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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "default", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using javascript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "default" category break down into:

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Total results: 643 (may be more rows)

ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per itemBuy limitEffective costMaterials
per hour
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (1-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (1/17)198.9%371003,36433
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (10-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (10/17)198.9%311002,81833
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (11-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (11/17)198.9%241002,18233
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (12-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (12/17)198.9%241002,18233
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (13-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (13/17)198.9%251002,27333
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (14-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (14/17)198.9%211001,90933
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (15-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (15/17)198.9%271002,45533
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (16-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (16/17)198.9%271002,45533
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (17-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (17/17)198.9%311002,81833
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (2-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (2/17)198.9%291002,63633
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (3-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (3/17)198.9%271002,45533
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (4-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (4/17)198.9%271002,45533
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (5-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (5/17)198.9%271002,45533
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (6-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (6/17)198.9%241002,18233
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (7-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (7/17)198.9%251002,27333
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (8-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (8/17)198.9%241002,18233
A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (9-17) A mis-fortune from The Mighty Zoltan (9/17)198.9%271002,45533
Accursed urn (nr) Accursed urn (nr)198.9%1,336300121,45533
Acne potion Acne potion198.9%1,287100117,00033
Adamant bolts (unf) 5 Adamant bolts (unf)198.9%12310,00011,18233
Adamant dart tip Adamant dart tip198.9%2225,00020,18233
Adamantite nails Adamantite nails198.9%9810,0008,90933
Adrenaline crystal Adrenaline crystal198.9%47,2562004,296,00033
Airtight pot Airtight pot198.9%13110011,90933
Alchemical onyx Alchemical onyx198.9%56,717,4671005,156,133,36433
Ale yeast Ale yeast198.9%14910013,54533
Amulet mould Amulet mould198.9%17710016,09133
Anchovy oil Anchovy oil198.9%61810056,18233
Anchovy paste Anchovy paste198.9%141001,27333
Ancient elven ritual shard Ancient elven ritual shard198.9%24,574,288102,234,026,18233
Ancient page 1 Ancient page 1198.9%34,251103,113,72733
Ancient page 2 Ancient page 2198.9%31,825102,893,18233
Ancient page 3 Ancient page 3198.9%30,869102,806,27333
Ancient page 4 Ancient page 4198.9%31,969102,906,27333
Ancient scale Ancient scale198.9%590,66820053,697,09133
Annakarl teleport Annakarl teleport198.9%5,1871,000471,54533
Apples (5) Apples (5)198.9%3,9081,000355,27333
Araxyte pheromone Araxyte pheromone198.9%2,049,197100186,290,63633
Arcane sigil Arcane sigil198.9%4,600,5461418,231,45533
Archery ticket Archery ticket198.9%175,0001,54533
Ardougne teleport Ardougne teleport198.9%4,8481,000440,72733
Armadyl hilt Armadyl hilt198.9%4,274,52210388,592,90933
Armadyl page 1 Armadyl page 1198.9%649,4211059,038,27333
Armadyl page 2 Armadyl page 2198.9%601,9041054,718,54533
Armadyl page 3 Armadyl page 3198.9%600,2661054,569,63633
Armadyl page 4 Armadyl page 4198.9%598,7431054,431,18233
Ashes Ashes198.9%9510,0008,63633
Astronomy book Astronomy book198.9%1,414100128,54533
Augmentation dissolver Augmentation dissolver198.9%11,1712001,015,54533
Avantoe potion (unf) Avantoe potion (unf)198.9%1,89610,000172,36433
Bag of salt Bag of salt198.9%131001,18233
Bagged plant 1 Bagged plant 1198.9%2,3005,000209,09133
Ball of black wool Ball of black wool198.9%635,0005,72733
Ball of wool Ball of wool198.9%1,0675,00097,00033
Bananas (5) Bananas (5)198.9%1,9991,000181,72733
Bandit's brew Bandit's brew198.9%3,065100278,63633
