have proven extremely far-reaching, as the two sides maintain this stance even today, more than 1,400 years later. The battle itself is referenced heavily in The Legend of Arrav, Part III.[1]


Although the Burning of Avarrocka was by far the largest battle ever fought between the goblins and Avarrocka, armed conflict between the two groups pre-dated even the city's founding. Small skirmishes between the two were common during the city's early years. In the early 700's, a raiding party was sent by the goblins to destroy Avarrocka, which at the time was little more than a long-term camp. The group was intercepted by the city's champion, Arrav, and was slain by him single-handedly before they could reach the city.

Despite Arrav's utter defeat of the party, the goblins continued to raid Avarrocka's outlying areas regularly. However, it was not until the Burning of Avarrocka that the two sides engaged in full-fledged battle. Whether by chance or design, the tribes invaded while Arrav was searching for the Shield of Arrav and information on the Mahjarrat Zemouregal in the west. His absence left the city weaker, and without his presence on the battlefield, the city's forces under the Elders of Avarrocka were unprepared to combat the invasion.

The Battle

Without Arrav to lead the city's armed forces, Avarrocka was unable to repel the invasion. Most of the city's residents were killed while either fighting or fleeing to the east. The goblins looted whenever possible, but ultimately resorted to burning the city to the ground.

Those that survived the attack fled to the east under close pursuit. Some managed to escape the tribes, however, and hid in the city's "sacred place" (possible the ruins of Saranthium) in the east.


Arrav, who was returning from the west at the time, saw smoke rising from the city the day after the battle. After finding the ruins abandoned, he sought Avarrocka's survivors in the city's sacred place. He managed to rally a small force of men, whom he led to the Goblin Village.

Once there, Arrav decided against a surprise attack on the tribes. Instead he engaged their leaders in a diplomatic discussion that lasted roughly half a day. The two ultimately agreed to cease hostilities towards each other. As a result, Avarrocka was rebuilt without having to deal with the goblin threat, although other races and individuals still fought with it regularly.


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