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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "pouches", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using javascript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "pouches" category break down into:

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Total results: 90 (may be more rows)

ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per itemBuy limitEffective costMaterials
per hour
Abyssal lurker pouch Abyssal lurker pouch331.8%5,9245,0002,8956,138
Abyssal parasite pouch Abyssal parasite pouch340.6%3,7185,0002,0865,346
Abyssal titan pouch Abyssal titan pouch30.0%6,4115,0002,1379,000
Adamant minotaur pouch Adamant minotaur pouch33.8%2,7975,0009698,658
Albino rat pouch Albino rat pouch374.7%2,4885,0003,2782,277
Arctic bear pouch Arctic bear pouch321.9%2,9745,0001,2697,029
Barker toad pouch Barker toad pouch327.4%1,7345,0007966,534
Beaver pouch Beaver pouch363.7%1,5205,0001,3963,267
Bloated leech pouch Bloated leech pouch346.1%2,2035,0001,3624,851
Blood nihil pouch Blood nihil pouch30.6%120,8555,00040,5288,946
Brawler demon pouch Brawler demon pouch31.7%10,0855,0003,4208,847
Bronze minotaur pouch Bronze minotaur pouch360.4%1,8445,0001,5523,564
Bull ant pouch Bull ant pouch356.0%1,2395,0009393,960
Bunyip pouch Bunyip pouch325.2%2,2745,0001,0136,732
Compost mound pouch Compost mound pouch369.2%1,0045,0001,0872,772
Deacon demon pouch Deacon demon pouch31.7%10,2675,0003,4828,847
Desert wyrm pouch Desert wyrm pouch380.2%8325,0001,4011,782
Dreadfowl pouch Dreadfowl pouch395.6%4675,0003,538396
Evil turnip pouch Evil turnip pouch353.8%1,9365,0001,3974,158
Executioner demon pouch Executioner demon pouch31.7%7,4325,0002,5208,847
Fire titan pouch Fire titan pouch32.7%3,8035,0001,3038,757
Forge regent pouch Forge regent pouch33.8%2,6265,0009108,658
Fruit bat pouch Fruit bat pouch324.1%2,5245,0001,1086,831
Geyser titan pouch Geyser titan pouch30.3%4,2845,0001,4328,973
Giant chinchompa pouch Giant chinchompa pouch368.1%1,5435,0001,6122,871
Giant ent pouch Giant ent pouch33.0%2,4715,0008498,730
Granite crab pouch Granite crab pouch382.4%6275,0001,1881,584
Granite lobster pouch Granite lobster pouch318.6%3,2405,0001,3277,326
Honey badger pouch Honey badger pouch364.8%1,5185,0001,4383,168
Hydra pouch Hydra pouch32.3%2,4015,0008198,793
Ibis pouch Ibis pouch338.4%2,0735,0001,1225,544
Ice nihil pouch Ice nihil pouch30.6%123,6705,00041,4728,946
Ice titan pouch Ice titan pouch32.7%3,7815,0001,2958,757
Iron minotaur pouch Iron minotaur pouch349.4%2,2355,0001,4724,554
Iron titan pouch Iron titan pouch30.0%3,8075,0001,2699,000
Karam. overlord pouch Karam. overlord pouch336.2%2,6805,0001,4005,742
Lava titan pouch Lava titan pouch31.4%4,6135,0001,5598,874
Light creature pouch Light creature pouch30.4%4,3125,0001,4438,964
Macaw pouch Macaw pouch354.9%1,4675,0001,0844,059
Magpie pouch Magpie pouch348.3%1,6585,0001,0694,653
Meerkats pouch Meerkats pouch395.6%4,17510031,629396
Mithril minotaur pouch Mithril minotaur pouch327.4%2,9215,0001,3416,534
Moss titan pouch Moss titan pouch32.7%3,8425,0001,3168,757