Bandit Camp Teleport Bandit Camp Teleport198.9%82330074,81833
Bandos hilt Bandos hilt198.9%362,9481032,995,27333
Bandos page 1 Bandos page 1198.9%75,103106,827,54533
Bandos page 2 Bandos page 2198.9%69,154106,286,72733
Bandos page 4 Bandos page 4198.9%71,125106,465,90933
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 10 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 10198.9%451,5271041,047,90933
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 2 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 2198.9%11,103101,009,36433
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 3 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 3198.9%12,518101,138,00033
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 4 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 4198.9%16,176101,470,54533
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 5 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 5198.9%20,827101,893,36433
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 6 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 6198.9%21,714101,974,00033
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 7 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 7198.9%30,670102,788,18233
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 8 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 8198.9%22,970102,088,18233
Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 9 Barbarian assault ticket - hard wave 9198.9%25,172102,288,36433
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 10 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 10198.9%41,170103,742,72733
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 2 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 2198.9%1,28010116,36433
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 3 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 3198.9%3,23510294,09133
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 4 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 4198.9%1,38810126,18233
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 5 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 5198.9%2,32910211,72733
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 6 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 6198.9%2,35110213,72733
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 7 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 7198.9%4,27210388,36433
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 8 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 8198.9%4,77710434,27333
Barbarian assault ticket - wave 9 Barbarian assault ticket - wave 9198.9%6,83610621,45533
Bark Bark198.9%1,335100121,36433
Barrel Barrel198.9%52910048,09133
Barrows Dye Barrows Dye198.9%151,022,037213,729,276,09133
Barrows totem Barrows totem198.9%1,62850148,00033
Basket Basket198.9%31,00027333
Bear fur Bear fur198.9%90610082,36433
Beetle bits Beetle bits198.9%49210044,72733
Big fishing net Big fishing net198.9%13110011,90933
Bird snare Bird snare198.9%910081833
Black bead Black bead198.9%1,01310092,09133
Black nails Black nails198.9%35710,00032,45533
Black warlock Black warlock198.9%4245,00038,54533
Black wool Black wool198.9%555,0005,00033
Blamish bark shell Blamish bark shell198.9%25710023,36433
Blamish blue shell (pointed) Blamish blue shell (pointed)198.9%3,232100293,81833
Blamish blue shell (round) Blamish blue shell (round)198.9%32510029,54533
Blamish myre shell (pointed) Blamish myre shell (pointed)198.9%21510019,54533
Blamish myre shell (round) Blamish myre shell (round)198.9%28110025,54533
Blamish ochre shell (pointed) Blamish ochre shell (pointed)198.9%21410019,45533
Blamish ochre shell (round) Blamish ochre shell (round)198.9%25010022,72733
Blamish red shell (pointed) Blamish red shell (pointed)198.9%73110066,45533
Blamish red shell (round) Blamish red shell (round)198.9%85410077,63633
Blood dye Blood dye198.9%2,147,447,9382195,222,539,81833
Bloodweed potion (unf) Bloodweed potion (unf)198.9%17,40310,0001,582,09133
Blue dragon scale Blue dragon scale198.9%2,48610,000226,00033
Blue dye Blue dye198.9%1,565100142,27333
Blue feather Blue feather198.9%605,0005,45533
Blue firelighter Blue firelighter198.9%41210037,45533
Bolt mould Bolt mould198.9%31610028,72733
Bolt of cloth Bolt of cloth198.9%1,472100133,81833
Bones to bananas Bones to bananas198.9%62720057,00033
Bones to peaches Bones to peaches198.9%14720013,36433
Bowl Bowl198.9%641005,81833
Bowl (unfired) Bowl (unfired)198.9%12010010,90933
Bowl of hot water Bowl of hot water198.9%44910040,81833
Bowstring Bowstring198.9%38310,00034,81833
Box of clue scrolls Box of clue scrolls198.9%3,134,9795284,998,09133
Box trap Box trap198.9%60410054,90933
Bracelet mould Bracelet mould198.9%16610015,09133
Brass key Brass key198.9%1,370100124,54533
Bronze dart tip Bronze dart tip198.9%385,0003,45533
Bronze nails Bronze nails198.9%1010,00090933
