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Zamorak Wine Profit calculator

The following table uses live Grand Exchange Market Watch prices to calculate the profit from using the Telekinetic grab spell to obtain Wine of Zamorak with the air staff.

  • Please note - The Telekinetic Grab spell no longer requires the use of a water rune. It can be cast with one Air Rune (Air Staff) and one Law Rune.

Market prices

If the market prices are outdated, please use the "Update" link for updating the prices.

  • Law Rune: 570 coins (update)
  • Wine of Zamorak: 15,400 coins (update)


Method Runes Needed Raw cost Gets Sale value Profit XP Profit/XP
Longer Way - Use telekinetic grab to get 28 wines of zamorak and walk to Falador Bank (bringing exactly 28 law runes). Using air staff. 28 x Law Rune 15,960 28 x Wine of Zamorak 431,200 415,240 1204 344.88
Short Way - Use telekinetic grab to get 26 wines of zamorak and Teleport to Falador. Using air staff. 27 x Law Rune

1 x Water rune.png

15,415 26 x Wine of Zamorak 400,400 384,985 1166 330.18
Short Way - Use telekinetic grab to get 27 wines of zamorak and Teleport to Falador, using an Avernic wand with a Tome of frost. 28 x Law Rune 15,960 27 x Wine of Zamorak 415,800 399,840 1209 330.72