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Drill Sergeant Hartman exercising in front of the course.

The Burthorpe Agility Course was introduced as part of the members tutorial, Troll Warzone, on 31 January, 2012. It's a novice training area, only requiring 1 Agility to use, and can be found in the northeastern-most point of Burthorpe.

A lap can be completed in an average time of 24 seconds, assuming that the player has no major latency issues and seamlessly transfers from obstacle to obstacle. A completed lap grants 79.7 experience, which will yield a grand total of 11,955 experience per hour (uninterrupted estimate).

The only obstacles that can be failed are "Log beam" and "Obstacle low wall"; however, these failures only happen during the first few Agility levels, and you take no damage from said occurrences. The course itself is packed together, so you should never run out of energy.

The Course

Image Name XP Image Name XP
Burthrope agility log balance.png Walk-across the Log Beam 5.6 Burthrope agility wall climb.png Climb-up the Wall 5.6
Burthrope agility ledge balance.png Scale the Balancing Ledge 5.6 Burthrope agility obstacle climb.png Pass-over the Low Wall 5.6
Burthrope agility rope swing.png Utilise the Rope Swing 5.6 Burthrope agility monkey bar.png Conquer the Monkey Bars 5.6
Burthrope agility ledge jump.png Make a "Leap of Faith" 5.6 Lap bonus 40.5
Total: 79.7 experience.