Bronze wire Bronze wire198.9%1,978100179,81833
Bucket Bucket198.9%15510014,09133
Bucket of milk Bucket of milk198.9%6111,00055,54533
Bucket of sand Bucket of sand198.9%29610,00026,90933
Bucket of water Bucket of water198.9%11810010,72733
Bull horns Bull horns198.9%7805,00070,90933
Bullseye lantern (empty) Bullseye lantern (empty)198.9%48210043,81833
Bullseye lantern (frame) Bullseye lantern (frame)198.9%751006,81833
Bullseye lantern (oil) Bullseye lantern (oil)198.9%2,168100197,09133
Burnt pitta bread Burnt pitta bread198.9%N/AN/A033
Butterfly jar Butterfly jar198.9%26510024,09133
Cabbages (10) Cabbages (10)198.9%8,1171,000737,90933
Cactus spine Cactus spine198.9%5,52310,000502,09133
Cadantine potion (unf) Cadantine potion (unf)198.9%5,46210,000496,54533
Cake tin Cake tin198.9%11710010,63633
Calquat keg Calquat keg198.9%921008,36433
Camelot teleport Camelot teleport198.9%3,2661,000296,90933
Candle Candle198.9%1,839100167,18233
Candle lantern (white) Candle lantern (white)198.9%3,383100307,54533
Cannon barrels Cannon barrels198.9%215,4151019,583,18233
Cannon base Cannon base198.9%206,3041018,754,90933
Cannon furnace Cannon furnace198.9%198,7181018,065,27333
Cannon stand Cannon stand198.9%197,9271017,993,36433
Carrallanger teleport Carrallanger teleport198.9%3,2891,000299,00033
Carved evil turnip Carved evil turnip198.9%3,0925,000281,09133
Casket Casket198.9%57210052,00033
Cave goblin wire Cave goblin wire198.9%4,4711,000406,45533
Charcoal Charcoal198.9%1,02510093,18233
Chicken egg (unchecked) Chicken egg (unchecked)198.9%55710050,63633
Chisel Chisel198.9%681006,18233
Chitin scraps Chitin scraps198.9%9020,0008,18233
Chocolate dust Chocolate dust198.9%49010,00044,54533
Chopped garlic Chopped garlic198.9%561,0005,09133
Circular hide Circular hide198.9%8,172100742,90933
Clay ring (unfired) Clay ring (unfired)198.9%111001,00033
Cleaning cloth Cleaning cloth198.9%891008,09133
Clingy mole Clingy mole198.9%11,432101,039,27333
Clocktower Teleport Clocktower Teleport198.9%29130026,45533
Cockatrice egg Cockatrice egg198.9%7,05310,000641,18233
Coconut milk Coconut milk198.9%7,08010,000643,63633
Common kebbit fur Common kebbit fur198.9%111001,00033
Coraxatrice egg Coraxatrice egg198.9%4,6035,000418,45533
Costume-skipping ticket Costume-skipping ticket198.9%311,54920028,322,63633
Cracked cooking urn (nr) Cracked cooking urn (nr)198.9%98930089,90933
Cracked divination urn (nr) Cracked divination urn (nr)198.9%1,02040092,72733
Cracked farming urn (nr) Cracked farming urn (nr)198.9%71940065,36433
Cracked fishing urn (nr) Cracked fishing urn (nr)198.9%98730089,72733
Cracked hunter urn (nr) Cracked hunter urn (nr)198.9%70240063,81833
Cracked mining urn (nr) Cracked mining urn (nr)198.9%90830082,54533
Cracked runecrafting urn (nr) Cracked runecrafting urn (nr)198.9%1,04240094,72733
Cracked smelting urn (nr) Cracked smelting urn (nr)198.9%94230085,63633
Cracked woodcutting urn (nr) Cracked woodcutting urn (nr)198.9%93530085,00033
Crayfish cage Crayfish cage198.9%28310025,72733
Crossbow string Crossbow string198.9%1,9111,000173,72733
Crushed dragonstone Crushed dragonstone198.9%6,280100570,90933
Crystal key Crystal key198.9%21,8111001,982,81833
Crystal tool siphon Crystal tool siphon198.9%673,40420061,218,54533
Cup of hot water Cup of hot water198.9%26810024,36433
Cup of water Cup of water198.9%591005,36433
Dagannoth Kings teleport Dagannoth Kings teleport198.9%9,582Unknown871,09133
Dagannoth hide Dagannoth hide198.9%6,035500548,63633
Dareeyak teleport Dareeyak teleport198.9%2,4351,000221,36433
Dark kebbit fur Dark kebbit fur198.9%891008,09133
Dashing kebbit fur Dashing kebbit fur198.9%12710011,54533
Death lotus extract Death lotus extract198.9%50,6221004,602,00033
Death notes Death notes1100.0%1,919,955100INF0
Decorated cooking urn (nr) Decorated cooking urn (nr)198.9%4,128400375,27333
Decorated divination urn (nr) Decorated divination urn (nr)198.9%3,500400318,18233
Decorated farming urn (nr) Decorated farming urn (nr)198.9%4,290400390,00033
Decorated fishing urn (nr) Decorated fishing urn (nr)198.9%4,158100378,00033
Decorated hunter urn (nr) Decorated hunter urn (nr)198.9%3,723400338,45533
Decorated mining urn (nr) Decorated mining urn (nr)198.9%3,939100358,09133
Decorated runecrafting urn (nr) Decorated runecrafting urn (nr)198.9%3,397400308,81833
Decorated woodcutting urn (nr) Decorated woodcutting urn (nr)198.9%3,627400329,72733
Delicious honeycomb Delicious honeycomb198.9%5,4795,000498,09133
Demon claw Demon claw198.9%13,5421001,231,09133
Dense honeycomb Dense honeycomb198.9%5Unknown45533
Desert devil fur Desert devil fur198.9%191001,72733
Desert goat horn Desert goat horn198.9%1,51610,000137,81833
Diseased kebbit fur Diseased kebbit fur198.9%910081833
Divine charge Divine charge198.9%120,68310,00010,971,18233
Divine charge (empty) Divine charge (empty)198.9%26,82510,0002,438,63633
Divine sigil Divine sigil198.9%4,442,8261403,893,27333
