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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "jewellery", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using javascript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "jewellery" category break down into:

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Total results: 111 (may be more rows)

ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per itemBuy limitEffective costMaterials
per hour
Alchemical onyx ring Alchemical onyx ring50.0%47,088,0491009,417,61015,000
Amulet of farming (1) Amulet of farming (1)594.5%3811001,385825
Amulet of farming (8) Amulet of farming (8)594.5%7871002,862825
Amulet of fury Amulet of fury50.0%2,342,764100468,55315,000
Amulet of fury (t) Amulet of fury (t)50.0%1,563,174100312,63515,000
Amulet of glory Amulet of glory52.3%12,3311002,52414,655
Amulet of glory (4) Amulet of glory (4)52.3%14,9291003,05614,655
Amulet of glory (t) Amulet of glory (t)52.3%557,4582114,11614,655
Amulet of glory (t4) Amulet of glory (t4)52.3%592,5362121,29714,655
Amulet of magic Amulet of magic573.6%2,2235,0001,6843,960
Amulet of magic (t) Amulet of magic (t)573.6%653,5402495,1063,960
Amulet of power Amulet of power523.0%6,1625,0001,60111,550
Amulet of souls Amulet of souls50.0%28,535,0131005,707,00315,000
Amulet of strength Amulet of strength545.0%4,1435,0001,5078,250
Archers' ring Archers' ring550.5%52,2171021,0987,425
Berserker necklace Berserker necklace51.7%431,08010087,70714,745
Binding necklace Binding necklace568.1%1,8811001,1794,785
Bracelet of clay Bracelet of clay574.7%1,6725,0001,3223,795
Castle wars brace (1) Castle wars brace (1)567.0%4,8335,0002,9294,950
Castle wars brace (3) Castle wars brace (3)567.0%1,5285,0009264,950
Clay ring Clay ring595.6%3591001,632660
Combat bracelet Combat bracelet518.6%11,2685002,76912,210
Combat bracelet (4) Combat bracelet (4)518.6%13,0271003,20112,210
Deathtouch bracelet Deathtouch bracelet50.6%27,568,8891005,547,06014,910
Diamond amulet Diamond amulet523.0%5,6105,0001,45711,550
Diamond amulet (unstrung) Diamond amulet (unstrung)223.0%2,2225,0001,4434,620
Diamond bracelet Diamond bracelet536.2%3,6615,0001,1489,570
Diamond necklace Diamond necklace538.4%5,9225,0001,9239,240
Diamond ring Diamond ring552.7%4,7145,0001,9937,095
Dragon necklace Dragon necklace520.8%9,6825002,44511,880
Dragonstone amulet Dragonstone amulet52.3%10,9281002,23714,655
Dragonstone amulet (unstrung) Dragonstone amulet (unstrung)22.3%9,1075004,6615,862
Dragonstone bracelet Dragonstone bracelet518.6%10,0575002,47112,210
Dragonstone ring Dragonstone ring539.5%9,2155003,0469,075
Emerald amulet Emerald amulet565.9%3,8005,0002,2295,115
Emerald amulet (unstrung) Emerald amulet (unstrung)265.9%2,0765,0003,0442,046
Emerald bracelet Emerald bracelet567.0%1,6485,0009994,950
Emerald necklace Emerald necklace568.1%4,0685,0002,5504,785
Emerald ring Emerald ring570.3%3,43810,0002,3154,455
Forinthry bracelet (1) Forinthry bracelet (1)536.2%3,7895,0001,1889,570
Forinthry bracelet (5) Forinthry bracelet (5)536.2%4,8335,0001,5159,570
Games necklace (1) Games necklace (1)575.8%7,91110,0006,5383,630
Games necklace (8) Games necklace (8)575.8%3,14710,0002,6013,630
Gold amulet Gold amulet591.2%9015,0002,0481,320
Gold amulet (unstrung) Gold amulet (unstrung)291.2%1525,000864528
Gold bracelet Gold bracelet592.3%6175,0001,6031,155
Gold necklace Gold necklace593.4%9875,0002,991990
Gold ring Gold ring594.5%1,20710,0004,389825
H.a.m. logo H.a.m. logo598.9%3151005,727165
Holy symbol Holy symbol582.4%1,7165,0001,9502,640
Hydrix amulet Hydrix amulet50.0%25,038,5111005,007,70215,000
Hydrix amulet (unstrung) Hydrix amulet (unstrung)20.0%12,488,0361006,244,0186,000
Hydrix bracelet Hydrix bracelet50.6%23,579,3721004,744,34014,910
Hydrix necklace Hydrix necklace50.6%23,407,4161004,709,74214,910
Hydrix ring Hydrix ring52.7%23,774,2681004,886,79714,595
