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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "planks", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using javascript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "planks" category break down into:

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Total results: 102 (may be more rows)

ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per itemBuy limitEffective costMaterials
per hour
4-poster (flatpack) 4-poster (flatpack)241.7%8061006913,498
Asgarnian ale (barrel) (flatpack) Asgarnian ale (barrel) (flatpack)280.2%3,7821009,5511,188
Batwing Batwing167.0%2,88510,0008,742990
Beer barrel (flatpack) Beer barrel (flatpack)292.3%510032.47462
Black dragon leather Black dragon leather12.7%3,90710,0004,0152,919
Blue dragon leather Blue dragon leather127.4%3,12910,0004,3102,178
Carved oak bench (flatpack) Carved oak bench (flatpack)265.9%1210017.62,046
Carved oak magic wardrobe (flatpack) Carved oak magic wardrobe (flatpack)243.9%1410012.483,366
Carved oak table (flatpack) Carved oak table (flatpack)265.9%1410020.532,046
Carved teak bench (flatpack) Carved teak bench (flatpack)251.6%2010020.662,904
Carved teak magic wardrobe (flatpack) Carved teak magic wardrobe (flatpack)224.1%6810044.84,554
Carved teak table (flatpack) Carved teak table (flatpack)250.5%2951002982,970
Chef's delight (barrel) (flatpack) Chef's delight (barrel) (flatpack)247.2%40,25010038,1163,168
Cider barrel (flatpack) Cider barrel (flatpack)286.8%11,96710045,330792
Crude wooden chair (flatpack) Crude wooden chair (flatpack)298.9%291001,31865.999999999999
Cured yak-hide Cured yak-hide152.7%7775,0001,6431,419
Dragon bitter (barrel) (flatpack) Dragon bitter (barrel) (flatpack)260.4%10,42010013,1572,376
Fancy teak dresser (flatpack) Fancy teak dresser (flatpack)238.4%3141002553,696
Gilded 4-poster (flatpack) Gilded 4-poster (flatpack)234.0%210,424100159,4123,960
Gilded bench (flatpack) Gilded bench (flatpack)232.9%59,73210044,5104,026
Gilded cape rack (flatpack) Gilded cape rack (flatpack)22.0%100,58310051,3185,880
Gilded clock (flatpack) Gilded clock (flatpack)21.0%121,46210061,3445,940
Gilded dresser (flatpack) Gilded dresser (flatpack)218.6%117,54110072,2004,884
Gilded magic wardrobe (flatpack) Gilded magic wardrobe (flatpack)20.6%45,45210022,8635,964
Gilded wardrobe (flatpack) Gilded wardrobe (flatpack)20.6%95,57710048,0775,964
Gold bar Gold bar256.0%80710,0009172,640
Green dragon leather Green dragon leather137.3%2,03610,0003,2471,881
Greenman's ale (barrel) (flatpack) Greenman's ale (barrel) (flatpack)271.4%3,3511005,8581,716
Hard leather Hard leather172.5%49610,0001,804825
Imphide Imphide189.0%39510,0003,591330
Large oak bed (flatpack) Large oak bed (flatpack)262.6%9341001,2492,244
Large teak bed (flatpack) Large teak bed (flatpack)250.5%1,2331001,2452,970
Leather Leather198.9%51910,00047,18233
Magical cape rack (flatpack) Magical cape rack (flatpack)20.0%989,226100494,6136,000
Mahogany armchair (flatpack) Mahogany armchair (flatpack)245.0%1181001073,300
Mahogany armour case (flatpack) Mahogany armour case (flatpack)21.7%5151002625,898
Mahogany bench (flatpack) Mahogany bench (flatpack)242.8%1901001663,432
Mahogany bookcase (flatpack) Mahogany bookcase (flatpack)256.0%1251001422,640
Mahogany cape rack (flatpack) Mahogany cape rack (flatpack)220.8%2421001534,752
Mahogany dresser (flatpack) Mahogany dresser (flatpack)229.6%3811002714,224
Mahogany fancy dress box (flatpack) Mahogany fancy dress box (flatpack)22.3%6411003285,862
Mahogany magic wardrobe (flatpack) Mahogany magic wardrobe (flatpack)23.0%3401001755,820
Mahogany plank Mahogany plank145.0%81510,0001,4821,650
Mahogany table (flatpack) Mahogany table (flatpack)242.8%1801001573,432
Mahogany toy box (flatpack) Mahogany toy box (flatpack)20.8%5911002985,952