Dormant Seren godbow Dormant Seren godbow198.9%12,289,88421,117,262,18233
Dormant Staff of Sliske Dormant Staff of Sliske198.9%34,501,39423,136,490,36433
Dormant Zaros godsword Dormant Zaros godsword198.9%47,116,84124,283,349,18233
Draconic energy Draconic energy198.9%254,40020023,127,27333
Dragon dart tip Dragon dart tip198.9%9101,00082,72733
Dragon full helm ornament kit (or) Dragon full helm ornament kit (or)198.9%7,2332657,54533
Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp) Dragon full helm ornament kit (sp)198.9%5,9572541,54533
Dragon kite ornament kit (or) Dragon kite ornament kit (or)198.9%17,11321,555,72733
Dragon kite ornament kit (sp) Dragon kite ornament kit (sp)198.9%11,47221,042,90933
Dragon platebody ornament kit (or) Dragon platebody ornament kit (or)198.9%7,2902662,72733
Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp) Dragon platebody ornament kit (sp)198.9%5,3672487,90933
Dragon platelegs-skirt ornament kit (or) Dragon platelegs/skirt ornament kit (or)198.9%424,344238,576,72733
Dragon platelegs-skirt ornament kit (sp) Dragon platelegs/skirt ornament kit (sp)198.9%406,617236,965,18233
Dragon scale dust Dragon scale dust198.9%62510,00056,81833
Dragon sq shield ornament kit (or) Dragon sq shield ornament kit (or)198.9%8,8992809,00033
Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp) Dragon sq shield ornament kit (sp)198.9%8,9132810,27333
Dust of Armadyl Dust of Armadyl198.9%2,9171,000265,18233
Dwarf weed potion (unf) Dwarf weed potion (unf)198.9%8,76910,000797,18233
Egg Egg198.9%1,0401,00094,54533
Elder arrow shaft 5 Elder arrow shaft198.9%181001,63633
Elemental impetus Elemental impetus198.9%12,046,96421,095,178,54533
Elysian sigil Elysian sigil198.9%7,972,4651724,769,54533
Empty cup Empty cup198.9%54310049,36433
Empty pot Empty pot198.9%181001,63633
Empty sack Empty sack198.9%401003,63633
Enchant diamond Enchant diamond198.9%3951,00035,90933
Enchant dragonstn. Enchant dragonstn.198.9%5291,00048,09133
Enchant emerald Enchant emerald198.9%9251,00084,09133
Enchant onyx Enchant onyx198.9%5041,00045,81833
Enchant ruby Enchant ruby198.9%1,2391,000112,63633
Enchant sapphire Enchant sapphire198.9%2321,00021,09133
Equipment dissolver Equipment dissolver198.9%14,0772001,279,72733
Equipment siphon Equipment siphon198.9%296,89220026,990,18233
Erethdor's grimoire (token) Erethdor's grimoire (token)198.9%285,192,477425,926,588,81833
Falador teleport Falador teleport198.9%2,3861,000216,90933
Fallfaced wool Fallfaced wool198.9%122Unknown11,09133
Feather Feather198.9%1310,0001,18233
Feather of Ma'at Feather of Ma'at198.9%1,67110,000151,90933
Feldip weasel fur Feldip weasel fur198.9%151001,36433
Fellstalk potion (unf) Fellstalk potion (unf)198.9%7,71510,000701,36433
Fibula piece Fibula piece198.9%3,704100336,72733
Field ration Field ration198.9%18210016,54533
Fine cloth Fine cloth198.9%2,2391,000203,54533
Fish offcuts Fish offcuts198.9%710063633
Fishing rod Fishing rod198.9%52310047,54533
Flaming sword enchantment Flaming sword enchantment198.9%1,024,20610093,109,63633
Flattened hide Flattened hide198.9%22210020,18233
Flies Flies198.9%1,08610098,72733
Flighted ogre arrow 5 Flighted ogre arrow198.9%3121,00028,36433
Fly fishing rod Fly fishing rod198.9%11610010,54533
Fragile cooking urn (nr) Fragile cooking urn (nr)198.9%1,05330095,72733
Fragile divination urn (nr) Fragile divination urn (nr)198.9%81940074,45533
Fragile farming urn (nr) Fragile farming urn (nr)198.9%70940064,45533
Fragile fishing urn (nr) Fragile fishing urn (nr)198.9%99030090,00033
Fragile hunter urn (nr) Fragile hunter urn (nr)198.9%78640071,45533
Fragile mining urn (nr) Fragile mining urn (nr)198.9%1,194300108,54533
Fragile runecrafting urn (nr) Fragile runecrafting urn (nr)198.9%1,03840094,36433
Fragile smelting urn (nr) Fragile smelting urn (nr)198.9%61230055,63633
Fragile woodcutting urn (nr) Fragile woodcutting urn (nr)198.9%97530088,63633
Fungal flake 5 Fungal flake198.9%728,00063633
Fur Fur198.9%19610017,81833
Fury ornament kit Fury ornament kit198.9%675,210261,382,72733
Ganodermic flake 5 Ganodermic flake198.9%41328,00037,54533
Gardening trowel Gardening trowel198.9%201001,81833
Garlic Garlic198.9%641005,81833
Ghorrock teleport Ghorrock teleport198.9%3,6441,000331,27333
Ghostly essence Ghostly essence198.9%6,4232,000583,90933
Gianne dough Gianne dough198.9%621,0005,63633
Gizmo dissolver Gizmo dissolver198.9%48,4132004,401,18233
Glaiven wing-tip Glaiven wing-tip198.9%7,908,41010718,946,36433
Glassblowing book Glassblowing book198.9%88310080,27333
Glassblowing pipe Glassblowing pipe198.9%39710036,09133
Gnome spice Gnome spice198.9%4521,00041,09133
Goat horn dust Goat horn dust198.9%2,90010,000263,63633
God wars teleport God wars teleport198.9%3,6451,000331,36433
Gold leaf Gold leaf198.9%135,63810012,330,72733
Gold seal Gold seal198.9%1,330100120,90933
Golden scarab Golden scarab198.9%1,298100118,00033
Golden statuette Golden statuette198.9%2,769100251,72733
