Hunting butterfly

Catching a butterfly.

Butterfly netting requires 15 Hunter and a butterfly net and jar. Players may catch a butterfly by clicking on it; with a horizontal camera angle, players may click on the space below the butterfly; this may be easier as the butterflies are quite small. A butterfly can be netted by only one player, the one who started first. The butterfly may be released from the jar immediately, allowing you to hunt another.

They yield low experience, and are best combined with some form of trapping. Although players can't move while releasing a butterfly, they can perform other actions at the same time, such as laying a box trap. Butterflies have a more practical use than just gaining experience; they can be released on other players in multiple combat areas to enhance the Melee Combat Skills Attack, Strength, Defence, or Constitution.

Hunter Creature Jar Location XP Effect
15 Ruby harvest icon Ruby harvest Ruby harvest Ruby harvest Woodland 24 Raises Attack
25 Sapphire glacialis icon Sapphire glacialis Sapphire glacialis Sapphire glacialis Snow 34 Raises Defence
35 Snowy knight icon Snowy knight Snowy knight Snowy knight Snow 44 Restores life points
45 Black warlock icon Black warlock Black warlock Black warlock Jungle 54 Raises Strength


With high Hunter and Agility levels, butterflies can be caught without a butterfly jar or butterfly net. While this rewards you with significantly higher Hunter experience, as well as some Agility experience, the butterfly is released immediately afterwards and cannot be kept for personal use.

With a ring of metamorphosis equipped, players have a chance to receive twice the amount of experience they normally would while catching butterflies barehanded.

Hunter Agility Creature Location Hunter XP Agility XP
80 75 Ruby harvest icon Ruby harvest Woodland 300 50
85 80 Sapphire glacialis icon Sapphire glacialis Snow 400 70
90 85 Snowy knight icon Snowy knight Snow 500 100
95 90 Black warlock icon Black warlock Jungle 650 125

Barehanded butterfly catching presents players a choice of power training their hunter while gaining no profit. Catching Ruby Harvests with bare hands, a player can receive up to 72-85k Hunter experience and 12-15k Agility experience per hour depending on the player's hunter level. Black Warlocks are the fastest hunter experience per hour of the butterflies, ranging from 95K-120K. Weight reduction equipment is useful as chasing butterflies involves a lot of running around; additionally getting your weight at or below zero appears to speed up the actual catch.

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