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For the item from New Varrock, see Cadava potion (New Varrock).

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The cadava potion is a one-dose potion that cannot be made using the Herblore skill. It can only be made by taking Cadava berries to the Apothecary in Varrock. Cadava berries are known to be very poisonous, thus, a potion with Cadava berries can be very dangerous to drink. The potion can only be drunk while in the Apothecary's house and, when drunk, will cause the player to black out for a short amount of time. Drinking this potion will not result in any actual damage to the player, nor will it poison the player.

A Cadava potion was used in the former quest Romeo & Juliet. The player would give the Apothecary Cadava berries in order to receive a Cadava potion. The Cadava potion was then used to fake Juliet's death so Romeo could meet her. After an update on an unknown date, players could obtain another Cadava potion even after Romeo & Juliet was completed, making it no longer a rare item.

The Cadava potion currently has no use in game.


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A player drinking a cadava potion

  • If you attempt to drink a Cadava potion outside of the Apothecary's house, players will get the following message: "You don't think drinking yourself into a coma just here is a good idea. Only the apothecary in Varrock possesses the expertise to revive you if something goes wrong". If you are in the Apothecary's house, you will be given a second chance to decide whether you want to drink it or not. Drinking the potion will simply result in the player performing the dying emote ("Oh dear! You are nearly dead!" will appear in the dialogue box) and later waking up.
  • After players finished Romeo & Juliet, if they tried using a Cadava potion on Juliet she would say "I'm not drinking that again!"
  • Cadava potions are one of the few potions available to Free-to-play players.