Gorajian mushroom Gorajian mushroom198.9%4,11810,000374,36433
Graahk fur Graahk fur198.9%6,623100602,09133
Grand Exchange Teleport Grand Exchange Teleport198.9%4,093300372,09133
Grand seed pod Grand seed pod198.9%16,6451001,513,18233
Granite (2kg) Granite (2kg)198.9%4,11310,000373,90933
Granite (500g) Granite (500g)198.9%1,32010,000120,00033
Grapes Grapes198.9%4,7851,000435,00033
Great white shark bait Great white shark bait198.9%11,5641001,051,27333
Green dye Green dye198.9%1,343100122,09133
Green firelighter Green firelighter198.9%41810038,00033
Grey wolf fur Grey wolf fur198.9%801007,27333
Grifolic flake 5 Grifolic flake198.9%42320,00038,45533
Ground bat bones Ground bat bones198.9%84610076,90933
Ground fishing bait Ground fishing bait198.9%210018233
Ground guam Ground guam198.9%610054533
Ground seaweed Ground seaweed198.9%610054533
Gu'Tanoth Teleport Gu'Tanoth Teleport198.9%86330078,45533
Guam potion (unf) Guam potion (unf)198.9%1,12010,000101,81833
Guam tar Guam tar167.0%7510,000227990
Guido's bonfire in a bottle Guido's bonfire in a bottle179.1%10,47210050,105627
Guthatrice egg Guthatrice egg198.9%3,3275,000302,45533
Guthix page 1 Guthix page 1198.9%148,9921013,544,72733
Guthix page 2 Guthix page 2198.9%131,7901011,980,90933
Guthix page 3 Guthix page 3198.9%135,3971012,308,81833
Guthix page 4 Guthix page 4198.9%129,7001011,790,90933
Hair Hair198.9%841,0007,63633
Hammer Hammer198.9%1431,00013,00033
Harpoon Harpoon198.9%7805,00070,90933
Harralander potion (unf) Harralander potion (unf)198.9%1,90110,000172,81833
Harralander tar Harralander tar123.0%19910,0002582,310
Holy elixir Holy elixir198.9%787,460171,587,27333
Holy mould Holy mould198.9%47710043,36433
Honeycomb Honeycomb198.9%9175,00083,36433
Hunter kit Hunter kit198.9%510045533
Ice dye Ice dye198.9%977,929,429288,902,675,36433
Imp repellent Imp repellent198.9%80010072,72733
Impious urn (nr) Impious urn (nr)198.9%26430024,00033
Impling jar Impling jar198.9%2931,00026,63633
Incomplete hydrix Incomplete hydrix198.9%25,558,0011002,323,454,63633
Incomplete pizza Incomplete pizza198.9%1,1101,000100,90933
Incomplete stew (potato) Incomplete stew (potato)198.9%83220075,63633
Infernal urn (nr) Infernal urn (nr)198.9%1,890400171,81833
Initiate harness (f) Initiate harness (f)198.9%22,3281002,029,81833
Initiate harness (m) Initiate harness (m)198.9%25,2681002,297,09133
Intricate blood stained chest Intricate blood stained chest198.9%277,074,247225,188,567,90933
Intricate ice chest Intricate ice chest198.9%301,305,304227,391,391,27333
Intricate shadow chest Intricate shadow chest198.9%245,277,532222,297,957,45533
Intricate smoke-shrouded chest Intricate smoke-shrouded chest198.9%149,858,430213,623,493,63633
Irit potion (unf) Irit potion (unf)198.9%5,87010,000533,63633
Iron dart tip Iron dart tip198.9%305,0002,72733
Iron nails Iron nails198.9%2010,0001,81833
Iron spit Iron spit198.9%40410036,72733
Ivory comb Ivory comb198.9%2,658100241,63633
Jewelled golden statuette Jewelled golden statuette198.9%27,8381002,530,72733
Jug Jug198.9%4610,0004,18233
Jug of water Jug of water198.9%2010,0001,81833
Juju teleport spiritbag Juju teleport spiritbag198.9%3,897100354,27333
Juju vial Juju vial198.9%150090.9133
Juju vial of water Juju vial of water198.9%35,00027333
Junk refiner Junk refiner198.9%14,4801001,316,36433
Kebab mix Kebab mix198.9%5001,00045,45533
Kebbit claws Kebbit claws198.9%3915,00035,54533
Kebbit spike Kebbit spike198.9%355,0003,18233
Kebbit teeth Kebbit teeth198.9%11,9115,0001,082,81833
Kebbit teeth dust Kebbit teeth dust198.9%12,4795,0001,134,45533
Kelp Kelp198.9%3501,00031,81833
Kharyrll teleport Kharyrll teleport198.9%4,0121,000364,72733
Knife Knife198.9%11110010,09133
Knot-skipping ticket Knot-skipping ticket198.9%49,1832004,471,18233
Kwuarm potion (unf) Kwuarm potion (unf)198.9%11,61010,0001,055,45533
Kyatt fur Kyatt fur198.9%6,295100572,27333
Lantadyme potion (unf) Lantadyme potion (unf)198.9%8,30310,000754,81833
Larupia fur Larupia fur198.9%11,9581001,087,09133
Lassar teleport Lassar teleport198.9%2,1351,000194,09133
Leaping salmon Leaping salmon198.9%1495,00013,54533
Leaping sturgeon Leaping sturgeon198.9%3195,00029,00033
Leaping trout Leaping trout198.9%1485,00013,45533
Lighthouse Teleport Lighthouse Teleport198.9%14,7153001,337,72733
Limestone Limestone198.9%47510,00043,18233
Limestone brick Limestone brick198.9%39610,00036,00033
Living minerals Living minerals198.9%4610,0004,18233
Lobster pot Lobster pot198.9%60210054,72733
Lockbox-skipping ticket Lockbox-skipping ticket198.9%28,6802002,607,27333
Lockpick Lockpick198.9%3,310100300,90933
Long kebbit spike Long kebbit spike198.9%1445,00013,09133
Loop half of a key Loop half of a key198.9%11,0531001,004,81833
Lumber Yard Teleport Lumber Yard Teleport198.9%12,9933001,181,18233
Lumbridge teleport Lumbridge teleport198.9%4,0441,000367,63633
Magic box Magic box198.9%56410051,27333
