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Burning of Canifis
War of 164
164 of the Fifth Age
Partial destruction of Canifis, capture of the Morytanian Embassy, release of prisoners captured beforehand
Myreque Canifis citizens
Vanstrom Klaus Roavar
Unknown amount of Myreque members Unknown amount of werewolves
None 1 female werewolf, unknown amount of other werewolves
Previous battle
Siege of Falador
Next battle
Flight of Hope Soars

The Burning of Canifis was an attempt by the Myreque to rescue one of their members, Vanstrom Klause, who along with Jack and Pia had been captured by the werewolves for food.

Roavar, one of the elders of Canifis, had been showing Gar'rth, Kara-Meir, Sir Theodore and Castimir the building where odds and ends were stored when he noticed that Canifis was under attack, so he rushed off, leaving his guests to make their own way back. While heading to the town, a young werewolf mother with a bucket of water was killed by Kara, who thought she was attacking. This caused the werewolves to consider the Blood mark void and they attempted to capture the four embassy members, who retreated into the cage to protect themselves. Castimir used fire spells to prevent any werewolves from getting too close, and air spells to clear the air when the werewolves attempted to use smoke to force them out.

Eventually a vampyric escort was sent to subdue and bring them to Tenebra's castle.

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