Nightmare muspah pouch Nightmare muspah pouch32.0%28,3475,0009,6428,820
Obsidian golem pouch Obsidian golem pouch319.7%3,7585,0001,5607,227
Pack mammoth pouch Pack mammoth pouch30.0%21,3915,0007,1309,000
Pack yak pouch Pack yak pouch30.0%4,0795,0001,3609,000
Phoenix pouch Phoenix pouch320.8%3,0635,0001,2897,128
Praying mantis pouch Praying mantis pouch34.2%3,2085,0001,1168,622
Pyrelord pouch Pyrelord pouch349.4%2,1085,0001,3894,554
Ravenous locust pouch Ravenous locust pouch323.0%1,8255,0007906,930
Reborn phoenix pouch Reborn phoenix pouch31.2%9,0045,0003,0388,892
Rune minotaur pouch Rune minotaur pouch30.8%2,2235,0007478,928
Shadow nihil pouch Shadow nihil pouch30.6%124,8485,00041,8678,946
Smoke devil pouch Smoke devil pouch332.9%2,6975,0001,3406,039
Smoke nihil pouch Smoke nihil pouch30.6%119,6945,00040,1398,946
Spirit cobra pouch Spirit cobra pouch330.7%5,4045,0002,5996,237
Spirit cockatrice pouch Spirit cockatrice pouch352.7%1,5525,0001,0944,257
Spirit coraxatrice pouch Spirit coraxatrice pouch352.7%1,6695,0001,1764,257
Spirit dagannoth pouch Spirit dagannoth pouch31.4%2,2845,0007728,874
Spirit graahk pouch Spirit graahk pouch337.3%2,8915,0001,5375,643
Spirit guthatrice pouch Spirit guthatrice pouch352.7%1,6015,0001,1284,257
Spirit jelly pouch Spirit jelly pouch339.5%2,8515,0001,5715,445
Spirit kalphite pouch Spirit kalphite pouch372.5%2,5835,0003,1312,475
Spirit kyatt pouch Spirit kyatt pouch337.3%2,9455,0001,5665,643
Spirit larupia pouch Spirit larupia pouch337.3%2,9365,0001,5615,643
Spirit mosquito pouch Spirit mosquito pouch381.3%7655,0001,3641,683
Spirit pengatrice pouch Spirit pengatrice pouch352.7%1,6165,0001,1394,257
Spirit saratrice pouch Spirit saratrice pouch352.7%1,6435,0001,1584,257
Spirit scorpion pouch Spirit scorpion pouch379.1%1,0385,0001,6561,881
Spirit spider pouch Spirit spider pouch389.0%8515,0002,579990
Spirit terrorbird pouch Spirit terrorbird pouch342.8%1,4085,0008215,148
Spirit tz-kih pouch Spirit tz-kih pouch375.8%1,1145,0001,5342,178
Spirit vulatrice pouch Spirit vulatrice pouch352.7%2,6055,0001,8364,257
Spirit wolf pouch Spirit wolf pouch398.9%5385,00016,30398.999999999999
Spirit zamatrice pouch Spirit zamatrice pouch352.7%1,6035,0001,1304,257
Steel minotaur pouch Steel minotaur pouch338.4%2,6475,0001,4325,544
Steel titan pouch Steel titan pouch30.0%11,5235,0003,8419,000
Stranger plant pouch Stranger plant pouch329.6%2,4065,0001,1396,336
Swamp titan pouch Swamp titan pouch31.0%2,8915,0009738,910
Talon beast pouch Talon beast pouch33.4%3,4855,0001,2038,694
Thorny snail pouch Thorny snail pouch385.7%6825,0001,5901,287
Unicorn stallion pouch Unicorn stallion pouch30.4%2,7315,0009148,964
Vampyre bat pouch Vampyre bat pouch365.9%1,4975,0001,4633,069
Void ravager pouch Void ravager pouch362.6%11,7205,00010,4463,366
Void shifter pouch Void shifter pouch362.6%10,2025,0009,0933,366
Void spinner pouch Void spinner pouch362.6%10,3255,0009,2023,366
Void torcher pouch Void torcher pouch362.6%6,7075,0005,9783,366
War tortoise pouch War tortoise pouch326.3%5,6855,0002,5716,633
Wolpertinger pouch Wolpertinger pouch30.0%3,9135,0001,3049,000
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