Magic stone Magic stone198.9%972,76610088,433,27333
Magic string Magic string198.9%2,199100199,90933
Mammoth tusk Mammoth tusk198.9%6,567100597,00033
Manta ray bait Manta ray bait198.9%16,6221001,511,09133
Marasamaw plant Marasamaw plant198.9%23710021,54533
Marble block Marble block198.9%317,35310028,850,27333
Marrentill potion (unf) Marrentill potion (unf)198.9%1,06910,00097,18233
Marrentill tar Marrentill tar145.0%13910,0002531,650
Mazcab teleport Mazcab teleport198.9%6,2871,000571,54533
Medicinal honeycomb Medicinal honeycomb198.9%1145,00010,36433
Mint cake Mint cake198.9%32910029,90933
Miscellania Teleport Miscellania Teleport198.9%38730035,18233
Mithril dart tip Mithril dart tip198.9%1575,00014,27333
Mithril grapple Mithril grapple198.9%2,8231,000256,63633
Mithril grapple (unf) Mithril grapple (unf)198.9%6751,00061,36433
Mithril nails Mithril nails198.9%8010,0007,27333
Mithril seeds Mithril seeds198.9%5265,00047,81833
Mole claw Mole claw198.9%6,361100578,27333
Mole nose Mole nose198.9%3,551Unknown322,81833
Mole skin Mole skin198.9%6,8465,000622,36433
Mort myre fungus Mort myre fungus198.9%3,43310,000312,09133
Mort myre pear Mort myre pear198.9%5,426100493,27333
Mort myre stem Mort myre stem198.9%1,169100106,27333
Muddy key Muddy key198.9%10,724100974,90933
Mutated vine Mutated vine198.9%232,0002,09133
Nail beast nails Nail beast nails198.9%1081009,81833
Necklace mould Necklace mould198.9%561005,09133
Needle Needle198.9%115,0001,00033
Newcomer map Newcomer map198.9%18910017,18233
Numbing root Numbing root198.9%12,37510,0001,125,00033
Nuts Nuts198.9%70410064,00033
Ogre arrow shaft 5 Ogre arrow shaft198.9%1031,0009,36433
Ogre coffin key Ogre coffin key198.9%2,458100223,45533
Oil lamp (oil) Oil lamp (oil)198.9%5,821100529,18233
Oil lantern (empty) Oil lantern (empty)198.9%151001,36433
Oil lantern (oil) Oil lantern (oil)198.9%5,577100507,00033
Oil lantern frame Oil lantern frame198.9%1010090933
Onions (10) Onions (10)198.9%2,3801,000216,36433
Orange dye Orange dye198.9%70510064,09133
Orange feather Orange feather198.9%275,0002,45533
Oranges (5) Oranges (5)198.9%9,3061,000846,00033
Oyster Oyster198.9%6,705500609,54533
Paddewwa teleport Paddewwa teleport198.9%2,1461,000195,09133
Papyrus Papyrus198.9%49710045,18233
Part admiral pie 1 Part admiral pie 1198.9%8011,00072,81833
Part admiral pie 2 Part admiral pie 2198.9%2,6311,000239,18233
Part fish pie 1 Part fish pie 1198.9%701,0006,36433
Part fish pie 2 Part fish pie 2198.9%9821,00089,27333
Part garden pie 1 Part garden pie 1198.9%981,0008,90933
Part summer pie 2 Part summer pie 2198.9%1,6521,000150,18233
Part wild pie 1 Part wild pie 1198.9%1381,00012,54533
Part wild pie 2 Part wild pie 2198.9%1,3451,000122,27333
Pastry dough Pastry dough198.9%3861,00035,09133
Pat of butter Pat of butter198.9%68610,00062,36433
Pengatrice egg Pengatrice egg198.9%5,1455,000467,72733
Pestle and mortar Pestle and mortar198.9%321,0002,90933
Phoenix Lair Teleport Phoenix Lair Teleport198.9%52330047,54533
Phoenix quill Phoenix quill198.9%6,11410,000555,81833
Pie dish Pie dish198.9%821007,45533
Pie dish (unfired) Pie dish (unfired)198.9%40010036,36433
Pie recipe book Pie recipe book198.9%58510053,18233
Pie shell Pie shell198.9%2941,00026,72733
Pitta bread Pitta bread198.9%241,0002,18233
Pizza base Pizza base198.9%2761,00025,09133
Plain cooking urn (nr) Plain cooking urn (nr)198.9%97730088,81833
Plain divination urn (nr) Plain divination urn (nr)198.9%1,378400125,27333
Plain farming urn (nr) Plain farming urn (nr)198.9%1,134400103,09133
Plain fishing urn (nr) Plain fishing urn (nr)198.9%1,342300122,00033
Plain hunter urn (nr) Plain hunter urn (nr)198.9%1,351400122,81833
Plain mining urn (nr) Plain mining urn (nr)198.9%1,463300133,00033
Plain runecrafting urn (nr) Plain runecrafting urn (nr)198.9%1,520400138,18233
Plain smelting urn (nr) Plain smelting urn (nr)198.9%83730076,09133
Plain woodcutting urn (nr) Plain woodcutting urn (nr)198.9%88440080,36433
Plant cure Plant cure198.9%74910068,09133
Plant pot Plant pot198.9%221002,00033
Plant pot (empty) Plant pot (empty)198.9%310027333
Poison chalice Poison chalice198.9%56510051,36433
Polar kebbit fur Polar kebbit fur198.9%8,785175798,63633
Pollnivneach Teleport Pollnivneach Teleport198.9%65030059,09133
Polypore spore 5 Polypore spore198.9%430,00036433
Pot (unfired) Pot (unfired)198.9%25710023,36433
Pot lid Pot lid198.9%261002,36433
Pot of flour Pot of flour198.9%2491,00022,63633
Potatoes (10) Potatoes (10)198.9%8,1331,000739,36433
Pottery scarab Pottery scarab198.9%22410020,36433
Pottery statuette Pottery statuette198.9%961008,72733
Pouch Pouch198.9%410,00036433
Praesul codex Praesul codex198.9%529,691,612448,153,782,90933
Proboscis 1000 Proboscis198.9%6,486100589,63633
Proselyte harness (f) Proselyte harness (f)198.9%15,2861001,389,63633
Proselyte harness (m) Proselyte harness (m)198.9%33,7971003,072,45533
Pure essence Pure essence189.0%3025,000273330
