Burnt lobster detail

Burnt lobster is the result of accidentally burning a raw lobster while attempting to make a lobster. Cooking a lobster requires 40 Cooking, and burning it will become less common with a higher Cooking level. They stop being burned at 74 Cooking.

The burnt lobster has no use whatsoever, although you can unsuccessfully attempt to eat it. Like most other burnt food, it is tradeable to other players but not on the Grand Exchange. Burnt lobsters used to be a common scam item known as "rare black lobsters". A shirt commemorating rare black lobsters was briefly sold on the Jagex Store.


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  • Prior to an update on 4 March 2013 burnt food did not stack in your inventory.
  • Two different types of burnt lobster exist, mostly due to the way the aforementioned update was handled. When the update hit, all noted versions of burnt items were updated, losing the functionality of notes and getting the same inventory icon as their normal counterpart. Visually, these items cannot be distinguished; however, while the common burnt lobster later received an "Eat" option, the previously noted items did not. The rarity of the previously noted type of burnt lobsters comes from the fact that not many people had large quantities of burnt lobsters in their inventory when the update occurred.
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