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The Maximum magic hit calculator calculates your maximum hit with magic given various conditions.

 template = Magic max hit
 form = magicForm
 result = magicResult
 param = spell|Spell used|Wind Strike|select|Wind Strike,Water Strike,Earth Strike,Fire Strike,Wind Bolt,Water Bolt,Earth Bolt,Fire Bolt,Wind Blast,Water Blast,Earth Blast,Fire Blast,Wind Wave,Water Wave,Earth Wave,Fire Wave,Wind Surge,Water Surge,Earth Surge,Fire Surge,Smoke Rush,Shadow Rush,Blood Rush,Ice Rush,Miasmic Rush,Smoke Burst,Shadow Burst,Blood Burst,Ice Burst,Miasmic Burst,Smoke Blitz,Shadow Blitz,Blood Blitz,Ice Blitz,Miasmic Blitz,Smoke Barrage,Shadow Barrage,Blood Barrage,Ice Barrage,Miasmic Barrage,Crumble Undead,Magic Dart,Iban Blast,Saradomin Strike,Claws of Guthix,Flames of Zamorak,Storm of Armadyl,Polypore staff
 param = level|Current magic level|1|int|1-99
 param = |||fixed|
 param = boost|Magic boost used|None|select|None,Wizard's mind bomb,Mature wizard's mind bomb,Magic essence potion,Magic potion,Vecna Skull,Extreme magic potion,Overload,Magic focus scroll,Magic cape,Dominion Tower roof
 param = staff|Staff used|None|select|None,Gravite staff,Ahrim's staff,Ancient staff,Master wand,Zuriel's staff,Void knight mace,Staff of light,Chaotic staff,Armadyl battlestaff,Polypore staff
 param = slay|Slayer bonus|None|select|None,Hexcrest,Full slayer helmet
 param = cw|Castlewar bracelet in use?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = neck|Necklace worn|None|select|None,Arcane pulse necklace,Arcane blast necklace,Arcane stream necklace,Saradomin's hiss
 param = chaos|Chaos gauntlets in use?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = ring|Ferocious ring in use?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = charge|Charge spell active?|No|select|No,Yes
 param = icestryke|Are you fighting ice strykewyrms?|No|select|No,Yes,Yes with fire cape
 param = salarin|Are you fighting Salarin the Twisted?|No|select|No,Yes

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  • Slayer bonus will only work against your assigned task monster.
  • Castlewar bracelets will only work against the flagbearer in the Castlewars activity.
  • Chaos gauntlets will only affect bolt spells.
  • The Ferocious ring will only affect Slayer tasks in Kuradal's dungeon.
  • The Charge spell only affects the God spells.
  • Fighting Ice strykewyrms bonuses only apply to fire spells.
  • The Dominion Tower boost is only possible on the roof of the tower.

For more information about the template used in this calculator, visit this page.