Purple dye Purple dye198.9%19910018,09133
Purple firelighter Purple firelighter198.9%59910054,45533
Puzzle-skipping ticket Puzzle-skipping ticket198.9%519,28920047,208,09133
Rabbit foot Rabbit foot198.9%5,592100508,36433
Rabbit snare Rabbit snare198.9%110090.9133
Rabbit teeth Rabbit teeth198.9%7305,00066,36433
Ragefire gland Ragefire gland198.9%578,5261052,593,27333
Rake Rake198.9%13410012,18233
Ranarr potion (unf) Ranarr potion (unf)198.9%2,83710,000257,90933
Ranger's aid Ranger's aid198.9%1,296100117,81833
Ranger's aid (m) Ranger's aid (m)198.9%1,00510091,36433
Raw chompy Raw chompy198.9%5,20910,000473,54533
Raw crunchies Raw crunchies198.9%2321,00021,09133
Raw oomlie Raw oomlie198.9%1,0241,00093,09133
Reaper ornament kit Reaper ornament kit198.9%916,441283,312,81833
Red bead Red bead198.9%99310090,27333
Red dye Red dye198.9%4,195100381,36433
Red feather Red feather198.9%275,0002,45533
Red firelighter Red firelighter198.9%43110039,18233
Reprisal Ability Codex Reprisal Ability Codex198.9%124,399,586211,309,053,27333
Ribcage piece Ribcage piece198.9%3,643100331,18233
Ring mould Ring mould198.9%25610023,27333
Rock-shell chunk Rock-shell chunk198.9%1,871100170,09133
Rock-shell shard Rock-shell shard198.9%4,565100415,00033
Rock-shell splinter Rock-shell splinter198.9%3,534100321,27333
Rope Rope198.9%40110036,45533
Royal bolt stabiliser Royal bolt stabiliser198.9%89,022108,092,90933
Royal frame Royal frame198.9%89,215108,110,45533
Royal sight Royal sight198.9%88,741108,067,36433
Royal torsion spring Royal torsion spring198.9%90,606108,236,90933
Royale cannon barrels Royale cannon barrels198.9%215,415N/A19,583,18233
Royale cannon base Royale cannon base198.9%206,304N/A18,754,90933
Royale cannon furnace Royale cannon furnace198.9%198,718N/A18,065,27333
Royale cannon stand Royale cannon stand198.9%197,927N/A17,993,36433
Ruby harvest Ruby harvest198.9%2,7845,000253,09133
Rune dart tip Rune dart tip198.9%2635,00023,90933
Rune essence Rune essence189.0%3225,000291330
Rune nails Rune nails198.9%12910,00011,72733
Runny honeycomb Runny honeycomb198.9%185,0001,63633
Sample bottle Sample bottle198.9%981008,90933
Sandstone (10kg) Sandstone (10kg)198.9%58310053,00033
Sandstone (1kg) Sandstone (1kg)198.9%191001,72733
Sandstone (2kg) Sandstone (2kg)198.9%291002,63633
Sandstone (5kg) Sandstone (5kg)198.9%881008,00033
Sapphire glacialis Sapphire glacialis198.9%1735,00015,72733
Saradomin hilt Saradomin hilt198.9%4,914,12610446,738,72733
Saradomin page 1 Saradomin page 1198.9%228,5641020,778,54533
Saradomin page 2 Saradomin page 2198.9%197,2521017,932,00033
Saradomin page 3 Saradomin page 3198.9%199,3071018,118,81833
Saradomin page 4 Saradomin page 4198.9%205,2131018,655,72733
Saratrice egg Saratrice egg198.9%3,3555,000305,00033
Scare Tactics Scare Tactics195.6%495,6831011,265,523132
Sea turtle bait Sea turtle bait198.9%15,3271001,393,36433
Seasinger weapon upgrade kit Seasinger weapon upgrade kit198.9%792,651172,059,18233
Empty seaweed net Empty seaweed net198.9%411003,72733
Security book Security book198.9%28610026,00033
Seed dibber Seed dibber198.9%21410019,45533
Seeker's charm Seeker's charm179.1%96,965100463,947627
Senntisten teleport Senntisten teleport198.9%2,9791,000270,81833
Shadow Dye Shadow Dye198.9%619,314,272256,301,297,45533
Shears Shears198.9%211001,90933
Shrunk ogleroot 3 Shrunk ogleroot198.9%831007,54533
Sickle mould Sickle mould198.9%69410063,09133
Silk Silk198.9%12310011,18233
Silver dust Silver dust198.9%1,3861,000126,00033
Sinew Sinew198.9%1,0631,00096,63633
Sinister key Sinister key198.9%18,5551001,686,81833
Sirenic scale Sirenic scale198.9%698,72210063,520,18233
Skewer stick Skewer stick198.9%131,0001,18233
Skull piece Skull piece198.9%2,288100208,00033
Slayer bell Slayer bell198.9%581005,27333
Small fishing net Small fishing net198.9%30910028,09133
Snake hide (swamp) Snake hide (swamp)198.9%6,78210,000616,54533
Snapdragon potion (unf) Snapdragon potion (unf)198.9%2,76110,000251,00033
Snowy knight Snowy knight198.9%4145,00037,63633
Soda ash Soda ash198.9%910,00081833
Soft clay Soft clay198.9%41910,00038,09133
Soul ornament kit Soul ornament kit198.9%17,846,06221,622,369,27333
Spade Spade198.9%62710057,00033
Spectral sigil Spectral sigil198.9%590,657153,696,09133
Spice Spice198.9%3531,00032,09133
Spider carcass Spider carcass198.9%9921,00090,18233
Spider leg Spider leg198.9%158,242,40810014,385,673,45533
Spirit shards Spirit shards198.9%2310,0002,09133
Spirit weed potion (unf) Spirit weed potion (unf)198.9%16,37410,0001,488,54533
Split log Split log198.9%5261,00047,81833
Spotted kebbit fur Spotted kebbit fur198.9%501004,54533
Springsheared wool Springsheared wool198.9%147Unknown13,36433
Stalker essence Stalker essence198.9%36110,00032,81833
Steadfast scale Steadfast scale198.9%13,281,692101,207,426,54533
Steel dart tip Steel dart tip198.9%885,0008,00033
Steel nails Steel nails198.9%4910,0004,45533
