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This is a list of all tradeable items that can give Zaros components with the effective cost per Zaros component. As this is a 'rare'/'special' material, it is received independently of the item's junk chance, so only one effective cost column is required.

  • The formula used to calculate cost per material is $ item quantity \times GE price \div material quantity $
    • As mentioned above, rare/special components are received independent of junk chance, so that does not factor in to the cost
    • Once special chances are more reliably known, they will be incorporated into the calculator
  • GE prices may be inaccurate - we can't really do anything about that
  • Untradeable items are excluded, with some exceptions

Total results: 26

ItemNumber of
ChanceJunkPrice eachBuy limitEffective cost
Ancient ceremonial boots Ancient ceremonial boots1Unknown%98.9%4,3372?
Ancient ceremonial gloves Ancient ceremonial gloves1Unknown%98.9%5,3242?
Ancient ceremonial legs Ancient ceremonial legs1Unknown%98.9%43,9432?
Ancient ceremonial mask Ancient ceremonial mask1Unknown%98.9%6,9832?
Ancient ceremonial top Ancient ceremonial top1Unknown%98.9%67,0002?
Imperium core Imperium core1100%0.0%415,932,0731415,932,073
Nightmare gauntlets Nightmare gauntlets3Unknown%1.0%16,331,1271?
Pernix body Pernix body4100%2.3%16,127,92224,031,980
Pernix boots Pernix boots4100%2.3%7,552,29911,888,075
Pernix chaps Pernix chaps4100%2.3%15,508,70323,877,176
Pernix cowl Pernix cowl4100%2.3%4,029,83121,007,458
Pernix gloves Pernix gloves4100%2.3%2,414,9461603,736
Torva boots Torva boots4100%2.3%13,743,50713,435,877
Torva full helm Torva full helm4100%2.3%27,788,40626,947,102
Torva gloves Torva gloves4100%2.3%13,740,63213,435,158
Torva platebody Torva platebody4100%2.3%70,032,292217,508,073
Torva platelegs Torva platelegs4100%2.3%41,829,864210,457,466
Virtus book Virtus book4100%2.3%3,399,0175849,754
Virtus boots Virtus boots4100%2.3%2,678,7431669,686
Virtus gloves Virtus gloves4100%2.3%2,489,0961622,274
Virtus mask Virtus mask4100%2.3%5,380,00321,345,001
Virtus robe legs Virtus robe legs4100%2.3%22,492,03125,623,008
Virtus robe top Virtus robe top4100%2.3%30,295,65827,573,914
Virtus wand Virtus wand4100%2.3%3,404,1645851,041
Wand of the praesul Wand of the praesul1100%0.0%532,411,1901532,411,190
Zaryte bow Zaryte bow4100%2.3%7,093,49421,773,374
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