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This is a list of all tradeable items in the disassembly category we've named "scrolls", with the effective cost per material obtained. This is a measure of how much obtaining each non-junk material will cost at base junk chance, with the option to change to any junk chance using javascript.

For more details on the calculator, see Calculator:Disassembly by category. Be aware that not all items have been updated with disassembly details. See here for instructions on how to help the wiki gather this information!

Items in the "scrolls" category break down into:

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Total results: 73 (may be more rows)

ItemMaterialsJunkPrice per itemBuy limitEffective costMaterials
per hour
10 × Abyssal drain scroll Abyssal drain scroll240.6%4385,0003,6873,564
10 × Abyssal stealth scroll Abyssal stealth scroll231.8%4955,0003,6294,092
10 × Acorn missile scroll Acorn missile scroll23.0%2375,0001,2225,820
10 × Adamant bull rush scroll Adamant bull rush scroll23.8%2015,0001,0455,772
10 × Ambush scroll Ambush scroll237.3%3755,0002,9903,762
10 × Annihilate scroll Annihilate scroll20.6%8,4975,00042,7415,964
10 × Arctic blast scroll Arctic blast scroll221.9%1125,0007174,686
10 × Blood drain scroll Blood drain scroll246.1%1435,0001,3273,234
10 × Boil scroll Boil scroll20.3%3165,0001,5855,982
10 × Bronze bull rush scroll Bronze bull rush scroll260.4%1435,0001,8062,376
10 × Call to arms scroll Call to arms scroll262.6%5085,0006,7912,244
10 × Cheese feast scroll Cheese feast scroll274.7%1465,0002,8851,518
10 × Crushing claw scroll Crushing claw scroll218.6%2225,0001,3644,884
10 × Deadly claw scroll Deadly claw scroll23.4%4155,0002,1485,796
10 × Dissolve scroll Dissolve scroll239.5%2205,0001,8183,630
10 × Doomsphere scroll Doomsphere scroll236.2%1975,0001,5443,828
10 × Dreadfowl strike scroll Dreadfowl strike scroll295.6%235,0002,614264
10 × Dust cloud scroll Dust cloud scroll232.9%2255,0001,6774,026
10 × Ebon thunder scroll Ebon thunder scroll21.4%3265,0001,6535,916
10 × Egg spawn scroll Egg spawn scroll289.0%1215,0005,500660
10 × Electric lash scroll Electric lash scroll280.2%505,0001,2631,188
10 × Enlightenment scroll Enlightenment scroll20.4%4445,0002,2295,976
10 × Essence shipment scroll Essence shipment scroll20.0%2985,0001,4906,000
10 × Evil flames scroll Evil flames scroll253.8%1395,0001,5042,772
10 × Explode scroll Explode scroll268.1%1475,0002,3041,914
10 × Famine scroll Famine scroll223.0%1485,0009614,620
10 × Fetch casket scroll Fetch casket scroll295.6%2,597300295,114264
10 × Fireball assault scroll Fireball assault scroll275.8%905,0001,8601,452
10 × Fish rain scroll Fish rain scroll238.4%1485,0001,2013,696
10 × Fruitfall scroll Fruitfall scroll224.1%1855,0001,2194,554
10 × Generate compost scroll Generate compost scroll269.2%515,0008281,848
10 × Goad scroll Goad scroll237.3%2535,0002,0183,762
10 × Healing aura scroll Healing aura scroll20.4%1925,0009645,976
10 × Herbcall scroll Herbcall scroll254.9%955,0001,0532,706
10 × Howl scroll Howl scroll298.9%325,00014,54565.999999999999
10 × Immense heat scroll Immense heat scroll249.4%1475,0001,4533,036
10 × Inferno scroll Inferno scroll23.8%1945,0001,0085,772
10 × Insane ferocity scroll Insane ferocity scroll264.8%965,0001,3642,112
10 × Iron bull rush scroll Iron bull rush scroll249.4%1695,0001,6703,036
10 × Iron within scroll Iron within scroll20.0%2895,0001,4456,000
10 × Magic focus scroll Magic focus scroll20.0%2845,0001,4206,000
10 × Mammoth feast scroll Mammoth feast scroll20.0%1,7645,0008,8206,000
10 × Mantis strike scroll Mantis strike scroll24.2%2245,0001,1695,748
10 × Mithril bull rush scroll Mithril bull rush scroll227.4%1995,0001,3714,356
10 × Multichop scroll Multichop scroll263.7%1005,0001,3772,178
10 × Ophidian incubation scroll Ophidian incubation scroll230.7%6535,0004,7114,158
10 × Pester scroll Pester scroll281.3%275,0007221,122
10 × Petrifying gaze scroll Petrifying gaze scroll252.7%975,0001,0252,838
10 × Poisonous blast scroll Poisonous blast scroll229.6%1735,0001,2294,224
10 × Regrowth scroll Regrowth scroll22.3%1765,0009015,862
10 × Rending scroll Rending scroll237.3%2445,0001,9463,762
10 × Ring of fire scroll Ring of fire scroll21.7%1,2445,0006,3285,898
10 × Rise from the ashes scroll Rise from the ashes scroll220.8%2295,0001,4464,752
10 × Rune bull rush scroll Rune bull rush scroll20.8%1415,0007115,952
10 × Sandstorm scroll Sandstorm scroll272.5%1475,0002,6731,650
10 × Siphon self scroll Siphon self scroll22.0%1,4845,0007,5715,880
10 × Slime spray scroll Slime spray scroll285.7%235,000804858
10 × Spike shot scroll Spike shot scroll21.4%1375,0006955,916
10 × Steel bull rush scroll Steel bull rush scroll238.4%1775,0001,4373,696
10 × Steel of legends scroll Steel of legends scroll20.0%1,1595,0005,7956,000
10 × Stony shell scroll Stony shell scroll282.4%255,0007101,056
10 × Swallow whole scroll Swallow whole scroll225.2%1515,0001,0094,488
10 × Swamp plague scroll Swamp plague scroll21.0%1995,0001,0055,940
10 × Testudo scroll Testudo scroll226.3%1335,0009024,422
10 × Thieving fingers scroll Thieving fingers scroll248.3%935,0008993,102
10 × Tireless run scroll Tireless run scroll242.8%765,0006643,432
10 × Titan's constitution scroll Titan's constitution scroll22.7%3255,0001,6705,838
10 × Toad bark scroll Toad bark scroll227.4%895,0006134,356
10 × Unburden scroll Unburden scroll256.0%615,0006932,640
10 × Vampyre touch scroll Vampyre touch scroll265.9%1015,0001,4812,046
10 × Venom shot scroll Venom shot scroll279.1%735,0001,7461,254
10 × Volcanic strength scroll Volcanic strength scroll219.7%2575,0001,6004,818
10 × Winter storage scroll Winter storage scroll20.0%3005,0001,5006,000
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