Steel studs Steel studs198.9%3095,00028,09133
Stone scarab Stone scarab198.9%16610015,09133
Stone seal Stone seal198.9%15110013,72733
Stone statuette Stone statuette198.9%19310017,54533
Strange fruit Strange fruit198.9%68510,00062,27333
Strawberries (5) Strawberries (5)198.9%1,42310,000129,36433
Strawberry milk Strawberry milk198.9%568Unknown51,63633
Stretched hide Stretched hide198.9%25710023,36433
Stripy feather Stripy feather198.9%115,0001,00033
Strong cooking urn (nr) Strong cooking urn (nr)198.9%1,141300103,72733
Strong divination urn (nr) Strong divination urn (nr)198.9%1,462400132,90933
Strong farming urn (nr) Strong farming urn (nr)198.9%88040080,00033
Strong fishing urn (nr) Strong fishing urn (nr)198.9%1,362300123,81833
Strong hunter urn (nr) Strong hunter urn (nr)198.9%1,337400121,54533
Strong mining urn (nr) Strong mining urn (nr)198.9%1,284300116,72733
Strong runecrafting urn (nr) Strong runecrafting urn (nr)198.9%1,354400123,09133
Strong smelting urn (nr) Strong smelting urn (nr)198.9%47930043,54533
Strong woodcutting urn (nr) Strong woodcutting urn (nr)198.9%34540031,36433
Stronghold notes Stronghold notes198.9%22310020,27333
Summerdown wool Summerdown wool198.9%1715,00015,54533
Swamp paste Swamp paste198.9%210018233
Swamp tar Swamp tar198.9%1155,00010,45533
Swamp toad Swamp toad198.9%79610,00072,36433
Sweet honeycomb Sweet honeycomb198.9%565,0005,09133
Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport Tai Bwo Wannai Teleport198.9%29730027,00033
Tarromin potion (unf) Tarromin potion (unf)198.9%30910,00028,09133
Tarromin tar Tarromin tar134.0%15710,0002381,980
Tatty graahk fur Tatty graahk fur198.9%421003,81833
Tatty kyatt fur Tatty kyatt fur198.9%541004,90933
Tatty larupia fur Tatty larupia fur198.9%35610032,36433
Tectonic energy Tectonic energy198.9%1,274,253100115,841,18233
Teleport to house Teleport to house198.9%3,2931,000299,36433
Tetsu sword upgrade kit Tetsu sword upgrade kit198.9%478,605143,509,54533
The Heart teleport The Heart teleport198.9%4,2051,000382,27333
Third-Age Dye Third-Age Dye198.9%2,147,419,2202195,219,929,09133
Thread Thread198.9%1010,00090933
Tiara mould Tiara mould198.9%211001,90933
Timber beam Timber beam198.9%91,00081833
Tinderbox Tinderbox198.9%4745,00043,09133
Toadflax potion (unf) Toadflax potion (unf)198.9%11,63410,0001,057,63633
Tomatoes (5) Tomatoes (5)198.9%1,82410,000165,81833
Tooth half of a key Tooth half of a key198.9%11,5381001,048,90933
Torn grimoire page Torn grimoire page198.9%3,370,86510306,442,27333
Torstol potion (unf) Torstol potion (unf)198.9%5,46710,000497,00033
Tortoise shell Tortoise shell198.9%28,1065,0002,555,09133
Tower-skipping ticket Tower-skipping ticket198.9%118,02220010,729,27333
Trading sticks 10000 Trading sticks198.9%710,00063633
Unfired plant pot Unfired plant pot198.9%710063633
Unfired pot lid Unfired pot lid198.9%110090.9133
Unicorn horn Unicorn horn198.9%3,40410,000309,45533
Unicorn horn dust Unicorn horn dust198.9%1,68010,000152,72733
Unlit torch Unlit torch198.9%201001,81833
Unstrung comp bow Unstrung comp bow198.9%67610061,45533
Vampyre dust Vampyre dust198.9%5705,00051,81833
Vanilla milk Vanilla milk198.9%1,071Unknown97,36433
Varrock teleport (item) Varrock teleport (item)198.9%2,7871,000253,36433
Vecna skull Vecna skull198.9%124,871211,351,90933
Vis wax Vis wax198.9%15,4332001,403,00033
Vital spark Vital spark198.9%143,4041,00013,036,72733
Vulatrice egg Vulatrice egg198.9%39,8175,0003,619,72733
Watchtower teleport Watchtower teleport198.9%4,5661,000415,09133
Watering can Watering can198.9%75610068,72733
Waterskin (0) Waterskin (0)198.9%13310012,09133
Waterskin (4) Waterskin (4)198.9%47510043,18233
Wergali potion (unf) Wergali potion (unf)198.9%3,57210,000324,72733
White bead White bead198.9%98010089,09133
White firelighter White firelighter198.9%44010040,00033
Wilderness hilt Wilderness hilt198.9%53,98444,907,63633
Wimpy feather Wimpy feather198.9%6605,00060,00033
Wine of Guthix Wine of Guthix198.9%1,15410,000104,90933
Wine of Saradomin Wine of Saradomin198.9%54,57110,0004,961,00033
Wine of Zamorak Wine of Zamorak198.9%15,40010,0001,400,00033
Winterwold wool Winterwold wool198.9%83Unknown7,54533
Wooden cat Wooden cat198.9%7,844100713,09133
Wool Wool198.9%5315,00048,27333
Wyrm heart Wyrm heart198.9%36,067,191103,278,835,54533
Wyrm scalp Wyrm scalp198.9%13,457,428101,223,402,54533
Wyrm spike Wyrm spike198.9%8,503,41910773,038,09133
Yellow bead Yellow bead198.9%1,00410091,27333
Yellow dye Yellow dye198.9%2,662100242,00033
Yellow feather Yellow feather198.9%295,0002,63633
Zamatrice egg Zamatrice egg198.9%3,3415,000303,72733
Zamorak hilt Zamorak hilt198.9%1,284,03210116,730,18233
Zamorak page 1 Zamorak page 1198.9%87,583107,962,09133
Zamorak page 2 Zamorak page 2198.9%83,147107,558,81833
Zamorak page 3 Zamorak page 3198.9%80,587107,326,09133
Zamorak page 4 Zamorak page 4198.9%80,711107,337,36433
Zygomite fruit Zygomite fruit198.9%1,298Unknown118,00033