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This calculator lists equipment experience gained from Firemaking, which is needed to level up the Pyro-matic and the augmented crystal tinderbox.

Default experience

Level 5

ItemLevelItem XP eachActionsEnlightened 1Enlightened 2Enlightened 3
Logs Normal logs12.63,1873,0953,0072,924
Achey tree logs Achey logs12.63,1873,0953,0072,924
Oak logs Oak logs153.92,1252,0632,0051,950
Willow logs Willow logs305.851,4171,3761,3371,300
Teak logs Teak logs356.8251,2151,1791,1461,114
Arctic pine logs Arctic pine logs428.1251,020991963936
Maple logs Maple logs458.807941914888864
Acadia logs Acadia logs479.1911885860836
Mahogany logs Mahogany logs5010.237810786764743
Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs5812.577659640622605
Yew logs Yew logs6013.162630612594578
Magic logs Magic logs7519.747420408396385
Blisterwood logs Blisterwood logs7619.747420408396385
Cursed magic logs Cursed magic logs8219.747420408396385
Curly root Curly root8324.615337327318309
Elder logs Elder logs9029.25284276268260
Driftwood Driftwood9229.51281273265258

Level 10

ItemLevelItem XP eachActionsEnlightened 1Enlightened 2Enlightened 3
Logs Normal logs12.615,43114,98214,55814,157
Achey tree logs Achey logs12.615,43114,98214,55814,157
Oak logs Oak logs153.910,2889,9889,7059,438
Willow logs Willow logs305.856,8596,6596,4706,293
Teak logs Teak logs356.8255,8795,7085,5475,394
Arctic pine logs Arctic pine logs428.1254,9384,7954,6594,531
Maple logs Maple logs458.8074,5564,4234,2984,180
Acadia logs Acadia logs479.14,4094,2814,1604,045
Mahogany logs Mahogany logs5010.2373,9203,8063,6983,596
Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs5812.5773,1903,0983,0102,927
Yew logs Yew logs6013.1623,0492,9602,8762,797
Magic logs Magic logs7519.7472,0321,9731,9171,864
Blisterwood logs Blisterwood logs7619.7472,0321,9731,9171,864
Cursed magic logs Cursed magic logs8219.7472,0321,9731,9171,864
Curly root Curly root8324.6151,6301,5831,5381,496
Elder logs Elder logs9029.251,3721,3321,2941,259
Driftwood Driftwood9229.511,3601,3201,2831,248

Level 12

ItemLevelItem XP eachActionsEnlightened 1Enlightened 2Enlightened 3
Logs Normal logs12.631,52430,60529,73928,921
Achey tree logs Achey logs12.631,52430,60529,73928,921
Oak logs Oak logs153.921,01620,40419,82619,281
Willow logs Willow logs305.8514,01113,60413,21812,855
Teak logs Teak logs356.82512,00911,66111,33011,018
Arctic pine logs Arctic pine logs428.12510,0889,7959,5179,255
Maple logs Maple logs458.8079,3079,0368,7808,538
Acadia logs Acadia logs479.19,0078,7458,4978,263
Mahogany logs Mahogany logs5010.2378,0077,7747,5547,346
Eucalyptus logs Eucalyptus logs5812.5776,5176,3286,1485,979
Yew logs Yew logs6013.1626,2286,0465,8755,713
Magic logs Magic logs7519.7474,1514,0303,9163,808
Blisterwood logs Blisterwood logs7619.7474,1514,0303,9163,808
Cursed magic logs Cursed magic logs8219.7474,1514,0303,9163,808
Curly root Curly root8324.6153,3303,2333,1423,055
Elder logs Elder logs9029.252,8032,7212,6442,571
Driftwood Driftwood9229.512,7782,6972,6212,549
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