Mahogany treasure chest (flatpack) Mahogany treasure chest (flatpack)21.2%15710079.455,928
Mahogany wardrobe (flatpack) Mahogany wardrobe (flatpack)24.2%4401002305,748
Marble cape rack (flatpack) Marble cape rack (flatpack)20.0%301,382100150,6916,000
Marble magic wardrobe (flatpack) Marble magic wardrobe (flatpack)20.0%147,00810073,5046,000
Mithril bar Mithril bar245.0%56110,0005103,300
Oak armchair (flatpack) Oak armchair (flatpack)271.4%1310022.731,716
Oak armour case (flatpack) Oak armour case (flatpack)249.4%1210011.863,036
Oak bed (flatpack) Oak bed (flatpack)267.0%1,3591002,0591,980
Oak bench (flatpack) Oak bench (flatpack)275.8%821001691,452
Oak bookcase (flatpack) Oak bookcase (flatpack)268.1%2210034.481,914
Oak cape rack (flatpack) Oak cape rack (flatpack)240.6%1610013.473,564
Oak chair (flatpack) Oak chair (flatpack)279.1%1310031.11,254
Oak clock (flatpack) Oak clock (flatpack)272.5%2351004271,650
Oak dining table (flatpack) Oak dining table (flatpack)275.8%810016.531,452
Oak drawers (flatpack) Oak drawers (flatpack)270.3%1610026.941,782
Oak dresser (flatpack) Oak dresser (flatpack)259.3%1221001502,442
Oak fancy dress box (flatpack) Oak fancy dress box (flatpack)251.6%2410024.792,904
Oak kitchen table (flatpack) Oak kitchen table (flatpack)264.8%1010014.22,112
Oak magic wardrobe (flatpack) Oak magic wardrobe (flatpack)253.8%4710050.872,772
Oak plank Oak plank183.5%40510,0002,455495
Oak shaving stand (flatpack) Oak shaving stand (flatpack)268.1%3851006031,914
Oak toy box (flatpack) Oak toy box (flatpack)245.0%1310011.823,300
Oak treasure chest (flatpack) Oak treasure chest (flatpack)247.2%1310012.313,168
Oak wardrobe (flatpack) Oak wardrobe (flatpack)257.1%1110012.822,574
Opulent table (flatpack) Opulent table (flatpack)220.8%387,999100244,9494,752
Plank Plank198.9%65510,00059,54533
Red dragon leather Red dragon leather119.7%3,25410,0004,0522,409
Rocking chair (flatpack) Rocking chair (flatpack)284.6%2210071.43924
Royal dragon leather Royal dragon leather10.6%4,99310,0005,0232,982
Rune bar Rune bar21.0%2,50910,0001,2675,940
Shaving stand (flatpack) Shaving stand (flatpack)276.9%4831001,0451,386
Shoe box (flatpack) Shoe box (flatpack)278.0%910020.451,320
Silver bar Silver bar278.0%23310,0005301,320
Snakeskin Snakeskin150.5%2,71710,0005,4891,485
Spider silk Spider silk178.0%59510,0002,705660
Steel bar Steel bar267.0%93310,0001,4141,980
Teak armchair (flatpack) Teak armchair (flatpack)261.5%4210054.552,310
Teak armour case (flatpack) Teak armour case (flatpack)229.6%2010014.24,224
Teak bed (flatpack) Teak bed (flatpack)256.0%8281009412,640
Teak cape rack (flatpack) Teak cape rack (flatpack)230.7%2610018.764,158
Teak clock (flatpack) Teak clock (flatpack)239.5%5101004213,630
Teak dining bench (flatpack) Teak dining bench (flatpack)258.2%1210014.352,508
Teak drawers (flatpack) Teak drawers (flatpack)243.9%6410057.043,366
Teak dresser (flatpack) Teak dresser (flatpack)249.4%3121003083,036
Teak fancy dress box (flatpack) Teak fancy dress box (flatpack)231.8%5210038.124,092
Teak kitchen table (flatpack) Teak kitchen table (flatpack)242.8%1410012.243,432
Teak magic wardrobe (flatpack) Teak magic wardrobe (flatpack)234.0%1710012.883,960
Teak table (flatpack) Teak table (flatpack)258.2%1010011.962,508
Teak toy box (flatpack) Teak toy box (flatpack)225.2%2610017.384,488
Teak treasure chest (flatpack) Teak treasure chest (flatpack)227.4%8710059.924,356
Teak wardrobe (flatpack) Teak wardrobe (flatpack)230.7%1910013.714,158
Wood dining table (flatpack) Wood dining table (flatpack)289.0%410018.18660
Wood kitchen table (flatpack) Wood kitchen table (flatpack)286.8%410015.15792
Wooden bed (flatpack) Wooden bed (flatpack)278.0%1,4541003,3051,320
Wooden bench (flatpack) Wooden bench (flatpack)289.0%1010045.45660
Wooden bookcase (flatpack) Wooden bookcase (flatpack)295.6%310034.09264
Wooden chair (flatpack) Wooden chair (flatpack)291.2%54100307528