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Burthorpe Castle is the official residence of Crown Prince Anlaf of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, although Anlaf has been absent from the castle for some time. The castle is in the north-central part of Burthorpe and its lower levels contain the Burthorpe Games Room. The castle is rarely used, as the Games Room is not popular.

Previously, the castle's main use to many players was as gateway to Burthorpe, since the Games necklace teleported to the Games Room. However, with the addition of the Troll Invasion distraction, the teleport was moved out of the castle. It also played a role in the Death Plateau quest, before the area was updated.

The Castle's interior.

Infrequently, a Treasure Trails clue will require the player to meet Uri in the Games Room.

Layout of the castle

Ground floor

The ground floor has stairs leading down to the Burthorpe Games Room, and stairs leading to the upper floor. There is also a ladder on the outside of the castle which leads directly to the roof. Eadburg and a Servant can be found on this floor, as well as a guard who mentions the old Stone ball locking mechanism that the castle used to have.

First floor

The first floor contains the sleeping quarters for the Burthorpe guards. Eohric, the head servant, can be found on this floor. Eohric will offer the player a quest if asked, but it turns out to be cleaning the castle's cesspit, which the player automatically refuses.


The roof contains five Archers who can be spoken to. The equipment room can be found at the centre of the roof, containing two safes. On the west side, there is a small bridge leading to a tower, but the door cannot be opened and trying to do so gives the message: "The door is securely locked to stop the trolls getting in. Don't you know there's a war on?" There is a small ladder on the south side which can be climbed down to reach the ground floor.

Games Room

Main article: Burthorpe Games Room

The Burthorpe Games Room is located in the castle's basement.



  • Several NPCs in this castle used to be attackable. Eadburg and the Servant on the ground floor used to have a combat level of 5, the guards stationed outside the castle were level 37, and the archers were level 42.