Inoculation brace Inoculation brace553.8%1,9905,0008616,930
Jade amulet Jade amulet562.6%2,6975,0001,4425,610
Jade amulet (unstrung) Jade amulet (unstrung)262.6%1,3705,0001,8322,244
Jade bracelet Jade bracelet568.1%1,4555,0009124,785
Jade necklace Jade necklace572.5%1,8085,0001,3154,125
Jade ring Jade ring585.7%1,18410,0001,6562,145
Lapis lazuli ring Lapis lazuli ring587.9%3,4581005,7161,815
Luck of the dwarves Luck of the dwarves50.0%49,671,577109,934,31515,000
Onyx amulet Onyx amulet50.0%1,578,637100315,72715,000
Onyx bracelet Onyx bracelet51.2%428,74010086,78914,820
Onyx necklace Onyx necklace51.7%458,87910093,36314,745
Onyx ring Onyx ring526.3%1,808,626100490,80811,055
Opal amulet Opal amulet570.3%1,1475,0007724,455
Opal amulet (unstrung) Opal amulet (unstrung)270.3%7225,0001,2151,782
Opal bracelet Opal bracelet575.8%8885,0007343,630
Opal necklace Opal necklace582.4%9475,0001,0762,640
Opal ring Opal ring598.9%98410,00017,891165
Phoenix necklace Phoenix necklace538.4%5,3045,0001,7229,240
Pre-nature amulet Pre-nature amulet591.2%2,0091004,5661,320
Reaper necklace Reaper necklace50.6%28,064,6991005,646,82114,910
Regen bracelet Regen bracelet51.2%120,63110024,41914,820
Ring of coins Ring of coins545.0%682,7882248,2878,250
Ring of death Ring of death52.7%28,860,7011005,932,31314,595
Ring of duelling (1) Ring of duelling (1)570.3%4,25910,0002,8684,455
Ring of duelling (8) Ring of duelling (8)570.3%4,09710,0002,7594,455
Ring of forging Ring of forging562.6%2,7885,0001,4915,610
Ring of fortune Ring of fortune520.8%2,343,971100591,91211,880
Ring of life Ring of life552.7%4,2385,0001,7927,095
Ring of luck Ring of luck587.9%5,3385,0008,8231,815
Ring of recoil Ring of recoil578.0%1,7805,0001,6183,300
Ring of slaying (8) Ring of slaying54.2%1,169N/A24414,370
Ring of stone Ring of stone526.3%540,7992146,75711,055
Ring of trees Ring of trees545.0%749,2792272,4658,250
Ring of wealth Ring of wealth539.5%9,6275003,1829,075
Ring of wealth (4) Ring of wealth (4)539.5%10,3021003,4069,075
Ruby amulet Ruby amulet545.0%3,8935,0001,4168,250
Ruby amulet (unstrung) Ruby amulet (unstrung)245.0%1,6205,0001,4733,300
Ruby bracelet Ruby bracelet553.8%2,4235,0001,0496,930
Ruby necklace Ruby necklace556.0%3,2025,0001,4556,600
Ruby ring Ruby ring562.6%2,9385,0001,5715,610
Sapphire amulet Sapphire amulet573.6%2,1205,0001,6063,960
Sapphire amulet (unstrung) Sapphire amulet (unstrung)273.6%5015,0009491,584
Sapphire bracelet Sapphire bracelet574.7%1,5865,0001,2543,795
Sapphire necklace Sapphire necklace575.8%2,2825,0001,8863,630
Sapphire ring Sapphire ring578.0%1,9485,0001,7713,300
Saradomin's hiss Saradomin's hiss523.0%153,600139,89611,550
Saradomin's murmur Saradomin's murmur523.0%700,2351181,87911,550
Saradomin's whisper Saradomin's whisper523.0%120,794131,37511,550
Seers' ring Seers' ring550.5%66,9611027,0557,425
Skills necklace Skills necklace520.8%10,8285002,73411,880
Skills necklace (4) Skills necklace (4)520.8%13,5765003,42811,880
Strength amulet (t) Strength amulet (t)598.9%668,328212,151,418165
Strung rabbit foot Strung rabbit foot559.3%1,7931008816,105
Third-age amulet Third-age amulet528.5%151,541,406242,389,20410,725
Topaz amulet Topaz amulet550.5%2,4455,0009887,425
Topaz amulet (unstrung) Topaz amulet (unstrung)250.5%1,4525,0001,4672,970
Topaz bracelet Topaz bracelet558.2%1,7395,0008326,270
Topaz necklace Topaz necklace564.8%1,6555,0009405,280
Topaz ring Topaz ring582.4%1,80910,0002,0562,640
Tuxedo cravat Tuxedo cravat589.0%567,77221,032,3131,650
Unblessed symbol Unblessed symbol582.4%5735,0006512,640
Unholy symbol Unholy symbol581.3%4,1425,0004,4302,805
Unpowered symbol Unpowered symbol581.3%2885,0003082,805
Unstrung emblem Unstrung emblem281.3%1575,0004201,122
Unstrung symbol Unstrung symbol282.4%2375,0006731,056
Warrior ring Warrior ring550.5%29,3521011,8597,425
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